Monday, June 2, 2014

My son is in homestead prison.

     Sorry for the gaps in posting been putting out fires with our kids.I have to go find my youngest in the morning no one has heard from him in 10 days.He is living in the woods in a junk trailer on property he got for taxes.No power water or gas and cell phones don't work unless he walks a mile down the road.I have never been there since he got it 3 months ago.
    Now don't go thinking my son is homesteader he isn't.He can break a steel ball with a rubber hammer.The property is a flood plan for a creek and is labeled no build,no utilities permitted.He got this 3/4 acre for 180$ in back taxes and former owner said he will not reclaim.I will probable wind up with it.But i need to go up add money to his phone make sure he is alive take him to the store for supplies.Will set him up with solar charger for a light and radio.His ass will stay in the woods.Stranded there he hasn't been in any trouble its where he needs to be.If he would try it could be the best thing that has ever happened to him.To him its like jail but if he leave and comes back to town he will wind up in a real jail.


  1. Sounds like a very strained situation. Hope it all works out for thr best.

    1. Mike we have been strained over the last year and a half.Last year i tossed him out for behavior un becoming aceptable to me (my house my standards).But he must have been paying attention at some point.I will see how it goes.