Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I voted today with mixed feelings.

   I went and voted today  even though I think elections are predetermined and just a illusion . A cheap way to keep the masses entertained and distracted . It fuels the fire of Race , economic Class and National origin . This in - fighting allows the Powers that be  to do as they want while we are yapping over things they have no interest in changing.

    Now some may say this is cynical but deep down most feel the same way.

  While it would be nice to have NOBODY screwing up the country there is always plenty of people that want to screw with EVERYBODY.

  I  am a lover of good fiction and think Author Clark was right .
If they want the Job they aren't qualified .
I think the best government would be one like this book wrote .

   While this is just fantasy. Is what we have now any less a fantasy of a Democratic / Republic ? Don't be fooled  by them wanting us to be a party to their rule.

   The soap box is useless . The ballot box is corrupt . The 3rd box is yet un-opened. Happy illusion day.


  1. now that i am old and the corruption has come out into the light of day, i believe that you are right and that the party conventions are just part of the bread and circuses.

    long ago i met a girl from a foreign state. one of the multitudinous kennedys had just been elected to some office in her state.
    she said no one she had spoken to had voted for him, including her parents.
    i began to think then that there had been fraud, probably on a major scale.
    now i am pretty sure of it and, push come to shove, they are all cut from the same cloth but just hiding it.
    i don't see a way out since our people are not united and so many of them are poisoned through with the disinformation they have been fed all their lives.

    i am just now getting some of the truth about the history we have been taught as Gospel.

    1. It will never change till we say no more . If our founding fathers saw for 10 seconds what we have allowed they would say we deserved not the blood they spilt.