Saturday, November 28, 2015

Spring cleaning in November.

     Sorry I disappeared this week but the holidays made it a busy time here at home. This year was the first time we hosted the family's Thanksgiving dinner. My wife and I are both clutter bugs but we keep the house picked up and comfortable FOR US. Well last Saturday when it was decided that it was going to be here the wife went into cleaning hysteria and I became her muscle.

     Now that its over I understand why you read story's of women stripping everything out of a house and reassemble it once everything was spotless every spring. It has been 10 years since we painted the inside's . On Monday I had to strip the dinning room, washed walls floors baseboards, clean everything wax the floor and reassemble it to my wife's satisfaction. That was the easy room . It was amazing how dirty this house was. When you see it every day its not as noticeable but once you start cleaning to a panicked woman standards its different .

   Long story short she hid my computer and drove me like a dog ( she worked as hard or harder) doing a fall spring cleaning of the house  and no room was spared. It was hard work but once put back it was worth the work. The house is brighter looks fresher and it made her happy. Come spring I will be repainting a couple of rooms but I now understand WHY spring cleaning's were done.

     A lot of folks wouldn't see the point but most people move 5 or more times before they are 50. This has been my home for 31 years now. Houses may not need a spring cleaning if you move every few years . But if you have a home and have been in it a long time it could use a spring cleaning !
      It is the same as moving but no truck needed !!! Lol


  1. i'velost count of our moves, but between health problems, et cetera, we are in sore need of 2 or 3 spring cleanings in a row. if iever regain some stremgth i a m going to get ridd of lots of stuff and then clean. easier to clean less stuff.
    there are corners staacked up with books because we don't have enough bookshelves but we are about out of room for more shelves.
    i dream of a one floor plan where the laundry is right by the bedrooms where all the sheets, towels and clothes come from.
    no more stairs!
    got to have my hip replaced and a one floor plan would be easier on the old joints.
    it is just a dream but would make trying to clean and organize easier.
    upper storeys are for kids.
    wider doors would be nice in case walkers or wheel chairs are ever needed
    and grab bars by the toilets. also easy turn handles on the taps.
    sorry to blather on but as you repair and replace might as well do it with the future uses in mind. easier to do while you are still young.
    how is your new property coming along?.

    1. Deb I agree 2 story and split levels are not age friendly. Me and my wife would love to build a 16X40 Shot Gun cabin. We make do with what we have. On the house property all we have done is added a temporary support wall for the roof rafters.