Friday, August 22, 2014

Been at the lake.

     I came in from the lake to sell BBQ this weekend.So far i should have stayed at the lake maybe it will be better Saturday.OK this trip is with my wife and sister in law it was amazing how long it took to back the campers in to their satisfaction.Have you Ever had your wife guide you in backing up ? if you have you know what i am talking about.If you refuse their help your in for a looong trip.
    OK i will not vent ,the trip was to a nice state park(gunterville)and the lot is secluded so it has been nice.My sister in law is a wildlife nut so this place was perfect for her we have had 7 to 15 deer less than 25 ft. every nite from our campers.I'm going back tomorrow nite and will be back home Tuesday.Perfect weather but hot so it will be a lot of swimming and sitting in the shade.

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