Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Back from the gulf

     Me and the wife took a quick trip back to Big Lagoon this weekend.We only stayed 3 days.The main reason we went was to set up a camp ite for my brother.He has one of those jobs that shuts down 2 weeks at the 4th and 2 weeks at Christmas.If he gets a vacation its then.So he is spending 10 days camping.We got every ting set and he came down the last day.I hope he enjoys his stay we left menus and pamphlets of stuff we like to do and the Blue Angles were practicing this week.
      Before we left me and the wife went into a little restaurant under the Baars bridge called Fisherman's Corner.It was old and weathered on the outside and had a big burger sign.When we walked in it had table cloths silverware and glasses on the table.Turned out it was a New Orleans style casual fine food restaurant.
     Now this is not our usual type of lunch but we sat down got a drink and looked at the menu.The food was a little pricey but not bad (by our lunch standards)salads and burgers started at 7$ to a 12oz fillet of Angus for 29$ the menu was large on surf and turf choices.My wife had been wanting fish so she got fried grouper for 17$ and i got a combo of shrimp and oysters for 19$ we both got onion rings she got fries i got Cajun mac and cheese.The waiter asked if it was our first visit it was.We were told every order was cooked to order from fish and vegetables caught and picked the day before and was worth the wait.It took 15 minutes was served perfectly cooked you could taste the freshness was one of the best meals we have had in years.When we go back i will have that Mac and cheese again.


  1. Hey Gary,

    Ya'lls meal sounds delicious! Although the $29 fillet is a little rich for my pocket book the other prices are only a "little" on the high end.


    1. It was ver y good.But in a tourist area prices are always higher and poor quality food and service.At least here the service and quaility was worth the cost.