Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Back from the gulf

     Me and the wife took a quick trip back to Big Lagoon this weekend.We only stayed 3 days.The main reason we went was to set up a camp ite for my brother.He has one of those jobs that shuts down 2 weeks at the 4th and 2 weeks at Christmas.If he gets a vacation its then.So he is spending 10 days camping.We got every ting set and he came down the last day.I hope he enjoys his stay we left menus and pamphlets of stuff we like to do and the Blue Angles were practicing this week.
      Before we left me and the wife went into a little restaurant under the Baars bridge called Fisherman's Corner.It was old and weathered on the outside and had a big burger sign.When we walked in it had table cloths silverware and glasses on the table.Turned out it was a New Orleans style casual fine food restaurant.
     Now this is not our usual type of lunch but we sat down got a drink and looked at the menu.The food was a little pricey but not bad (by our lunch standards)salads and burgers started at 7$ to a 12oz fillet of Angus for 29$ the menu was large on surf and turf choices.My wife had been wanting fish so she got fried grouper for 17$ and i got a combo of shrimp and oysters for 19$ we both got onion rings she got fries i got Cajun mac and cheese.The waiter asked if it was our first visit it was.We were told every order was cooked to order from fish and vegetables caught and picked the day before and was worth the wait.It took 15 minutes was served perfectly cooked you could taste the freshness was one of the best meals we have had in years.When we go back i will have that Mac and cheese again.

Monday, June 16, 2014

A cache that holds a 1/2 ton and is livable.

     Most of us would love to have a shipping container buried somewhere as a fall back.A concrete bunker is a dream for the average prepper.Even if we have a house and a nice lot we cant put in anything this big without drawing attention.We need to think outside the box.Or in this case inside a box literally.
     OK if you have read my posts you know i love teardrop campers.Most teardrops are outfitted to be comfortable to sleep in and provide storage for camping gear.If you do a web search for homemade teardrops you will find a lot of plans for a 4x8 teardrop.Now what is the connection between a cache and a teardrop ?

     Imagine a 4ft wide 4ft high and 8 ft long box.This is how a teardrop starts then we add curves and a hatch make it aerodynamic to tow.Forget the curves and hatch think 4x4x8 storage crate.For what we need it takes 5 sheets plywood 10 2x4s 5 tubes silicon 2 gallons paint and a roll of 6mil plastic.Around here the cost will be 150$.I think most of us can build a crate to this size.Use the 2x4s as bands on the outside on both ends and the middle run 2 on the inside in the corners that will be the roof for strength.Caulk all seams inside and out paint  inside a light color use the rest in multi coats on the outside.Cut a hatch door in roof or side depending on how it will be buried.
      OK lets assume you built this 4x4x8 ugly thing.Dig a hole 5x5x9 a person can dig this hole by hand in 2 or 3 days easy (OK not easy but cheaply) get someone you TRUST to help you lower it in.Line the hole with plastic taping seams and carefully not to rip it.Once in the hole cut a 4inch hole for an air tube .Back fill the hole make a lip for the door.

     Now you have a grave with an air hole and door right?Had to get that in before comments were made.What it can be is a place that is 128 cubic feet of storage.In one end load a row of 5 gallon buckets they will go 4 wide 3 high make another row that's 24 buckets of food.Now make a shelf 14 inces off the floor add 8 buckets on top of it.OK you have 32 buckets put guns solar panel fishing rods on top I hope you stuffed the gaps between the buckets with items.You will still have 6 foot of floor space to sleep on so add a foam mat some led tap lights pillows a CD player a jump pack for a little power.

     This isn't a perfect answer but it is doable at a low price.It give you a second place for preps it is warmer and cooler than a tent it is a place to hide till trouble passes.I will not bug out to the woods but i will not fight to the death for a house.This gives me an option to hide and reclaim whats mine later and still have my supplies.Mine will be under a mower shed .

      I wrote this to make people think.Even when bugging out isn't possible plan on a fall back.We all want to thrive but never forget first we must survive.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What is a cache?

     A cache is a place to hide and position items of use and value for future needs.But is that all it needs to be?Can it be a shelter can it be a safe place hidden to?
      I think we have all thought about a survival retreat in the woods.Usually our mind goes to a cabin with a wood stove a well right out of a Danial Boone book.Now in today's world if we had this it would be broke into looted used as a meth lab or a dozen other things if we didn't live there.

     Now we have all read about PVC caches Bucket cache and others.I have several of these myself but due to size they are limited in what can be stored and provide little shelter.The PVC cache is usually for 3 or 4 days food some ammo and a few other items. A Bucket cache will hold a weeks food for 2,ammo other items to help for a short period.Here are a few pics of typical tube and bucket caches
   These are useful but are limited in scope.The good thing about them is they are away from our houses and hidden.As preppers most of what we have is in our homes and at risk if SHTF happens.
      Most preppers will refuse to leave their homes the idea of "bugging out" isn't an option.For some it due to age others its health.For most its "This is my castle" i have all my prep's in the basement,garage,shed.I feel the same way but if the  Feds or a zombie hoard comes you will die.At best you will flee and lose most of your supplies.Then you are down to what you hid in buckets and PVC caches.
     I want something safer with more options.I want it for the house or on other property.I don't want to have it found and robbed to crackheads or government flunkies (little difference both are parasites).I want capacity to have a chance.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Been think about a survival cache.

     Last weekend when I was doing BBQ a friend stopped and we got to talking.Tony is a little different but OK type he was telling m about his new storm shelter.Last year tornado's came real close to both of us.He had one of those round fiberglass ball shelters installed behind his mobile home.

     Tony was talking about using leds and adding some food to as he put it his doomsday bunker.I told him sounded like a good idea to me and made a few suggestions.Now me and him are not close enough that he has any idea that I preps.I kept my comments general but i did encourage him to move some thing in his bunker "just in case".His storm shelter cost over 7000$ but because he was in a stricken area( I wasn't) he got almost 5000$ back from state and federal sources.
     Now for 2000$ in out of pocket he got a great deal but for a survival cache bunker I would hate to know the state and feds had a record of it.His will seat 8 but it isn't set up for long term habitation It's ROUND.It did get me thinking and looking for cheaper self made choices. Here is an 8x12 on E how         Not bad but not practical for me.I cant dig a  10x15 ft hole 10 ft deep by hand.Tomorrow i will tell you what i have been thinking about that any one can build its cheap and holds a Literal ton of supplies

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A look at Big Red my baby.

     OK I have been doing BBQ for 10 years on and off.For the last 3 years it has been all i have done.When I started it was a whim i had a convince store 5 miles from any restaurants so on Friday and Saturday i sold BBQ at the store.Me and my son used drum smokers mounted on an old pop up camper trailer.Back then i was a busy man had a lot of irons in the fire.BBQ became my sons he was making good money for a 14 year old kid then he hit that "that's good enough "stage.Basically he ran it into the ground twice.
      That is a back ground of our start.About 6 years a go i was playing on Ebay just looking and i ran across a Big Red smoker it was in Andalusia AL about 160 miles away.Starting bid was 400$ so i bid a max bid of 450$ Long story short i got it for 405$.It was a 6 hour round trip.The man that i got it from said it cost him 1200$ in 2005.The company that built it is really a fab shop for construction steel they build smokers and trailers when work is slow so they keep their welders and layout men busy
     This is what it looked like when i got it it was a 200 gallon propane tank upright smoker with 3 racks and room to smoke 16 boston butts.Three rounds of wood will last 8 hours when smoking but i needed it to do more for holidays and i wanted to do ribs so i got a second 200 gallon tank and it now looks like this.
    This is BIG RED the front grill can hold 24 pork butts and 12 slabs of ribs.The upright will do 12 butts and 4 racks of ribs.Now i smoke everything in the upright because it gives a deeper smoke the front holds it at temp and adds light smoke.
    Now to cook great Q takes time I cook for 10 hour with gas then smoke it 4 to 6 hours.Anyone can make good smoked meat all it takes is time and a box to hold smoke.I started with barrel smoker made out of a barrel with expanded metal rack on old tent pole rods.A wooden box will work. GOT MEAT START SMOKING!!!!
    The original BBQ trailer has morphed with time it now looks like this.If my son straightens up i may give him a 4th chance

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

He was down to rice but alive.

     Left to go find my son early this morning.Now i admit i don't use GPS i had directions from my son in law.Not to bad he just had one right that should have been a left i figuired it out.When i pulled into the clearing where the old travel trailer was my son stepped out with a pot in his hands shocked to see me.He ate a few bites of rice and said it was all he had left to cook for the last 3 days.We walked around HIS place down to the creek and around the overgrown property.He was kinda proud that it was his but it needs a lot of clearing and leveling.As we talked he told me of an incident last week a man came and told him he was on the wrong lot.My son didn't know where the property lines really where.A BIG mistake in my book.I gave him some in put on a few things to help him out (his cat hole was to close to his trailer) and make life easier with so little.We loaded up for a run to town for groceries and a few other items i knew he needed.
      One thing my son wanted was more buckets.He said those things come in handy.We also picked up screw lid large canisters for sugar flour and other food he says never underestimate piss ants they get into everything.I took him to pizza huts lunch buffet so he could eat his fill and we could talk.Solitude seems to have mellowed him a bit,he acts like he may straighten up time will tell. Regardless its time for me to help and give him the tools to make a go of it.
     Before we went back to his place we went to the county courthouse and got a Plat map that showed his lot the property lines and road and creek.Once back i paced off and found he was right and well on his own property.We selected where his camper will go and what we will need to do to make this place livable.I think 2 days with a chain saw and my tractor will do 80% of t and he can do the rest.He has the time i have the tools.If he stays on track I will dad up and help get him set.

Monday, June 2, 2014

My son is in homestead prison.

     Sorry for the gaps in posting been putting out fires with our kids.I have to go find my youngest in the morning no one has heard from him in 10 days.He is living in the woods in a junk trailer on property he got for taxes.No power water or gas and cell phones don't work unless he walks a mile down the road.I have never been there since he got it 3 months ago.
    Now don't go thinking my son is homesteader he isn't.He can break a steel ball with a rubber hammer.The property is a flood plan for a creek and is labeled no build,no utilities permitted.He got this 3/4 acre for 180$ in back taxes and former owner said he will not reclaim.I will probable wind up with it.But i need to go up add money to his phone make sure he is alive take him to the store for supplies.Will set him up with solar charger for a light and radio.His ass will stay in the woods.Stranded there he hasn't been in any trouble its where he needs to be.If he would try it could be the best thing that has ever happened to him.To him its like jail but if he leave and comes back to town he will wind up in a real jail.