Thursday, February 11, 2016

I get my B.O.L. for free.

   Today I worked on my son's place removing 3 layers of wood and linoleum in the kitchen. We wanted to see the floor joists. What we found was almost nothing, they were rotted to dirt. His kitchen is a 14 x 14 hole with dirt 2 foot below. We will beam and joist it next week then lay 3/4 in osb .

    When we got home my daughter had got a quote back from the state on a 10 acre parcel for 3,100 $. We may or may not get this one even at the price of 310$ an acre it is steep hillside and little flat. I am going to have the timber appraised before I buy. If it will show a profit I will borrow the money to buy it. It could have 12000$ in timber but I am no timber man.

    After I looked at her quote I went to read my E mail and I had one back also. Mine was a shock it was the 2 acre's I wrote about for a B.O.L.  The state wants a whopping 732$ :) for it . I sent the request on 11/30/15 and got it back today for the state that's quick . I  posted about it here    In that post I had guestimated the old freight trailer at 10,000 pounds but a friend saw it and he said that model will be 15 to 18,000 pounds  because its an old atlas moving trailer with a low belly and grandma attic. He said I would get 14 to 1600$ for it scrap. The certified check will be mailed Monday !!!!!

     My friend that saw the trailer is a junk buyer but he also has heavy equipment. I want to trade the old trailer for 800$ and him to clear the bramble and recut the drive to the top and drag the H&H 12x20 shed to where I need it. Basically it will be 800 cash and under 2 hours on a Bobcat . He gets a better price due to volume than I could so I think he will take it.


  1. Gary, when you have the dirt exposed below the kitchen, consider laying some 6 mil black plastic on the ground before closing it in. Vapor barrier....

    1. That's for certain !!! No vapor barrier and they had blocked the vents to the crawl space is what has destroyed this house.

  2. Gary, another thing, reading about your 'exploits' there is an inspiration. I wish I was half the hard worker that you are. Keep 'er up!