Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My daughter broke her vehicle this time..

        My oldest daughter called me this evening and said something popped in her front tire as she got on the interstate. It wasn't a flat so she limped over here to my house. I pulled the passenger side tire off as brake fluid was everywhere. Now imagine me 5 days out of the hospital with a portable I.V. in my arm breaking lug nuts and jacking a car. My kid had drove her car  till the caliper fell out. The pop was her brake pad falling out. Tomorrow I will have to replace her brake rotor, caliper and pads. She has to work in the morning but her car is in my drive, well she eyeballed my white truck and asked how will I get to work. I got my white truck back the morning I was admitted to the hospital. It had 4 freeze plugs replaced . This is the same kid that blew the motor in my Ram . So I told her call your brother for a ride :).

      For my oldest it isn't broke till it quits moving she isn't getting near my vehicle's again!!!! My mechanic is reasonable but every vehicle I have has been worked on the last 2 weeks. Alice has had her car for 12 years she hasn't done any maintenance on it to amount to spit. I chewed her out when I took her home she has to start maintaining what she has and she needs to start planning on a 2nd vehicle . Nothing last forever.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I AM CANCER FREE !!!!!!!!!

      Today I went to the doctor for my first post treatment CT scan. My radiologist oncologist read the CT and did an endoscope of my throat and could see no signs of cancer !!!! He saw some swelling that he said was normal but nothing that indicated cancer. I have to see him in 3 months for a checkup and hopefully every 6 months after that !!

     I  would like to thank everyone for their Prayers and well wish's. This has reaffirmed my belief that prayer is  powerful .

   The reason for spotty posting has been I went to the lake the week before the 4TH and then was back in the hospital with a staf infection  the week of the 4th. Even though I am home I am on I.V. antibiotics for 14 more days.   Hopefully life will settle down and return to normal.