Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Walls up roof next .

     Got back on this build Sunday and today, skipped Monday it rained. The back is where the door will go but that will be last. I cant get my smoker in a normal door. It is bigger than the pictures show  the blue ladder is an 8 footer.

    The opening above the windows will be wood and the windows and corners will be trimmed in wood. Once finished it will be painted BRIGHT Red and white trimmed.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Vending BBQ Kitchen is framed pics.

     I felt 80% today and did a little work . My wife allowed me to work  4 hours an hour at a time with breaks of at least an hour between. She says she is to lazy to break in a new man if I stroke out. SHE LOVES ME . Before I started I snapped pictures of what I did yesterday.
    This is what it looked like yesterday morning.

       By the end of the day we had it to this stage.

     Not bad for a days work but still a ways to go . With my wife watching the clock I was afraid it would take a while to finish the frame . Seem I work better with supervision because I got it to this point in 4 hours work and 8 hours of breaks.

   Got it framed and the serving windows in, the door will be in the back tail end of the trailer. I should be able to have it blacked in and the sheet metal on by Wednesday . Here is a picture of the metal .

   The piece on the tongue is oxidized on the other side like the one leaned against the side. I hope it will look good enough till I can get the log siding.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cooler weather means work.

     Today I got started back on the new vending trailer. The weather is perfect . Me and my son got the walls up and squared .Tomorrow we do the ridge line and start the sheathing of the outside. I had wanted to do it out of log siding but that is 800$  I cant spare it at this time. We are going to use salvaged tin that isn't rusted but oxidized for a patina on the exterior. It will be hung so I can remove it when I can afford the log siding. I didn't get to take pictures today but will in the morning and after its sheathed.
      I had planned on taking pictures but just before we quit I got light headed and the yard started spinning. I think my blood sugar dropped or my blood pressure spiked .That was the first time I have had that to happen. Normally I know but today it hit me quick. Will be fine for work in the morning if the wife don't bench me. She love's me in a strange sadistically way.

     I want to get this project done because I have a new one in the works. As I have wrote before my son has been looking for  tax property. The state sent us a price on a house that is 5 years past due. It is a 1200sq.foot house on 1/2 acre of land for 1,553$ . Crack heads have stole all the pluming and wiring. The kitchen floor is sagging and about 10 foot of outer wall is basically gone. I can do everything but the electrical for under 1,000$. Before it was abandoned it was valued at 28,000$ . The upside is to great to pass on. If it was sold I make 20,000 + or I have a 500 $ a month rental .My son cant afford this place and doesn't like the town its in but I can and do like it. This is why the log siding has been put off my security blanket of funds will be a sheet before I am done.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday gun porn

     It has been my experience that Red Heads have bad tempers and long memories . When mad they will hurt you with anything they can grab, Lamps Pots Longneck bottles. These pictures are scary.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Back from camping and the blue angles show.

      Just got back into town from our 4 day retreat to the coast. We had a great time relaxing and playing on the beach and at the camp ground. Me and the wife have been together for 16 years and like all married folks with kids and family. Couple time is pushed aside. This trip we acted like teenage bunny rabbits ok grey haired teens but it was fun . All couples need times away just for themselves .

     We did get to go see the Blue Angles perform . If they are ever in your area you have to go see them it is amazing to see.

     These are web shots but they did a full show because the weather was perfect . 2 years ago we tried to see them but it was called due to weather and all we got to do  was see the naval air museum. This year we did both .

  We had a good time but it took an hour and a half to get in to the viewing field . Now the pilots  knew traffic was backed up and did the stunts over the field and over the entrance gates for those trying to get in . CLASS ACT on there part .

     Here is the problem 2 years ago I showed my ID got a museum pass and was told enjoy the show. This year was different and slow Everyone had to show ID then was asked any firearms? No. Any explosive's ? No. What was our business on base ? The airshow. Stay on the left follow the yellow markers. No smile no enjoy the show we where 20 minutes late for nothing . When we got parked  we got ID'ed again  by a naval ensign . I asked why all the ID checks ? Terrorism sir. Being a smart ass I said Their all in WASHINGTON DC . He smiled and said  Yes Sir and their SCARED of everyone .

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My labor day is next weekend.

      While everyone enjoyed a 3 day weekend and ate good played hard . I was tending my BBQ grill . Now I am not complaining I choose BBQ as my job it allows me a lot of free time. The only draw back is my busiest days are holidays. I don't get to go to the kids and spend fun time holiday activity's with them. This past weekend was no different but my wife didn't go to her kids like normal she loafed at home. So to make it up to her next week will be spent back at the coast.

     This trip will be in the squatty trailer pulled with her mitizibishe convertible . It will be the first long trip we take this set up and I am kind of looking forward to seeing how it works out. My wife refused to go out west but now is regretting not agreeing to the trip. A friend went on a similar trip last month and raved about how beautiful and fun it was so now the wife wants to go.

   Its not a bad setup it has 12 volt lights 110 air and plugs, a 1500 watt inverter, all it lacks is a bathroom. It has a queen size bed :) a table or a regular bed if some one is with us. The awning slides into the pipes on the roof and the awning is just a cheap tarp and held with spring clamps. Plenty of inside storage and a 35 gallon tote on front . All in its still only about 1100 lbs

Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday gun porn .

      A dream of a perfect day in the woods

     This reminds me of my ex wife .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Its almost festival and football season.

    Here in the south we enjoy our college football. It is a time when people make time to get together on weekends. Friends that may not see each other all year reconnect and catch up on each others lives. Friendly rivalry's add to the gatherings and fun most teams are acceptable( Tennessee and LSU excluded) even wives wear jerseys. Its all about friends family food and fun. How many of your friendships started over sports ?

    Even as football season starts so do festivals and city and community events. Every area has them and they are fun and can be a cheap way to have a fun family outing . I have even got some good deals at some that have vendors and craft areas. All my honey comes from a man that I met at one he is a local.

    Even if you cant afford to buy at a local festival it is a great place for a person that is prepared minded to attend . You have an opportunity to see and sample wares of people in your area. I have business cards for local seamstress ,honey, soap, jelly jam ,eggs and rabbits. I have made friends with a vegetable farmer and a wood worker . Now is the time to make friends of like minded folks that have skills you may not. If things were to fall apart you stand a better chance dealing with some one you know.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A picture that made me think.

     Sometimes a simple picture can bring up a lot of emotions on the state of our country headed into an election year. This picture is posted on Phil's blog  here. http://bustednuckles.blogspot.com/2015/09/never-forget-this.html?showComment=1441226661683#c2134824782498502216 .

    Its a statement of not just freedom of speech its how we feel to all our rights being took away.

      We as citizens of our respective states are members of the United States of America and have the right to expect all constitutional rights in the areas listed below !!!

   The area above was set aside by the founding Fathers to be a Free Speech Zone.