Thursday, November 5, 2015

Poor Sleep is a big issue

    I seem to be in an unfocused funk the past two weeks . You know the feeling I am sure. I want to do this and that but can't get started on things. I need to secure the new house but I can't till the state sends me one last paper to register it with the county. I need to do some more work on the new trailer but its not a must do so I haven't . There are tons of little things around the house that need to done before winter is here.

     I have always been a procrastinator but this is different. It is a listless dragging feel. I know why it is worst this time. I am not sleeping good it is not a deep restful sleep it like a long nap that I drift in and out of. It may seem to be more an annoyance than a problem but when it interferes with getting jobs done its a PROBLEM.

     I have had a sore throat the last 3 weeks and I just wrote it off as allergy's and the Fall weather. Nope I googled it and my poor sleep. What I found was sleep apnea or heavy snoring could be the cause of both problems. I have always snored ( the wife does to) but since I quit work it has got worst. I could go to the doctor but all they will do is give me a sleep aid or order a sleep study. I have friends that use C pap machines but those solutions are not for me.

    For the next week I am going to try pillows and a hot toddy . I may try herbal tea. I hope it works I have to much to do to have poor sleep and snoring preventing me from accomplishing my goals.


  1. sleep apnea can kill you. husband has a bi-pap machine.
    please get the sleep study. you've got a wife . she needs you.

    1. If the problem persists I will . I hope limiting caffeine and a shot of alcohol at night will help. Pillows to keep me on my side help already.