Wednesday, February 26, 2014


    Well the doctor called the wife doesn't have Cancer it was benign!!! It was pre cancerous but now it is out, they want her to take the lose dose preventative treatment.She doesn't show it but i can tell its a load of her mind .We went yesterday on her kidney pain and was told she may have been passing micro stones and that's why she has had occasional kidney pains.
     It is a warped kinda humor that all this started at the same time as she started her social security.Her first check arrives in march and she started falling apart in December.Now we have her super glued back together and a steady income she wants a new small camper with a bathroom to travel in.Last month me her and her sister and brother in law went to the R.V. show it was a interesting way to spend a Sunday afternoon.We looked at RVs that cost 20 times what i paid for our home,a few that were affordable.The wife fell in love with this one to some this would look dinky and impractical but we teardrop so it looks huge and luxurious.The sister fell for a Forrest river Freedom 22 footer and bought it the next week.
     The retro my wife loves is my dream camper to and it is reasonable priced at 13,900 (I cant believe i called that reasonable)I have not had any payments on anything since 2005 and have no real job now so financing is going to take a 3rd party(my mom).Normally I would not even consider this but this scare has made me understand our time on earth is limited and i want to spend it with my wife dong what we enjoy.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Health can change any plans.

     Sorry i haven't been posting much lately.Right after New Years my wife had a questionable series of mammograms about 5.The first of February she had a biopsy inconclusive.This week she had a lumpectomy to put every thing to rest and we are waiting on the results.Now the breast doctor told us the biopsy didn't show cancer but she had radial scaring and a bad family history of breast cancer so he wanted to be sure.
     Now that's not what the post is about.But back before Christmas i had purchased a travel package to Orlando for a 3 nite stay at one of those travel time shares for idiots.Yea i was going to have to sit though a sales pitch but for 149$ i will get 100$ n Bass Pro cards and a 4 nite cruise (found out to take the free cruise it will cost 360$) Not a great deal but OK. We were to go down 1/24 and stay at this park for a few days then go to the time share.After that we had talked about going to and Key West.I was looking forward to this winter trip and so was the wife.Thank goodness we had a window to change our plans we canceled the day after the first mammogram.
     Now after 6 weeks of waiting we hope that this will be put to rest by Wednesday and she has a follow up on 3/5 i think .After that the wife asked me when could we leave.She is itching to go some where warmer and sunny.When we first started going camping she did it to humor me but the last year she has been the one with wander lust.If her health holds i think we will be going even more.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Car kits for idiots

        By now most people have heard and read about the snow storm here in the Birmingham and Atlanta.Thousands were left stranded and away from home for one to two days in the low teens.This week Mother nature decided to sweep in and dump a couple inches of snow that was as fine as corn starch and packed into a sheet of ice in 30 minutes.A lot of people that had never given a thought to being stranded were miles from home having to relied on the kindness of strangers for food and shelter.My stepson was stranded with his boss and co worker in a truck on hwy 280
     The one thing tha struck me was no one seemed to have even the barest of a car survival kit. People made there way to home depots Hotel lobbies fast food restaurants anyplace that would welcome them in for the day and nite.Now this event was only going to last 36 to 48 hours but people didn't have a clue on what to do to make it for this short of time or have anything with them to help.
      The head of the Alabama EMA gave an interview and told the public every one needed to have a car and home emergency kit.He told everyone to go to their website or FEMA to make a kit.I have to say our head of the EMA was honest he stated 72 hours was the best a person could expect to aid arrive in an emergency.
     Now i wrote this as a draft right after the snow 2 weeks ago i never posted it.I am glad i didn't post it because in the 2 weeks since i have come to the conclusion people are scared to have to provide for themselves.All we have heard is how we pulled together moved closer as a county,We take care of each other.Now I have to admit we did OK but it was just a 2 day event no one was short of food water,gas,power.I would wager out of the whole county not a hundred people made a car survival kit or did anything.
     Last nite we got a little ice and it looks like we will have snow move in Wednesday afternoon.The news is showing stores out of milk and bread.I have been to the EMA and FEMA web sites they have standard lists for emergency kits.I have read many list and i can tell you i have never seen Milk or Bread on any of them.

      MAKE YOUR KITS one day it won't be a rainbow and unicorn event!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Freaky weather and under the weather.

    The last 2 weeks mother nature has had some fun here.We have had lows down to 8 and highs the next day of 60.We had a snow storm of talcum powder that packed into ice in an hour.On top of this i got a cold (damn kids )and am on round 2 with it now.
      The second cold nite killed my jeep and truck battery less than 2 month ago i had my little trucks battery died.I had been using my daughters battery from her spare car my luck held she decided to take her spare to work and finds out i had stole her battery.Yep it was 24 outside and she wants me to"PUT IT BACK".I knew i should charge her rent.I have 3 vehicle with dead batteries a cold and the high was going to 39.
      I make it for a few days by putting my camping battery in the floor of my jeep running jumper cables out the window under the hood to the bad battery.I looked like a real redneck but it worked.I had a good weekend selling BBQ after the snow but 300 dollars for car batteries just wasn't going to be possible.A buddy of mine said try PULL A PART so Monday it was in the 50s i felt better so i went down found 3 for 20$ each they we less than a year old got a set of spark plug wires for the truck and a rotor also.Got home put the batteries in changed the plug wires out and spent less than 75$.The brake rotor will be put on when i have a tire fixed next week the old one has been warped for 3 years no rush.
      Now this week we have had a lite icing and up to 3 inches of snow possible tomorrow.If something breaks I wont be surprised it the weather,the season ,and my luck!!