Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Been think about a survival cache.

     Last weekend when I was doing BBQ a friend stopped and we got to talking.Tony is a little different but OK type he was telling m about his new storm shelter.Last year tornado's came real close to both of us.He had one of those round fiberglass ball shelters installed behind his mobile home.

     Tony was talking about using leds and adding some food to as he put it his doomsday bunker.I told him sounded like a good idea to me and made a few suggestions.Now me and him are not close enough that he has any idea that I preps.I kept my comments general but i did encourage him to move some thing in his bunker "just in case".His storm shelter cost over 7000$ but because he was in a stricken area( I wasn't) he got almost 5000$ back from state and federal sources.
     Now for 2000$ in out of pocket he got a great deal but for a survival cache bunker I would hate to know the state and feds had a record of it.His will seat 8 but it isn't set up for long term habitation It's ROUND.It did get me thinking and looking for cheaper self made choices. Here is an 8x12 on E how              http://www.ehow.com/how_8602300_do-yourself-underground-shelters.html     Not bad but not practical for me.I cant dig a  10x15 ft hole 10 ft deep by hand.Tomorrow i will tell you what i have been thinking about that any one can build its cheap and holds a Literal ton of supplies

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