Monday, October 19, 2015

Must have building materials to keep on hand .

      Most people keep some preparedness items on hand . In the prepper community its standard to have food, water, communication, power, cooking. The one thing most never talk much about is building material . Now I do a lot of projects around the houses and can tell you it is a pain to go to the hardware store multiple times. In the event of a storm or earthquake you wont be able to go and they wont have much left. I got to thinking what would be the most useful construction and repair items to keep on hand that is versatile and reasonable priced . Here is what I think is best for me to keep on hand.

 2 x4s different lengths
Nails /screws assorted
Plastic sheeting thick and lots
Tape (gorilla, duct)
Metal roofing (expensive but priceless)

   The list as always could go on and on but these items cover most emergence repairs improvised shelter water catchment and get a lot of home projects started. Having the trailer and house work on- going plus this article got me thinking what I need more of on hand.


  1. I don't have a lot of lumber or plywood laying around but I do have a virtual miniature hardware store in my garage.
    Those little organizer things with the plastic drawers?
    I have 15 of those. I love finding those at yard sales dirt cheap.
    Nuts, bolts,nails, screws, electrical connectors, bulbs, switches, pipe fittings,clamps, all kinds of shit

    The wife bitches about all the crap I have out in the garage but when I go to the hardware store, I stock up because working Swing Shift means I am out there at night a lot of the time and you don't just run down to the hardware store at 2 in the morning.
    It also means I only need to go when I am either out of something or it is something I don't already have then I get more than I need so I will have that too.

    I am going to have to pick up some plywood now, dammit.

    1. Here in the south tornadoes and hurricanes make plywood and roofing a must have. All wives bitch about Men toys projects and junk if it gets to bad I open her closet and bitch about clothes and shoes.
      P.S. Swing shift SUCKS I worked it 4 years never adjusted to it.