Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How not to lose weight..

       A lot of people try to lose their extra pounds using many different methods. I lost from 245 down to 184 by starvation.
Mine was due to the chemo and radiation treatment making it impossible for me to eat or drink food. Now I don't advise anyone to lose weight in this manor . As an avid reader of  apocalyptic fiction this was an eye opener to how starvation affect the body and mind.

     We all as preppers try to have food laid back so we wont starve. Take it from me STOCK MORE in different places!!!! Starvation is no fun . The first week it is all you think about . the second is just a acke in your belly . by the 3rd week that diminishes and you begin to get real weak in week 4. From then on your a walking zombie and have no strength to do anything.

    I went about 6 weeks without eating 5000 calories before I had to go on IV  TPN . I lost almost 60 lbs. in under 45 days. That's about a pound and 1/4 a day and I wasn't doing any work. Now the purpose of this post isn't about what I went through it is unless your sick plan to avoid starvation.

   Today I ate 4 spoons of mashed potatoes to most of you that is a nothing . To me  it is a milestone .  I haven't had any thing solid since the first of march.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

2 Weeks since my last post feels like a year.

     When I posted last I had just got out of the hospital . well I took a turn for the worse on the 11th and had to be rushed by ambulance due to bleeding . This time I had surgery on my gut.

     I had lost 2 pints of blood when I got to the emergency  room and was barely conscious . It took 3 units of blood and 3 of saline to stabilize me.  After 22 hours in the E.R. they desided I had something wrong in my gut . a big Duh . So they carried me to get a scope run down my throat to my stomach for a look see.

  Well they did and a vein or artery popped and I started spewing blood  seems I lost 5 units or more before they could get it stitched up. I woke up the next day on a breathing machine wondering what the hell was going on. My wife told me the surgeon and doctor couldn't believe I had been that close to a bleed out for a month. She was told only a small blood clot had kept me alive and they had hit it with the camera scope. Yesterday I went to my doctor for a check in and he said he was glad they had found that piece of plastic from the feeding tube . he said it was lodged against a vein and had cut it . Seems I spent 3 weeks in the hospital and could have died because they didn't get all their trash out of my gut!

    Since I got out 9 days ago I now feel great!!! I am a little weak working but that because I haven't  done any thing in a few months.  Today I got the BBq ready for a big weekend my son should have .  I may be selling him my stand and smoker after the 4th of July. I was approved for supplemental security income and the check will begin june 1st.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I am alive ! barely

     Sorry for the long absence but things have been tough . My feeding tube got infected with some nasty germs and it blew out they tried 2 more but tissue lose was to much. right now I have a quarter size hole in my stomach that has been draining for a month. To make it worse every now and then it starts bleeding and back to the hospital. I have spent 14 out of the last 30 in the hospital.
    The rest of my time I am kinda bed ridden to prevent bleeding and it is getting old. Friday I see the doctor that should fix my stomach next week.

     On a good note I finished the radiation and the chemo was canceled be cause I cant tolerate it. I think the cancer is gone will know July 15  for sure.