Friday, August 29, 2014

Kids and guns my view!

     This week we all have heard about the 9 year old girl that shot her instructor by accident with an Uzi.Such a tragedy for both the families.
    Now my own kids all started shooting around 6 with a bolt action marlin 10 single shot. then a glen field 60 tube fed semi.I took them my father in law took them target shooting.In the south it is normal.
    My in laws were 20 year Army.My first wife an Army brat.Guns are part of life but I would not allow a toy gun in the house.When my mother in law gave my oldest a cap pistol i told her NO TOY GUNS !!! Boy did she lite in to me i was a #$@%^$#& all kids had toy guns.While she was calling me every name in the book my father in law come in to see what the hollering was about.
   I told them they could get a laser pistol a star trek phazer a Nerf blaster any weird toy gun but if it looked like a REAL gun NO. My father in law was old school army calmly asked why.I told him they would learn to shoot a real gun when they were older but i wanted them to know guns where not toys.He turned to his wife and my wife told them he agreed with me shut the hell up.I had guns in the house and never saw my kids touch them.My kids will tell you they will not let a toy gun be give to their kids when they have them.
    I wouldn't let a 9 year old use a chainsaw or an Uzi.
Common sense isn't so common any more

Monday, August 25, 2014

Why we love to camp!

While i was home doing BBQ my wife took these pics from the camper. That's my sister in law feeding the doe by hand.When i got back the camp site was full with family had my brother in law and his wife my step son his wife step daughter her husband and our grandson.Plus we had 9 to 15 deer feeding within 100 ft. of us.
   Normally when we camp we follow the rules because these places are fr everyone to enjoy.This trip we broke the no feeding the animal rules just a little (OK 50 lb of deer corn) but we had fun.Lake Guntersville state park is know for its fishing but we went for the deer.

P.S. The fawn in pic 1 was born Thursday and we got that pic Sunday morning.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Been at the lake.

     I came in from the lake to sell BBQ this weekend.So far i should have stayed at the lake maybe it will be better Saturday.OK this trip is with my wife and sister in law it was amazing how long it took to back the campers in to their satisfaction.Have you Ever had your wife guide you in backing up ? if you have you know what i am talking about.If you refuse their help your in for a looong trip.
    OK i will not vent ,the trip was to a nice state park(gunterville)and the lot is secluded so it has been nice.My sister in law is a wildlife nut so this place was perfect for her we have had 7 to 15 deer less than 25 ft. every nite from our campers.I'm going back tomorrow nite and will be back home Tuesday.Perfect weather but hot so it will be a lot of swimming and sitting in the shade.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Are you a collector?

     Around here a lot of folks collect stuff muscle cars,old tractors are in barns and yards.Some i know have toy trains,guns, crystal,china depression wear glass.I have nothing against it but if it means little to your family at some point you have to get rid of it.
     Yesterday i listed part of what i plan on getting rid of.I have a friend that has over 60 rifles and shotguns.Now like any man I love Old guns but we were talking I asked him if you die will your wife know what to ask when selling your guns?Long story short he called me a lot of names told me even thinking about him dying and his guns being sold was wrong.I asked him if he was going to live forever or did i scare the hell out of him thinking about how little she would take?The later one.About a month latter he said he had asked his wife what she would do.Her reply was he needed to decide what he would will to the kids,what  5 or 6 he had to have was worth and what she needed to get on them and start selling the rest for top dollar!Now he was guilty on guns but she has a room full of depression glass in all colors that she has to sell.Both of them are about 65 and are SLOWLY selling off their collections for top dollar.We are talking a lot of crying here folks but they both know what their items are worth and will admit its better than the kids selling it for pennies.
       We all have hobbies and jobs and have good items we have hung on to isn't better that we get top dollar for the stuff.Think of all the time saved from cleaning and dusting it.Yes the cash is nice but not having to take care of it and store it is worth more. 

P.S. I had no idea depression glass in red was worth almost what a browning pump in good shape was.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Do you have useful junk to.

     At some point in every one's life we need to inventory what we have in our home and what purpose it serves.Anyone that is over 40 probably has a lot of stuff that has accumulated and no this isn't a post on having a yard sale.I have a packed house and 3 sheds.The sheds are my domain and the house is my wife's.I was thinking about building a new shed because the 3 were over flowing but i have changed my approach.USE OR GET RID OF THE CRAP!!!! If i haven't used it in 5 years it needs to go.Yard sale Craig's list E bay or dump.Now the part that kills me is I paid good money for some of the crap that is just sitting.The first thing i did was clean out an area in one building for stuff that i will need for my vending trailers.This was the inventory part.

     I do BBQ for a living but i have 4 trailers not counting 3 campers.3 of the trailers need to be set up for something.When i was going through the sheds i found I had a ton of equipment not in use.
 stoleing ice cream machine
 funnel cake cooker
 shaved ice maker/snowball
 a 50 count hot dog/sausage cooker
 cotton candy maker
 nacho cheese and chip station
 pizza oven commercial set up
 full size propane stove/oven
 2 box smokers capable of 400lb cooking
 3 high output 2 burner stove tops
 40lb 2 basket fryer
 20lb 4 basket counter fryer
  This list is'nt bragging it is STUPID that i have all this stored and not in use or sold.I closed down my store 3 years ago sure some of it was from it but most of this crap i just got for a steal.BUT what good is it doing in my shed.Between now and the first of the year I plan on setting up 4 trailers.My trailer is already in demolition stage and will be built by November(I told you in an earlier post i was building a LARGE multi use one)but i will have 3 trailers to set with 
   1. funnel cake and ice cream
   2  shaved ice ,cotton candy, nachos
   3  pizza hot dog/smoked sausage,Sub/hogies
  This will clear out my sheds of a lot of large item's and my yard of vending trailers.First i will see if any of the kids or grand kids may be interested in using them.If that fails it is time to sell them.I am 1man i can't use 2 at once let alone 4.I hope the kids will try it my worst weekend in 3 year i made 180$ for 8 hours work and my best i made 1600$ in 10 hour of work.The kids think it is a waste of their time to even try.I love it, it isn't work its fun, smiling people make it worth doing.Its paid for equipment it needs to be put to use.I do not need to store stuff i want to clear out and not have the up keep.
    What have you stuck back and got that needs to be used or got rid of ? I bet it is more than you think.For me it was an eye opener.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014

Never take a gun swiming !

    I do not think they understand water and guns are not friends. As a gentleman I would offer to dry them off! The guns yea the guns :).