Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Back from Camping.

      Got home Monday afternoon we had a nice time at the lake. We had planed on it being a week of us time but it turned into us and everyone time :(. One of the drawbacks to camping close to home is  anyone can come join. We had the wife's sister and our grandson come stay .  I came home and BBQ'ed Friday and Saturday . I had a lot of pre orders to fill and was swamped and sold out in 2 hours of what wasn't reserved. When I got back to the lake my wife was suffering a bout of gout in her foot and was in terrible pain. This was the first time she has ever had gout , I told her it was the illness of  KINGs so she may be the princess like she thinks she is :). Today it is a lot better but she will milk it for a few more days of pampering , I don't mind .

    While we were camped she spent WAY to much time reading FACEBOOK like it was 100% fact. Normally this drives me Nuts but she said "with the elections and terrorist bombing possible you need to stock up because if any thing large happens here people will act like idiots". Now she knows I have some stuff in the basement but she has never shown any interest in it. I have to admit that with the property purchases, winter and my son back here my 90 day pantry is almost gone. She said she wants me to build it back up just in case.

    To be honest over the winter we always run through most of our 90 day pantry, it is when my income falls and I use it as a savings account . This year I drew it down a bit faster but with the instability in the country and the media hype of events and more possible I made a mistake.

   In the past come spring I have focused on returning cash on hand to a certain level plus some before I restocked the pantry. This year I think pantry needs to be first priority even if I have to drop cash on hand a bit to do it. I even think I may increase the long term bulk by a few hundred pounds to. While Facebook has more lies than a car sales man it is a good indicator of peoples emotions and thinking.


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Going camping.

   The wife and I are going camping Monday for a week. I need a break from those 2 houses and the kids are driving us nuts. Every married couple needs a break from little kids. The problem with ours is their 24 but want to be took care of like their 10.

   Now that I feel fine I should be busting my butt on finishing those houses but the wife wants to go to the lake to relax and play patty cake. The choice wasn't hard to make. The wife is right we need some time alone and the work will go faster when I get back.

  The camper got a bath and so did the truck, last week it was 80 two days so I waited till it was 45 to wash them today. Yea I froze but got it done . The camper got switched to summer camping from a fall setup. It is a little different as far as food ,bed covers, clothes.

    We went and bought groceries as over the last 4 months we "Robbed" most of what we had in the cabinets. Now it is all rotated and ready to go. I did pull some items out of food stores but when we camp its not heavy meals its more snacks and junk food we can't have at home because the kids wolf it down in a day. The weather is going to be nice it is cool nights and days in the upper 60s . Even with all I have going on we are making our summer travel plans. I have to get moving and finished with most of these places as we want to spend more time on the coast this year.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A visit to the sporting goods store.

   Today I played hooky and me and the wife went to lunch , Wal mart and Academy Sports. We are going camping next week so we got a few items for the camper. The main reason we went shopping was our coffee pot went out at the house. We made cowboy coffee this morning  MUST HAVE COFFEE , yes its that important.
   Ok we got our new coffee pot but while at Wal-Mart we went to the camping section . They had a Mr. buddy heater marked down to 30$  It was this one   http://www.amazon.com/Mr-Heater-F215100-3800-BTU-Propane/dp/B001CFRF7I/ref=sr_1_3?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1458184499&sr=1-3&keywords=mr+buddy+portable+heater 

 not a bad deal for my little camper . I did notice they had marked down a lot of the camping items and was adding a lot of new stuff for the spring.  It may be worth a trip to your local store to check out the markdowns that are camping survival related.

  After Wal-Mart we went to Academy , I have had a 50$ gift card the kids gave me Christmas 2014 . We looked at a lot of stuff but all I bought was 200 CCI   22lr. They had a lot of ammo on the shelves I should have got more but I haven't inventoried what I have or need more of. Now while ammo is available you mite want to budget for some . It looks like the republicans are determined to put The female Anti Christ in the white house . If that happens it will make ammo as rare as an honest politician.

    We did stop at The Dollar Tree before lunch. Now may be I have never noticed but I saw something I have never heard of in the canned meat , CANNED BOLONEY ! Has anyone ever seen or tried it? I regret not grabbing a can once I got home. I think  I will grab a can next trip just to try . I also noticed they had 16 oz. cans of mackerel jack for a 1$ cheap protein been years since I had any.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Back to work . Plugging away.

     Still feel like I have something wrong in my lungs. The cough is fading but I have a sore spot when I breath . I plan on keeping an eye on it for this week but it time to work. For the last week I have took it easy to get over this Crud but I did get the front door on the trailer and the upper boards in place.

 Not finished yet but closer, still have the trim and one more window to do. Last week we got the inside floor done.

 Today I went and spent a few hours putting up some insulation and will finish it tomorrow . Then it will be sheet rock time Yea fun :( .

 It has been a slow process on this place the sheetrock is the last big ticket item to get done. The finish work will take me some time and be one area I  may hire  help . After the sheet rock I will be into this rebuild for 1900$ I hope 1100$ more will be enough to complete this project.

  It's getting there !

Friday, March 11, 2016

Why we are told to fear Trump.

   Trump has stirred the pot of  national politics . I think  this sums up why he is doomed to fail.


 Just for the record I will vote for him . If all we can get is bread and circus lets have the biggest circus ever seen.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The flu beats some jobs.

   Last week I had the flu ,body ackes coughing fever. Now I am not the sickly type and usually just keep going, not this time . Had to take 2 days off .Maybe I am getting older but I felt it this time and then it turned into the croup . Luckily it was cool and that helped me breath . It is the only thing that works for the croup, cold air and musinex . Even feeling as bad as I did I still did the BBQ and this week finished the floor and exterior walls at my daughters place. Now it is sheetrock time so I took today off . I hate sheetrock and this is going to be 30 sheets  worth of hanging and mudding . but it is also the last big project to getting her place done.
    If I had to choose between the flu  or sheetrock I would take the flu. Both will leave me sore and coughing .

Saturday, March 5, 2016

A you-tube vid .

      With immigration and the 2nd amendment on people's minds during this election year this is worth a look.

    This man never raised his voice , his words carried the message on their own.

  Something to think about, we require a citizens test before we grant naturalization to  any immigrant . Which I agree with !
 We allow anyone to run for  Senator , Congressman, or President with little more than a drivers license stating address and age. I wonder if they could pass a   CITIZEN'S TEST.

when I hit you tube I surf   I started here http://livingprepared.blogspot.com/2016/03/this-should-be-super-bowl-commercial_5.html  then I skipped and jumped around you tube till the above . So it's Mikey's fault not mine!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Trump is brilliant as a target.

 The leaders in Washington both republican and democratic are going  after Donald Trump with both barrels over the next month. They want to force a free for all at the national convention and may even get Romney to enter the race. THEY DONT GET IT. They think politics as usual is still in play. What the establishment and bureaucrats cant comprehend is Trump supporters aren't voting for Trump . They are voting against all Washington insiders. I suspect the attacks to backfire. The harder they press him the larger his anti establishment  support will become.

Both party's fear the people have an outsider!
Now people change, we get better at hiding true self.
    I look for Trump to take a few hits but once it starts he will strike back and be the outsider alternative.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I voted today with mixed feelings.

   I went and voted today  even though I think elections are predetermined and just a illusion . A cheap way to keep the masses entertained and distracted . It fuels the fire of Race , economic Class and National origin . This in - fighting allows the Powers that be  to do as they want while we are yapping over things they have no interest in changing.

    Now some may say this is cynical but deep down most feel the same way.

  While it would be nice to have NOBODY screwing up the country there is always plenty of people that want to screw with EVERYBODY.

  I  am a lover of good fiction and think Author Clark was right .
If they want the Job they aren't qualified .
I think the best government would be one like this book wrote .

   While this is just fantasy. Is what we have now any less a fantasy of a Democratic / Republic ? Don't be fooled  by them wanting us to be a party to their rule.

   The soap box is useless . The ballot box is corrupt . The 3rd box is yet un-opened. Happy illusion day.