Thursday, September 17, 2015

Back from camping and the blue angles show.

      Just got back into town from our 4 day retreat to the coast. We had a great time relaxing and playing on the beach and at the camp ground. Me and the wife have been together for 16 years and like all married folks with kids and family. Couple time is pushed aside. This trip we acted like teenage bunny rabbits ok grey haired teens but it was fun . All couples need times away just for themselves .

     We did get to go see the Blue Angles perform . If they are ever in your area you have to go see them it is amazing to see.

     These are web shots but they did a full show because the weather was perfect . 2 years ago we tried to see them but it was called due to weather and all we got to do  was see the naval air museum. This year we did both .

  We had a good time but it took an hour and a half to get in to the viewing field . Now the pilots  knew traffic was backed up and did the stunts over the field and over the entrance gates for those trying to get in . CLASS ACT on there part .

     Here is the problem 2 years ago I showed my ID got a museum pass and was told enjoy the show. This year was different and slow Everyone had to show ID then was asked any firearms? No. Any explosive's ? No. What was our business on base ? The airshow. Stay on the left follow the yellow markers. No smile no enjoy the show we where 20 minutes late for nothing . When we got parked  we got ID'ed again  by a naval ensign . I asked why all the ID checks ? Terrorism sir. Being a smart ass I said Their all in WASHINGTON DC . He smiled and said  Yes Sir and their SCARED of everyone .


  1. God bless the ensign!
    gives me hope that the youngsters aren't all dense, and probably a lot of them know their onions.
    blue angels came to my hometown decades ago. we are on the ohio river and one of them flew under the bridge!
    we were all thrilled to pieces.
    that was in the day before being glued to tv and other 'media' had taken over the popular brain cells.

  2. You could see the shame as they asked Veteran's for ID that wore ship service caps and theater pins. It was a patriotic crowd and show.