Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Re-purposing my Son's BBQ trailer for peanuts.

    We are re-purposing my son's BBQ trailer for peanut's literally. He has wanted to get into something to earn some money that's legal. When he was out of his head crazy last year he wanted to scrap out the BBQ trailer we had built out of scrap on an old pop up trailer frame. It would have brought maybe 40$ . I went and got it from his friends house pushed it into the woods beside the house and DARED him to come get it.
  After being clean and sane the last 6 or 7 months he has been working a little with a friend of mine and helping me on my new BBQ trailer. Everyday we walk by his old trailer. Friday I asked him think of something you could sell out of the old stand.

     Well today we were out side and he asked what about boiled peanuts ? Hmmmm no one is doing it around here any more, its low cost, the trailer has the look. Ok I think he is on the right track, what else would you  sell? Roasted, Cajun, Boiled, Raw . I tell him you need more to make enough money for his time. Ok pecans and homemade peanut brittle, spicy nuts and honey roasted. Sounds good you want to do hot dogs and smoked sausage ?   NO !!!  Why not? His answer surprised me . I  can do peanuts and nuts with a peddlers license and be legal, it has a shelf life so no waste, the start up cost are doable with what I have saved.

   It sounds like he thought it trough and has a doable plan. We cleared out around the trailer aired the tires and dragged it out, cleaned it up. Tomorrow we will add a window and go to the farmers market for a 25 lb. bag of peanuts and see how it goes this weekend. I am going to pay for the sign for his trailer in his honor.

            THE NUT HOUSE.

   P.S. We got 50 lb. of peanuts  and shelled some for peanut brittle the window will have to wait till tomorrow .      


  1. really good ideas. smart to think of the shelf life aspect.

    it is written 'raise up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is OLD he will not depart from it'.
    it does not say there may not be parting from it in between childhood and maturity!

    1. I hope he is settled down time will tell.

  2. Your son really nailed the business plan the first time. Being from the south, I know that boiled peanuts sell there. Maybe if it takes off, you could set up your bbq there from time to time and skim off some of that market ;-)

    1. It was a slow weekend for him he made 30$. he set up next to me I do a good business that's why I have to build the bigger new trailer .