Tuesday, September 30, 2014

An easy money saving tip

     Ok we have all seen commercials for products to clean and renew car headlights.They are pricey and the 2 I had tried didn't work very good .My daughters boyfriend has been using her spare car and he saw a thing posted on face book on how to clean her headlights(hers were BAD).It was to use mosquito spray with 40% DEETs.Just spray rub repeat then wash and wipe.I had an old can of OFF tried it and was amazed.It took 15 minutes to do 3 cars.
     I drove my jeep last nite and could see the road great.Last month i had put new bulbs in because i couldn't see at nite driving now i see fine.I love this cheap fix . To replace my jeep headlight lens would have cost 100+ dollars.The Off spray i had.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Great weather for getting ready for winter.

     It has been great sleeping weather around here.Lows at night 60 the days have been low 80s and no rain.Would be nice to just enjoy and relax but winter is coming.The flower beds have been cleaned the grass got its final cut (i like it a little tall for winter) took 2 loads to the scrap yard(made 64$ most went to buy hamburger that's on sale)burnt a bunch of dead branches.Have had to play catch up on a lot of chores and maintenance and still have a lot to do.MY wife said i don't need to do everything at once.I am 51 i know better than to speak without thinking but I did.
 "If not now WHEN ? If not me WHO ? What'ca watching after the price is right?"
    Yep my DUMB AZZ had to through that last line in there.The rest of the day it felt like Winter was here at my house.So i am glad i have got a lot done and have a lot more to finish. I don't think I'm going to be getting something for at least a week or more.
     We are suppose to go to the lake Monday and camp but who knows.If she starts loading it Sunday its on if not we stay here.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Gun porn filler post.

Great News.

     Well got a call Thursday to do the haunted house. It will be the first 3 weekend's Friday and Saturday nights in October and was asked back for the November bike rally.Will be doing shaved ice and funnel cakes,burritos and tacos at the haunted house for the teens and tweens.It should do good and also going to have sodas and red bull and monster energy drinks.
     Have decided for the bike rally To do shaved ice but use flavors geared to adults.Have ordered Bahama Momma ,Rum runner,Hurricane,Margarita and others will have some shine to add for those that want it.If i cant do BBQ I will do tacos also at the rally but for something different i will try a BLT taco and a spicy pork wrap with seracha sauce.The food is still up in the air a lot will have to do with if its cold at nite.
     Getting back into this feels good.I have been in kinda isolation from people the last 3 years.Sure i have camped and done my BBQ but this is  different.Perhaps I am getting old and have been in a rut but now i must learn what people want to buy again.What will sell and how to retain them in the future.What i do this fall is basically preparing for the spring festivals and getting a breakfast and lunch stand up and going.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bike rallys are differant in every way

     Well I did it,I went and had a learning experience.I was so out of my element I had never attended a bike rally and if you have never been it is a world in its self.Now i am no prude but i saw a side of people i never expected.The term   PARTY NAKED  and PARTY TILL YOU DROP have taken on new meaning to me.
     Here i was with a limited menu selling funnel cakes and corn dogs and BBQ sandwiches  surrounded by 1500 people  drinking thinking about getting naked or 100 already drunk and naked .Some looked real GOOD but most should have stayed dressed.Just for the record I STAYED DRESSED deep frying and nudity is a bad idea OK at my age and weight cloths are mandatory.
     Back to business I had the wrong product for the crowd the main goal was to get drunk and get L^&*D.Food was just so they could keep drinking and not fall out. Th pizza and hogie stand was booming and so was the guy selling cheese fries big burgers and PO boys. I broke even.Now i could have made a profit but at midnight i was beat the other vender's had help and worked 24 hours for 4 days I worked 10 hours but skipped Saturday nite due to dehydration. It was a educational experience and nothing like a festival or any event i have worked in the past.
     Now i did get the stand inspected and meet the health department lady that i will be dealing with in the future.It passed and she said it would pass a permanent inspection.
     Was this weekend profitable? That depends on how you look at it.
1. passed first inspection
2 got to meet the inspector
3 made 2 contacts for company catering
4 may have a haunted house to be sole vender at
5 gave the stand a working test
6 Saw more naked women in 3 days than in my life combined(i am51) and broke even for the event.
     Yes this weekend was profitable!
     Yes I would do it again but i would have a menu to match the crowd. fry ed starch and salty. I was an outsider but felt welcome these vender's work this circuit full time and the crowd knows them by name.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I am at a bike rally so a gun porn post.

Back to work.Sorta

     I have been busy the last 2 weeks getting my vending trailer cleaned up and reset.I have decided to go legal as a food truck and to do that i had to deep clean my trailer repair some pluming and electrical issues.Me and my wife have talked at length about what to serve and if we wanted to just do festivals or set up around the city.
     This weekend I am going to be working a biker rally that should have 1500 to 2000 people.Since this is my first non BBQ set up in a while and i will be health department inspected i will be doing Funnel Cakes.

     Yes I know its standard fair food but I wanted to keep it simple because it my first time in 6 years of doing an event.I will be doing corn dogs and silver Dollar pancakes also.The Rally is a 4 day event but it is less than 20 minutes from home so i will be able to sleep at home (if you call leaving at 1 and being back at 6 sleep).
     This is the first step in getting into a fully licensed and permitted food operation.The real start date will be October 1st that when i will get my annual license and permanent health permit this is a special event permit but the lady that will inspect my set up is the same one that will issue the permanent licensee.The event may be a gold mine and it may be a bust but it is a start.

      The Family that puts on the rally also does a haunted house on weekend nit es all October and have asked me if i wanted to set up as a food snack stand outside.It has between 3 to 9 hundred teens on Saturday and Sunday niter.Between the rally and haunted house i should be on good ground opening up.
      Will post first of the week and let you know how it went.

Monday, September 1, 2014

a link and a few pic

      I found this E Bay store with a good selection of flags hats and shirts.Here is a few of my favorite ones.http://stores.ebay.com/Life-in-Flying-Color?_trksid=p2047675.l2563