Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bad money habits are taught.

     Yesterday I posted I had bought my wife's Granddaughter a camper to live in. OK she is 27  , 3 year old son and has been living in bad apartments and couch surfing till she moved back in with her mom last summer. My wife's daughter has a bad habit of using title loan and payday advance loans when she is short or has an unexpected expense .In years past we have saved her car twice from repo.  Well she past this on to Dee the granddaughter and got her to do a title loan for a property down payment. Ok what is done is done. I told Dee I would buy this camper IF she did 2 things when she got her income tax refund. Repay Me and go to the bank and refinance her title loan.

   Ok her title loan was for 2500$ 2000 for the land and 500 for tires. Terms was 257$ for 24 months that's 6100$ for 2500$ I had a freaking heart attack that she did this. Ok as a single working mom her refund will be close to 4500 $. Dee said she was going to pay off the title loan and use the rest for the camper . Great plan but not the one I want her to do. She learned her money skills from her mom I have to break that and make her see a better way!

    When her refund comes in she has agreed to deposit 2000 in Cds and take out a 2000 dollar loan to pay off her title loan. She will repay me for the camper and that will leave her  1200$ in savings for emergency's . The bank loan will cost her 172$ for 12 months giving her 85$ a month extra and 2000$ in the bank next year. When I showed her on paper what she would save every month and have next year she called her Mom over to show her. Her Mom said why do that you mite as well keep the title loan. Dee responded are you crazy? Her mom just didn't get it but Dee did.
    I will never change her moms money habits every year she spends like a drunken sailor when her refund comes in. I think I have gotten through to Dee . Dee asked if I pay 172 a month for 4 year I could buy a 8000$ car for cash ?  She is thinking in the right direction . No you borrow your own money and repay your self so in 8 years you would have the car and your 8000$ for 172$ a month. Her reply was WOW why don't they teach this in school . Good question.

Good deals have bad timing.

      No I didn't get me anything. I got my step granddaughter a camper. She is a single mom and has been living with her mom for a year. Her mom lives in a house that her boyfriend owns and as always happens its been DRAMA every couple of weeks.
   Both daughter and Granddaughter want there own place and they bought an acre lot with utilities in place . It was a lease to own deal they made without talking to me or their mom. 2000 down and 100 a month  for 10 years. I think they over paid but they are happy.

    Our Daughter is looking for a used mobile home or large camper for her and her son (14yo). Dee the granddaughter wanted a camper for her and the great-grandson (3yo).  Last summer I told her she needed a camper so she would never be homeless and she has been saying My next home will have wheels.

     Christmas afternoon we had a flood around here and they spent the night . I got on Craig's list and was looking at campers. I know Dee was hoping to find her a camper when she got her income tax refund but prices on campers are high and go up at income tax time. So I asked Dee do you want a 5000 nice camper or would you be happy with a beat up one for 1500 to 2500 for a year or two then up grade.

     Dee told me she would have 1800 left after she paid off her CAR Title loan she took for the property down payment. So a beater was what she wanted. I told her I didn't know if that would get her one suited for a woman and child but I would try, well I found an 89 Layton 29 foot with rear bedroom and futon couch in living room . We went Saturday and saw it. For its age it was solid but nasty inside the guy that was selling was BAT SHIT CRAZY . We haggled a little and I said I had 1000$ cash and would take it home . He agreed to the price .

     Now Dee has a place to stay even if it is in her moms drive for now . I will haul it to their lot in a few weeks . She is going to repay me when her income tax comes in. This camper in this area would have been 2500 + in the spring if cleaned . So us spending 1000 now saved her 1500 later. When her income tax comes in me and her are going to the bank and set her on a 1 year course to be debt free and money in the bank. Title and payday loans are a sure way to never have anything.

Monday, December 21, 2015

A scary film to think about.

    This is an amateur film that is about people that have survived  TEOTWAWKI . It is very watchable and pretty good quality . The only Problem is the intro that states it will be caused by global warming. If you disregard that part the next hour and 30 minutes will make you think . It deals with suicide and the mental aspects of the survivors.

    It is a long film and I recommend seeing it on you tube in full screen. I was surprised that it had only 32000 views

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I knew i was in trouble when.

     Yesterday I smarted off to the wife. Well she is a Facebook junky now so she said see this . And think next time you smart off.

Friday, December 11, 2015

gun porn


OK the last one is scary. If you have ever had the love of your life pissed off and in this pose . You would understand.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Prepparing the kids for ??

    The last few months this blog has focused on me buying property for past due taxes. When I say past due I mean minimum 4 years and abandoned. Some may feel this is not a Prepping subject but to me it is . Every parent feels a need to help their kids. This is my way to help mine. The Math is simple  if the kids rent or buy an average  place around here it would be 600 to 1000$ a month. For 30 years or 360 months. That's 216,000 $ to 360,000$ over 30 years. My plan is to get my 2 youngest into places for under 2000$ each in taxes plus repair cost ,now I know how it sounds, they will be  dumps but dry and livable ( barley). It will give them the chance to improve it out of pocket over time. 
     This is me providing a long term prepping item that has a saving value beyond my ability to give. My daughter is hopeless a far as being prepared for anything . Her idea of Teotwawki is her cell phone searching and the WiFi not allowing her to stream music.
  My Son he learned, he has buckets of flour, corn meal, beans and rice not for the end of the world but for when he is broke .

     Most people dream of their permanent home being paid off and being able to enjoy it mortgage free . For most this is a late in life event . Some may think I am giving them to much help but trust me these places are a starting point only. My hope is it gives them a head start on stability. If you have kids you know we all have to help them from time to time. I hope this will cut down on future aid and save me money in the long run.

       This has been a draft for awhile . Today I received the acceptance letter for the property I got for my daughter. January 2nd I hit it full force. This is the place that broke me to buy but as soon as its finished she can get a loan . When finished I will be out 7500$ and 6 weeks labor. She can get a loan for 10,000 $ and have a 5 year note of 195$ a month for 3 acres and a mobile home. She has a 780 + credit score. Daddy will be down to 2 nickel's by then.  

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The new House will never be a home.

     The house we bought for taxes is to far gone to ever be a home again . Over the last 4 weeks we have spent 6 days at it cleaning and cutting . We stabilized a wall and have poked and inspected to see how we should attack the repairs. The water problems are more substantial than we thought. This place is still wet and we have had 6 dry days . It gets almost no sun it was built on the wrong side of a large hill that has huge Oaks and Pines that allow zero sun . I will fix its problems but the area has low resale on old homes so the cost benefit is to narrow .

    It isn't a loss, me and my son have decided to make it into a food commissary with him a 4 room apartment attached. A commissary is just a place where food is stored and cooked and cleaning done on a mobile food truck. It is basically a normal kitchen with a floor drain , mop sink and if needed a vent hood with  exhaust. All of which I have and can install. By doing the house into a commissary we can both get license to operate any where in the state in both of our vending trailers. When the new trailer is finished it will also be licensed and registered as based out of the commissary. To make it into a home would cost 5 times as much as a commissary

     A home is about look feel and finish appeal. A commissary is about sanitation ,food handling and utility. The 4 room apartment is basically in good shape now. It will cost little to separate it from the kitchen unit . This plan will only cost about 800 in structure electrical and plumbing cost. Add 400 in flooring and counter cost should about do it. To get it to a rental level would be 3 times this and to a sale level would be over 5 times as much.

    To rent a space in a set up commissary would be 500 a month per vending trailer and to my knowledge the nearest one is 40 miles away. That's 1500 a month  FOREVER.  Buying and remodeling this house will be 2500 to 3500 once and done! Plus the cost of license is 1200 less in Blount county and the units are only 50$ each instead of 200$ each. The apartment for my son is an added bonus :) till one of our other places becomes deedable. This plan is a lower cost and a higher return over the next 5 years for both me and my son than rental or sale could net.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Death in the family.

     Sorry I haven't been posting had my Mom visiting last week. My Mom came down and spent 4 days with us last week. Seems she has been a little depressed with the holidays and living so far from the grandkids. She is lonesome at home even though my brother lives' with her. He is about as interactive as a pet rock and his best friend is a mirror. A 49 year old Momma's boy .

   My uncle lived next door  and he has been in bad health for 15 years . My cousin has took care of him for the last 3 years but he passed last Thursday night. Mom had just returned home that morning so she was there with her brother for that I was thankful. The funeral was today and it was nice but the family is shrinking.

     My Mom is the last of her family alive and she commented we only number 9  total kids, grand's and nephew's . That's 3 full generations. The wife and I have decided that we will be going up and spend a night or 2 every month Mom may not be around  in 5 years . I  need to make time with her even if its 2 days of NCIS on the TV (she thinks Mark Harmon is 2nd only to Elvis in looks )

Friday, December 4, 2015

This is why we have Internet .

 We now have internet because some kid grew up and want porn more than a monthly Magazine could provide. So now we can post pictures and look 24 7  or until the wife asks "what are you doing".

Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Mass shooting! Muslim radical?

    I have watched about 2 hours of the morning news (lol) . It was a lot of talking and very little news. It seems if you believe the news that 2 assault rifles walked in on there own and opened fire. These rifles were accompanied by combat gear and body armor. Some how these rifles had multiple illegal extended clips. These same assault rifles were legally obtained and had in tow a husband and wife that may have been Mentally ill.

    In 2 Damn hours not one hint that the couple were Muslim and had recently returned from the middle east. No it was the guns it was because of lax laws it was a mental health issue.

   Now the truth is said. It is the ideology and hate of all non Muslim's.

Monday, November 30, 2015

I found my BOL.

      I found my B-O-L it is a 1/4 mile from any Nabors in a hollow with a well and a creek . While its not 30 miles out of town it is on a road with just 5 houses in the middle of a area owned by a timber company ( 2400 acres). It has been abandoned since 2010 and the taxes lapsed in 2011 . The  road goes 2 miles past my spot to a house that is owned by a prominent family and a parcel owned by a holding company of a very wealthy family. What may be my property line is where the road is blocked by a keypad gate and posted everywhere No trespassing . It may sound strange but I think at the other end may be a B_O_L of some local rich and famous .

    I sent in a bid request for the property today after spending a few hours researching it and all surrounding properties. It seems most the property owners are principals in the timber holding company. A few small parcels are just family homes like my place was.

    The piece I want had a mobile home on it from 05 till 2010 ( google earths timeline is amazing) it is 2 acres of land . It is hilly with a lower flat of 1/2 acre and a 1/4 on top where the mobile home was. It still has a 12 x20 Morgan building, a 12x12 shed and the pump house with pump. Siting on the bottom flat is an old freight trailer a 45 footer in bad shape. Normally I would love to keep the trailer but its toast and also about 10,000 lbs of scrap metal. At 8.50 a 100 lb that's 850.00$, the back taxes and interest is only 725$. I want this bad I hope The state sends the bid quote back quick I would love to clear the undergrowth before spring.  Oh it also has power and AT@T u verse available. Compliments of the rich folks at the end of the road. Funny they have there place obscured by google earth.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Spring cleaning in November.

     Sorry I disappeared this week but the holidays made it a busy time here at home. This year was the first time we hosted the family's Thanksgiving dinner. My wife and I are both clutter bugs but we keep the house picked up and comfortable FOR US. Well last Saturday when it was decided that it was going to be here the wife went into cleaning hysteria and I became her muscle.

     Now that its over I understand why you read story's of women stripping everything out of a house and reassemble it once everything was spotless every spring. It has been 10 years since we painted the inside's . On Monday I had to strip the dinning room, washed walls floors baseboards, clean everything wax the floor and reassemble it to my wife's satisfaction. That was the easy room . It was amazing how dirty this house was. When you see it every day its not as noticeable but once you start cleaning to a panicked woman standards its different .

   Long story short she hid my computer and drove me like a dog ( she worked as hard or harder) doing a fall spring cleaning of the house  and no room was spared. It was hard work but once put back it was worth the work. The house is brighter looks fresher and it made her happy. Come spring I will be repainting a couple of rooms but I now understand WHY spring cleaning's were done.

     A lot of folks wouldn't see the point but most people move 5 or more times before they are 50. This has been my home for 31 years now. Houses may not need a spring cleaning if you move every few years . But if you have a home and have been in it a long time it could use a spring cleaning !
      It is the same as moving but no truck needed !!! Lol

Monday, November 23, 2015

Texas logic .

  Sounds like a humane response. Made me smile.

P.S. My wife has drooled over this man since the movie Roadhouse

Friday, November 20, 2015

Gun porn post

    I hope everyone realize how many nude pics I have to look at to find women clothed with guns! What I do for a post :) .

  Now that I have your attention one to think about .

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

We can prevent terrorism without goverment permission

     Normally I don't write about national affairs as my opinions hold no sway. Our elected official's are on a course to destroy America's Identity as a nation and the safety of citizens .
 here is a link on the first war on Muslim terrorist.

     An interesting bit of un taught history. It took place because we were weak and had no Navy. They held us in contempt .

     Now our leaders have no backbone to take a stand and close our boarders or To stand up to foreign leaders and elitist. Go read this.


   We as individual's have the right and responsibility to make as many place's and events hardened targets. France has strict gun laws and it showed with 129 dead it is a soft target as is most of Europe . We have 300 million guns. We can't stop suicide attacks but perhaps we can save thousands of lives and send these cowards to there Maker in quantities that makes them respect us.

    We are at risk because ISIS is correct  Our LEADER'S are COWARDS . ISIS doesn't understand the difference between our leaders and WE THE PEOPLE . We are armed, WE are willing and We are a force to be reconeded with .

    We all need to carry weather by a CCL or Open !!!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Why I hate the suburbs.

   First let me make clear I live in semi rural and unincorporated part of the county. My daughter lives in an older development that was annexed years later by a small city. This city is only 8 years old . It incorporated to keep its resident from being swallowed by a much larger city and protect its homeowners from the large city's taxes, zoning and excessive ordinances.

   Now it don't take no genius to know it has morphed in to a beast as bad or worse than the large city it was to protect its citizens from. First this town decided it want to expand so it doubled its boundaries. it raised taxes and licensing fees. Then it adopted strict yard and appearance codes. It has even banned any farm animals and certain breeds of dogs.
   Ok this suburb city has 25 employee's but only 4 of them are in city services the rest are administrative and inspection. My daughter has been cited in 4 years 6 times by the city inspectors
Once for parking in her yard (she had a sprained ankle)
Once for having a banned breed (pit bull 1/4 mix)
Once for shrubs higher than her porch rail .
Three times for grass exceeding 8 inches

  The last one was the shrubs I spent 6 hours Sunday cutting them all to the ground I put plastic on the ground and mulch. She now has no bushes just 2 mulch bed so nothing will grow back . She isn't the only one with multiple citations. What they have is a group of about 20 pissy employees that want to run everybody's life. It is a power trip for them they love having the power to make citizens jump . Suburb city's offer few service's to those trapped or annexed in to their oversight. Some like the one my daughter is in acts more like an HOA with no club house or pool .

    Out in the country we rarely get harassed by inspectors. The last one at my house left wondering if I was an anti social misfit who failed to understand he knew best. The man didn't like being referred to as a civil servant. He didn't like me inspecting HIS truck and having me point out it was Tax payer property. 


Friday, November 13, 2015

A must read post ! Thank's Phil .

    I just read this article because of a link at Phil's site it is a must read for every one.

 Phil's blog  http://bustednuckles.blogspot.com/ 

  The post is here    http://straightlinelogic.com/2015/11/12/assholes-by-robert-gore/ 

It is a lesson in human history and government thinking.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Now the fun begins.

    It was the deed at the post office . We went and picked it up about 9 this morning and got to the Blount county courthouse about 10;30. The lady at the registers office had to ask the probate judge and tax commissioner how to handle it. Seems it is rare up there for a state issued deed to be recorded. The Tax assessor's office Had to call the state to make sure it included 2015's taxes (it did). It took less than 30 minutes to get it all finished. I love that courthouse they are friendly and helpful . In my county its "not my department" and hang on I got a facebook update to read. 

    My son and I drove by the 2 pending properties and then went to the new house . Sunday I get to go to Lowes for OSB and 2x4s . WE have decided to redo the rotted wall on Monday and winterize what needs to be to. The wall has to be redone so no since in doing it half way now and redo it right latter. Next week I will post some pictures of it as I want a before and after log of it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Full plate,projects to finish.

    Ok I know Tax property isn't a normal prepping topic but it is a way for a poor man to get a second location. I am still looking for what I want. My son's place of 2 acres is close (if it happens) but I am learning the system so it will happen. Finding abandoned properties for the kids and grandkids is a bonus in the search. If I make money on a few it is just more money for what I want to do. I haven't abandoned the food trailer in fact I have boxed in the wheel wells and framed the serving windows. I have to choose what and how much I spend much more closely in the coming months. I have to many projects half complete. 2016 will be a year about finishing projects.

     My hope is to finish the food trailer, get the Blount county house fixed and sold/rented, rework the trailer ,shed at the 3 acre property. I will be on the hunt for me a BOL if it is offered. Its not that I want the perfect place but it needs to be remote and private to put a camper at times and a supply cache on site. Me and the wife love to camp but sometimes it more about being alone and away from the house. While 25$ a night isn't bad to camp, it won't take many days to pay for a getaway property.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Good deals till i am broke.

       As I have wrote in the past I have been researching state held tax lien property. Today I received a slip saying we have certified mail at the post office . Its from the state property office so tomorrow I will have the tax deed ! Next week me and my son will get to secure and winterize this house to stabilize it till I have the money and time to work on it.

     When I sent the money for this house I set aside 2500$ for the repairs and renovations to bring it to sellable shape. My son was going to live there as we worked and until it sold. The best plans change without warning.

     Last Friday the great state sent us 5 parcel prices that we had requested . We submitted 28 request and have received a total of 12 price quotes. Out of the last 5 there was 2 we couldn't pass up. One of them was 2 acres in a nice farm area for 128$ but its just a lien till May then it can be deeded . It is over grown but has a teardown house and small barn that would yield a lot of lumber . My son loved it so I sent a check. Small price to get him a place. He now has 3 places that will be deed able in May. I hope and pray one of them isn't reclaimed.
      The other parcel is less than 2 miles from my home. It has 3.25 acres  is on a good road and has 240 acre of timberland behind it that will never be sold and is 30 years from harvest. It has an old mobile home and a shed. It has power, water, gas and a septic system on site. Unfortunately it has a high price 4,600$ but it is an immediate tax deed . AS it sits it is worth 12,000$, with a 1,000$ in materials and 2 days on my tractor it would bring twice that.

  As I said earlier I had 2500 set aside for the first house. Now with this 3 acre available I need it and will be barrowing 2,000 from the wife to make it happen. instead of plunking down the money we are going to do a 4000$ dollar loan on CDs. But it will leave my cash on hand below what I like.
    I worked hard to save this money it had been for a truck but I couldn't pass these deals up. 6,000 out of pocket with property alone worth 24,000. After repairs possibly up to 42,000 . 5 liens possibly becoming deeds in May both kids out on there own with a second property each. Yea its a risk but it has a good return.


Friday, November 6, 2015

friday pics

     No reason for these picture's its just my blog and Friday. To hold to the gun porn label here is one more.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Poor Sleep is a big issue

    I seem to be in an unfocused funk the past two weeks . You know the feeling I am sure. I want to do this and that but can't get started on things. I need to secure the new house but I can't till the state sends me one last paper to register it with the county. I need to do some more work on the new trailer but its not a must do so I haven't . There are tons of little things around the house that need to done before winter is here.

     I have always been a procrastinator but this is different. It is a listless dragging feel. I know why it is worst this time. I am not sleeping good it is not a deep restful sleep it like a long nap that I drift in and out of. It may seem to be more an annoyance than a problem but when it interferes with getting jobs done its a PROBLEM.

     I have had a sore throat the last 3 weeks and I just wrote it off as allergy's and the Fall weather. Nope I googled it and my poor sleep. What I found was sleep apnea or heavy snoring could be the cause of both problems. I have always snored ( the wife does to) but since I quit work it has got worst. I could go to the doctor but all they will do is give me a sleep aid or order a sleep study. I have friends that use C pap machines but those solutions are not for me.

    For the next week I am going to try pillows and a hot toddy . I may try herbal tea. I hope it works I have to much to do to have poor sleep and snoring preventing me from accomplishing my goals.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Funnel cake for halloween.

     This year for Halloween I was asked by one of the local churches to do funnel cakes for Halloween. They were having a Trunk or Treat for the kids .I was asked last year but I had a prior commitment. The weather was terrible a steady rain but the folk that did show up had a good time. The church members had hotdogs, drinks, Chili and games inside for the kids . I was outside in my trailer in one hour I did almost 60 funnel cakes. I had fun most of the people that came by recognized me and the trailer as the man that does the BBQ  on the road. It is nice to give back to the community that has supported me. Some of the people had never stopped at the BBQ so may be I will pick up some new customers. The cost to me was less than 15$  to make over 80 people smile.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Prepper Supply list ? Gold rush 1898

    Ok the new season of Gold Rush is on cable I like to watch it. Last week a comment on another blog had this list of food. It is what the Canadian government required a miner to have to enter the Yukon for one year. This is a minimum for a year expecting hunting and fishing to be added by the miner.
200 pounds of bacon  (for oil)
400 pounds of flour
85 pounds assorted dried fruit
50 pounds cornmeal
35 pounds rice
24 pounds coffee
5 pounds tea
100 pounds sugar
25 pounds fish
15 pounds soup vegetables
50 pounds oatmeal
50 pounds dried potatoes
50 pounds dried onions
25 cans butter
100 pounds beans
4 dozen tins condensed milk
15 pounds salt
1 pound pepper
8 pounds baking powder
2 pounds baking soda
1/2 pound mustard
3/4 pound ginger
36 pounds yeast cakes
(Yukon/Klondike gold rush stampeder’s supply list, 1898

  This list alone is over 1200 lb. So as you look over your own lists keep this one in mind. Me personally I know I don't have this many calories per person. The equipment list make interesting reading to. If your like me you will be in better shape on gear than these list .
  Jim Dankin  over at http://bisonprepper.blogspot.com/ always says most Prepper's are long on gear and guns but will starve when the MRE's run out. Here are a couple of links of complete lists.



Back from the lake.

     Just got back in from the lake. I carried the wife up Wednesday morning and come back Friday for the BBQ. As I was gone Friday and Saturday night my wife had her sister ,daughter and a girl friend up while I was gone. I missed 4 man hating drunk women those nights . I went back up Sunday morning early with sausage biscuits for everyone and to appear sociable .Now I like all of them but I avoid middle age bitter women in groups with booze .

    When it was just me and the wife we enjoyed our alone time as it was cloudy and turned very cool. The leaves seemed to change and start falling in one night. We think winter will be a late but cold one. The deer looked fat and was at the camp site begging every day. I have to winterize the camper this week because I think this was its last trip till early spring. We plan on taking the squatty on a winter trip to Florida sometime in January .

 A point of interest  we Almost run out of propane this trip .  We have camped 2 years almost and around 80 days total with 30LB. of propane for hot water and cooking and a few days heat. This surprised me the last 2 trips I carried a spare tank . We used it as needed if we had to make it last it could have gone 10 more days easy.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday gun porn. Sorta

     I am at the lake. My wife made me an offer I couldn't refuse if we went.:)

   Ok I cant just post one '

Monday, October 19, 2015

Must have building materials to keep on hand .

      Most people keep some preparedness items on hand . In the prepper community its standard to have food, water, communication, power, cooking. The one thing most never talk much about is building material . Now I do a lot of projects around the houses and can tell you it is a pain to go to the hardware store multiple times. In the event of a storm or earthquake you wont be able to go and they wont have much left. I got to thinking what would be the most useful construction and repair items to keep on hand that is versatile and reasonable priced . Here is what I think is best for me to keep on hand.

 2 x4s different lengths
Nails /screws assorted
Plastic sheeting thick and lots
Tape (gorilla, duct)
Metal roofing (expensive but priceless)

   The list as always could go on and on but these items cover most emergence repairs improvised shelter water catchment and get a lot of home projects started. Having the trailer and house work on- going plus this article got me thinking what I need more of on hand.