Monday, February 29, 2016

My back yard has a new stream across it.

   I was out in the backyard yesterday and noticed a lot of water standing. It seems my pond's little stream has changed course. We have had a LOT of rain this winter and the outlet stream from my catfish pond has silted up so the water found a easier path. Instead of the old straight back path it now wants to cut across the yard . Water never runs the way you want it to go unless you guide it . It has been 5 years since I dug the channel out so it looks like I get to add it t my TO-DO list . This time I think I will put in a 8 inch pipe and a brick lined culvert wall to  guide it from the pond.

   In the past I just shoveled it till it flowed where I wanted it to go because it was cheap . Now that I am older it is time to make it a long term fix. A pipe should do the job for 20 years at least, the cost will be 100$ or so . I hope it can wait till May or June  I don't want to have to dig a 100 foot muddy ditch in cold weather.

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