Monday, November 30, 2015

I found my BOL.

      I found my B-O-L it is a 1/4 mile from any Nabors in a hollow with a well and a creek . While its not 30 miles out of town it is on a road with just 5 houses in the middle of a area owned by a timber company ( 2400 acres). It has been abandoned since 2010 and the taxes lapsed in 2011 . The  road goes 2 miles past my spot to a house that is owned by a prominent family and a parcel owned by a holding company of a very wealthy family. What may be my property line is where the road is blocked by a keypad gate and posted everywhere No trespassing . It may sound strange but I think at the other end may be a B_O_L of some local rich and famous .

    I sent in a bid request for the property today after spending a few hours researching it and all surrounding properties. It seems most the property owners are principals in the timber holding company. A few small parcels are just family homes like my place was.

    The piece I want had a mobile home on it from 05 till 2010 ( google earths timeline is amazing) it is 2 acres of land . It is hilly with a lower flat of 1/2 acre and a 1/4 on top where the mobile home was. It still has a 12 x20 Morgan building, a 12x12 shed and the pump house with pump. Siting on the bottom flat is an old freight trailer a 45 footer in bad shape. Normally I would love to keep the trailer but its toast and also about 10,000 lbs of scrap metal. At 8.50 a 100 lb that's 850.00$, the back taxes and interest is only 725$. I want this bad I hope The state sends the bid quote back quick I would love to clear the undergrowth before spring.  Oh it also has power and AT@T u verse available. Compliments of the rich folks at the end of the road. Funny they have there place obscured by google earth.


  1. i know you will test the water but since it is a timber co. i doubt there is any pollution.
    is the flat good for crops?
    have a book about a 'concealed' garden in plain sight. you know, paw paws and grape vines and edible honey suckle berries, the things people won't notice, but grow without too much coddling on your part.
    sounds very good.

    1. Deb the land is ruff so I would do plum and fig trees. I have muscidime vines I would plant and sun chokes . The place has blackberries so I will add blueberries to. I would not homestead this property it isn't suited, it is a BOL so I want perennial low maintenance plantings.

    2. good thinking.
      God bless your endeavors.