Friday, October 30, 2015

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Prepper Supply list ? Gold rush 1898

    Ok the new season of Gold Rush is on cable I like to watch it. Last week a comment on another blog had this list of food. It is what the Canadian government required a miner to have to enter the Yukon for one year. This is a minimum for a year expecting hunting and fishing to be added by the miner.
200 pounds of bacon  (for oil)
400 pounds of flour
85 pounds assorted dried fruit
50 pounds cornmeal
35 pounds rice
24 pounds coffee
5 pounds tea
100 pounds sugar
25 pounds fish
15 pounds soup vegetables
50 pounds oatmeal
50 pounds dried potatoes
50 pounds dried onions
25 cans butter
100 pounds beans
4 dozen tins condensed milk
15 pounds salt
1 pound pepper
8 pounds baking powder
2 pounds baking soda
1/2 pound mustard
3/4 pound ginger
36 pounds yeast cakes
(Yukon/Klondike gold rush stampeder’s supply list, 1898

  This list alone is over 1200 lb. So as you look over your own lists keep this one in mind. Me personally I know I don't have this many calories per person. The equipment list make interesting reading to. If your like me you will be in better shape on gear than these list .
  Jim Dankin  over at always says most Prepper's are long on gear and guns but will starve when the MRE's run out. Here are a couple of links of complete lists.

Back from the lake.

     Just got back in from the lake. I carried the wife up Wednesday morning and come back Friday for the BBQ. As I was gone Friday and Saturday night my wife had her sister ,daughter and a girl friend up while I was gone. I missed 4 man hating drunk women those nights . I went back up Sunday morning early with sausage biscuits for everyone and to appear sociable .Now I like all of them but I avoid middle age bitter women in groups with booze .

    When it was just me and the wife we enjoyed our alone time as it was cloudy and turned very cool. The leaves seemed to change and start falling in one night. We think winter will be a late but cold one. The deer looked fat and was at the camp site begging every day. I have to winterize the camper this week because I think this was its last trip till early spring. We plan on taking the squatty on a winter trip to Florida sometime in January .

 A point of interest  we Almost run out of propane this trip .  We have camped 2 years almost and around 80 days total with 30LB. of propane for hot water and cooking and a few days heat. This surprised me the last 2 trips I carried a spare tank . We used it as needed if we had to make it last it could have gone 10 more days easy.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday gun porn. Sorta

     I am at the lake. My wife made me an offer I couldn't refuse if we went.:)

   Ok I cant just post one '

Monday, October 19, 2015

Must have building materials to keep on hand .

      Most people keep some preparedness items on hand . In the prepper community its standard to have food, water, communication, power, cooking. The one thing most never talk much about is building material . Now I do a lot of projects around the houses and can tell you it is a pain to go to the hardware store multiple times. In the event of a storm or earthquake you wont be able to go and they wont have much left. I got to thinking what would be the most useful construction and repair items to keep on hand that is versatile and reasonable priced . Here is what I think is best for me to keep on hand.

 2 x4s different lengths
Nails /screws assorted
Plastic sheeting thick and lots
Tape (gorilla, duct)
Metal roofing (expensive but priceless)

   The list as always could go on and on but these items cover most emergence repairs improvised shelter water catchment and get a lot of home projects started. Having the trailer and house work on- going plus this article got me thinking what I need more of on hand.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

We Got the house !!

    Today in the mail we got a letter from the state our check for back taxes was accepted for this old house. It was owned by a mortgage company that wrote it off the books in 2010. The state was owed 5 years tax of 1553$. The property is over 1/2 acre with power, water, gas. It has  2 out buildings and the house is 1200 ft. Now the house is in verrrrrry bad shape. My wife says tear it down but I want to save it if possible .Next week I will spend most of it cutting into the kitchen floor . The floor in 2 rooms is rotten and sagging, the walls and other 4 rooms seem sound.

   Here are 2 pictures from google earth taken in 2008 when someone was living in it. 7 years vacant has took a toll  and crackheads had a field day striping the piping and wiring .

  It is possible to find cheap land held by the state the internet has links do your research!!!

      Looks like I will be a busy boy for a while . Will it be a rental or sold is still up in the air.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Re-purposing my Son's BBQ trailer for peanuts.

    We are re-purposing my son's BBQ trailer for peanut's literally. He has wanted to get into something to earn some money that's legal. When he was out of his head crazy last year he wanted to scrap out the BBQ trailer we had built out of scrap on an old pop up trailer frame. It would have brought maybe 40$ . I went and got it from his friends house pushed it into the woods beside the house and DARED him to come get it.
  After being clean and sane the last 6 or 7 months he has been working a little with a friend of mine and helping me on my new BBQ trailer. Everyday we walk by his old trailer. Friday I asked him think of something you could sell out of the old stand.

     Well today we were out side and he asked what about boiled peanuts ? Hmmmm no one is doing it around here any more, its low cost, the trailer has the look. Ok I think he is on the right track, what else would you  sell? Roasted, Cajun, Boiled, Raw . I tell him you need more to make enough money for his time. Ok pecans and homemade peanut brittle, spicy nuts and honey roasted. Sounds good you want to do hot dogs and smoked sausage ?   NO !!!  Why not? His answer surprised me . I  can do peanuts and nuts with a peddlers license and be legal, it has a shelf life so no waste, the start up cost are doable with what I have saved.

   It sounds like he thought it trough and has a doable plan. We cleared out around the trailer aired the tires and dragged it out, cleaned it up. Tomorrow we will add a window and go to the farmers market for a 25 lb. bag of peanuts and see how it goes this weekend. I am going to pay for the sign for his trailer in his honor.

            THE NUT HOUSE.

   P.S. We got 50 lb. of peanuts  and shelled some for peanut brittle the window will have to wait till tomorrow .      

Monday, October 12, 2015

Cheap easy to build FiFo can racks.

   Ok to me the hardest thing about food storage is rotating. Everyone tends to put new purchases in the cabinets in a hurry and not rotate by date. This is a neat self rotating rack any one can build. The best part is it can be configured to ones needs . Have a look and think about where and how you could use it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Racing sundown .

   This time of year the sun sets a little earlier every day.  I finished the roof before lunch . Glad to be done and off those ladders my ankles are killing me . The climbing turning and stretching to attach the metal took a toll on my legs and ankles . My son kept saying your getting old dad . His feet won't let him on a ladder for 10 minutes  I lasted 6 hour on the ladder yesterday and today.

    After the roof was done I took a break ,yea I'm old remember . Laid the floor in place and got it screwed in ,no more give ready for linoleum . Above the windows I cut and fitted  wood to cover the hole and paint it for a sign. Wanted to  post a few pictures but the sun won and was to far down. Will post them tomorrow .

   This project is going to be put on hold for a couple of weeks till I have more money. I had set aside 300$ for this building phase and I spent  336$ but I got the floor done which wasn't part of this push. I will piddle with running the electrical I have salvaged parts and wire on hand. Next push will be metal walls and Linoleum .

Monday, October 5, 2015

New roof and salvaged flooring.

     Today I went and got the metal roofing. We went into the office and a young lady asked what we needed ,I told her my order and asked when could I pick it up she said tomorrow, a man standing at the counter said pull out back he had what I ordered on the machine. I paid took my receipt and when I pulled out back he had already  formed and cut my 14 sheets.  He signed the ticket as filled, as I drove off I saw the name on the ticket was the one on the building. Nice to see an owner who runs his company from a production floor.

    In addition to the roof a buddy of mine told me he had 6 sheets of 3/4 inch plywood  and a dozen 1x6  boards for 50$ if I wanted them. The plywood was going to be 28$ a sheet so this saves another 120$. His new girl friend and him have been cleaning out her rental houses and storage buildings. It is amazing what people, myself included have stored that an be used or recycled . Will post some more pictures Wednesday after I finish the roof.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sweat equity and reuse saves money.

     We have all heard recycling saves money and is good for the environment . That isn't why I built this trailer the way I did . I AM CHEAP not in a bad way but if I can make something work at a lower cost I will.  This build evolved from material from other projects that I have done and saved .
     The frame is from a camper I got 8 years ago for storage.

  It wasn't this nice but for 250$ it served for cheap storage.
Then I re roofed my shed/garage and saved the old tin.
   Last year I disassembled the storage camper and sold the aluminum for around 160$ . This freed up the new camper its parking place and left me with a flat frame for a new vending trailer.
    The weather got hot at this point so it was last week before I got back to work and framed it.

At this point I have spent 270$ Monday I will order the roof metal it should be about 90$.
It will be dried in for 360$ cost less the 160$ in scrap money.200$

Friday, October 2, 2015

An old and new recruitment poster

    For almost 100 years our military has used this poster.
     It may be time to update to something more eye catching .