Sunday, August 16, 2015

kevlar or viagra ?

     I haven't done nothing to post so here. Is your first thought where is the Kevlar or Where is the Viagra ?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Call me a plumber.

     This past Sunday I was in the basement checking on a sound I could hear in the bathroom upstairs . Turns out I had a leaking pipe and it had been a small leak for a verry long time and now was a gusher. To make it worse it was in a wall and galvanized pipe. Water can destroy most anything I lost about 6 cases of can vegetables  . I keep most stuff in a large basement closet on the other side so I lucked out. The pipe that leaked was to the shower upstairs In a wall behind the shower enclosure .

     Long story short It took 12 hours 4 trips to Lowes but I replaced ALL the old galvanized piping in the house a dripping shower and sink faucets  and got  the wife a rain shower head. Doing the work myself I got it done for 150$. My step son is a plumber but was busy he stopped by but it was  a "it looks good call if you get stuck". The one thing I hated to do was use PVC but it is easier to work with and cheap so I did. now I have to replace the wood that rotted because of the water.