Monday, August 25, 2014

Why we love to camp!

While i was home doing BBQ my wife took these pics from the camper. That's my sister in law feeding the doe by hand.When i got back the camp site was full with family had my brother in law and his wife my step son his wife step daughter her husband and our grandson.Plus we had 9 to 15 deer feeding within 100 ft. of us.
   Normally when we camp we follow the rules because these places are fr everyone to enjoy.This trip we broke the no feeding the animal rules just a little (OK 50 lb of deer corn) but we had fun.Lake Guntersville state park is know for its fishing but we went for the deer.

P.S. The fawn in pic 1 was born Thursday and we got that pic Sunday morning.


  1. Yes it is great to have the wildlife stop by for a visit!

    1. It was a blast. Almost as much fun as watching drunks at a bar.