Friday, November 22, 2013

Will i brave my first black friday in 15 years?

      This time of year the sale papers begin to fill the mail box.Normally i trash them before the wife gets to them so i don't have to hear,honey look at this every 5 minutes(you guys have been their too).During the holidays i do bring the ad papers in(out of fear) and suffer Thu having to see what caught her interest.This year i am taking her back to Disney world for a week of camping and 4 days in the parks(last trip was cut short because i had a septic spider bite and had to go to the hospital).
     Today we got the Bass Pro Shop ad ! Now i really don't ever sit down and look at ads but today I did.Black Friday they have 500 round bricks of 22 ammo for 25$ and ammo boxes(50 cal.) for 10$. I have been wanting both these items for a while and haven't found many and the price has been WAY to high.The ad is from 5 am till 11 am on black Friday. I think i may brave it.The last time i went to a store on black Friday i saw what the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE will look like.It was the only time i have wondered if it was survivable.
      A lot of preppers write/talk about how they can survive in a collapse. The closest thing i have seen to an economic panic collapse is the Black Friday sales.As a man i cringe at the thought of  being out on Black Friday.So if i do i choose to think of it as a study of TEOTWAWKI.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Benefits of chopping wood

     Today i HAD to chop some wood it was that or piss everyone in the house off.Ever have a day when everyone is in a pissy mood even yourself and no one can agree on anything? that has been my day. I have found chopping wood helps, perhaps that is why a lot of men love to make fires . Sure a fire has a soothing effect but so does planting a perfect swing on a large round and hearing that dull thud as it splits perfect.Now sometimes its the wife or one of the kids that motivates me to make that swing.Other times its just events in life.

      I wonder if more people had wood piles would we have as many problems ? Think of it not as work stress relief workouts it sooths the need to smash something.If nothing else the weather was great and i now have wood for the smoker for 2 months split.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Its getting to be the holidays

     Its almost thanksgiving soon to be Christmas.Now i love the holidays family the food.What i hate is the stress that always seems to come this time of year.My wife always tries to make everyone happy with family plans but its not possible with 7 kids and 3 grown grand kids.I keep telling her we just need to find times where most are happy.She wants us all to go out to dinner,we tried that last year a party of 25 people.You would think restaurant's would like a party of people that size NOPE ,Cracker barrel said no Lone Star said a Hell No.We did get in at an Apple bee,s It was OK service was good food fair.As me and the wife get older we have quit buying presents (we do for the 3 young grand kids) we take everyone out to dinner.

    Even though we don't buy individual gifts for the family we do make boy girl gift bags.We have found it is easier to do than anything else.a girls bag has hand lotion, candle.candy,and a few other things.A boys bag has socks gloves thin mints a flashlight and a Pint of my Moonshine that is oak aged.Some folks may Think its lazy to not buy a gift specific to a person but as a family grows it becomes difficult and i hate gift cards.Last year dinner for 25 and 32 bags the bill was over 800 and we are still adding to the number with new grand kids and great grand kids.\
      Like i said the holidays are nice but the stress takes a lot away from it.With little kids in the picture maybe it will be fun again in a few years.Nothing like seeing a 2 year old shredding paper.The kids are asking what me and the wife want they don't understand at our age we have all of our needs and most of our wants.

Monday, November 11, 2013

To all vetrans and active duty.

      Today is veteran's day and to all military past and present i wish to say THANK YOU.If at anytime you read on this blog something that is negative about our country's present or resent past military actions it in no way is meant as a slur against our soldiers.I have a great respect our service men and women.All have made sacrifices for the American people and our freedom.At this point in this post it is hard to put down how much we the people owe to our service men but 1 day a year is not even close.

      One thing that grips me is when politions wrap themselves in the flag and talk about our servicemen for political gains.Our military has served without question when deployed.Most of our elected leaders are gutless worms that despise and even fear the men that have sworn an oath to this nation.Personally i think it should be a requirement that a president and congress members have served.If a man isn't willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country by what right should he lead it ? I don't mean to imply that we need a military government but we do need men that believe in founding principles and our Constitution to pledge there life to defending it.This is something veterans pledged to do in the service, and almost all would uphold as  civilians till death.

      We have 1 day to honor our living Veterans and 1 day to honor the fallen.I don't seem right.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I hate this time change

    Twice a year when the time changes it takes about a week for my body to get use to the new time.I don't know about you but everything seems off for a while before i adapt.It also makes me sleep more,eat more and get less done.
      It may have been Ben Franklin's idea but we only do it half the time.See this is a prime example of "A great idea done half way and by government SUXs!!!!!  This week has to end its not been a good week. 3 doctor visits a funeral and the time change.Maybe tomorrow i will have something to right but tonite i just cant think.

Friday, November 1, 2013

CADES COVE foggy morning

Fog was rising before we left but made for a differant visit.

Here is the two animals that I wanted to hide from.The smaller one is capable of running at top speed all day long.The large one isnt as fast but is louder and more annoying!!!! ;)