Friday, September 30, 2016

Got the H&R, parts for the others came in.

  This morning me and my son went and picked up the H&R . When we got home my order from Brownnell had come in. A normal person would go shoot a new gun but being abnormal I took the parts and fixed my Old marlin 25, bolt action 22 . The extractor spring was broke and I had lost the clip for it. Both were in the box and only took 5 minutes to put on.

   Last week I had bought some CCI quiet's for a friend. I went back and got me 3 box's for myself . I have never shot any Quiet loads before and wanted to test the old marlin I had just worked on. So I loaded the clip , walked out back and shot into an old log about 30 yards away . My son was beside me and asked what kind of round was I shooting? His air rifle was louder  we couldn't believe how quiet they were. Shot 5 rounds with open sights standing made a 3 " group 2" high to bull's-eye. I am sold, for a bolt or single shot 22 these are perfect if you want to be un-heard . I will defiantly be getting more of these !!!! While we were plinking a hawk swooped in and ran the chickens to cover. Big mistake for him he settled on a branch about 40 yards away and up easy shot I ruined his lunch and life. Normally I wouldn't have shot him but he had his eye on a chicken dinner .
     If you like to plink but are leary of the crack of normal 22's I highly recommend trying the CCI Quiet .

Thursday, September 29, 2016

I found a H&R 12ga. Back ground check delay?

       Today I went into a pawn shop and found a nice used H&R single shot 12ga . It is  Topper model and was 100$, a bit high but seems to be the norm around here. The first firearm I ever bought was a 20ga H&R Topper. I still have it. I was 13 or 14 and gave another kid 20$ (his father knew) for it . I have looked at a few others, 2 had broke firing pin springs. My 20ga  has a broke firing pin spring must be common. I just ordered me a new firing pin and 2 spring's from Brownnell it was 15$ or so.

   I tried to get the pawn shop down to 80$ he wouldn't budge . So I filled out the form because I don't have a CCP. I carry but have never asked permission . I GOT FLAGED/DELAY so I didn't get it.  In the morning my son said he will go get it for me he has a carry permit and no form is required for a long arms purchase .
    Being delayed got me thinking I have zero registered guns this was the first time I have ever filled out these forms. Lucky it was delayed my streak holds :).

      Squeezing a 100$ out of the budget has been a bit of a stretch but I had it stuck back from selling some items. Next will be getting the Short Lane inserts . First will be The stack and pack then a 38 cal. and 9mm adaptor's.

Refugee's picture deppression 1936

  I saw this and love it ,the tent. the stove,even the blond.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The debate or was it play ground name calling?

      Last night the American public watched 2 hours of nothing.
Neither candidate said much it was all 30 seconds sound bytes we have all heard before.

  Trump wasn't no better.

  Now this man above gets it ! But he will have to join us in the Deplorable  group/basket. You read his shirt, lets take it in order!

1  Terrorist           Hillary funded and aided.
2 Rapist                she has defended and got off
3 Child molester's   The Wiener's and Bill on Lolita air ?
4 Cop killer's          I give her a pass
5 hates America     the body of her life's work.
6 screw those guy's  No evidence she ever has except Chelsey.


  Some list are good to be on.

  Next debate I hope Hillary follows the doctors orders below.
     The American public will appreciate it.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ammo versitility .

      Ok the other day I got in on the comment section of Jim Dankin's  Blog  it was A forever gun. Now no gun is forever and the cost to keep one in ammo is beyond reach for most.
    We all have our views on firearms I am no different I like bolt rifles, revolvers and shotguns. I have ammo for all but not thousands of rounds (except 22). Sometimes when your out hunting seasons over lap carrying multiple guns into the woods is not an option.

    We have all heard the saying "Eat lead". In the movies it usually means getting shot but it is a term that is way older for game that is riddled with shot when cooked and eaten. Side note in England it is bad manners to remove anything from ones mouth at a meal unless it is "shot" from wild game. Ever shot a squirrel with a 12 ga. doesn't leave much to eat. I have been looking at getting a set of these Short lane adaptor's . I have guns that take these shells already but I don't always have them in the woods.
  This 70$ kit allows me to choose 5 different calibers when hunting with my double barrel 12 Ga. YES I Know they aren't as accurate as  A Real Gun but everything has trade offs. It also makes one gun capable of digesting all the calibers I keep on hand if I order just 2 more in 38 and 9mm (these I want in rifled 5").

   While I could use them in the double barrel it was my grandfathers so I would prefer a newish single shot for this platform. Even brand new for all I would be under 300$ with 7 calibers possible including gun. No it will not be a Tack Drive but it can be useful. If ammunition disappears again or gun laws change this platform will be able to handle what is left.

  Not even the DEMwitts consider a single shot 12ga a threat.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The truth and how the media saw it.


  A Harley Biker is riding by the zoo in Washington , DC when he sees a little girl leaning into the lion's cage. Suddenly, the lion grabs her by the collar of her jacket and tries to pull her inside to slaughter her, under the eyes of her screaming parents.
The biker jumps off his Harley, runs to the cage and hits the lion square on the nose with a powerful punch.

Whimpering from the pain the lion jumps back letting go of the girl, and the biker brings her to her terrified parents, who thank him endlessly. A reporter has watched the whole event.

The reporter addressing the Harley rider says, 'Sir, this was the most gallant and brave thing I've seen a man do in my whole life.'

The Harley rider replies, 'Why, it was nothing, really, the lion was behind bars. I just saw this little kid in danger and acted as I felt right.'
The reporter says, 'Well, I'll make sure this won't go unnoticed. I'm a journalist, you know, and tomorrow's paper will have this story on the front page... So, what do you do for a living and what political affiliation do you have?'

The biker replies, I'm a U.S. Marine and a Republican.

The journalist leaves.

The following morning the biker buys the paper to see if it indeed brings news of his actions, and reads, on the front page:

...and THAT pretty much sums up the media's approach to the news these days...

 Shamelessly stolen from woodsterman  

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Up to 20,000 conex boxes may be abandonded in U.S.

    I wrote a few days ago about Hanjin going bankrupt . Now one of the company's that leased them containers is scrambling because it has 20,000 units in the U.S. and no one responsible to return them to  Asia.  Textainer Group Holdings Ltd asked a judge to force customers to pay for their return. he said  " Not likely".

  So the market may become flooded . It takes special equipment to handle these thing and trucks. All that need to be paid .

     So if you lust to do this, it may cost less this winter .

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Strange mood.

    The kids are gone for the nite . I should be sweet talking the wife but do I want hanky panky or dinner ? As I get older the choice gets harder.

 If I have to choose a way to go I choose BOTH !!

 Cowboy acronyms


   Ok I can cook for myself so I am going to demand (beg) her attention .

Saturday, September 10, 2016

If you plan on a container Now may be the time.

    The shipping company Hanjin has filed for bankruptcy and sent the shipping world into a panic over non-payment.

   Now if they can't pay to off load I don't think they will be paying for empty's to be returned to port.  I believe these ships will be off loaded at customer's expense . But how may empty's will be scattered nation wide and abandoned? If you have dreamed of a container but its price has been out of reach the price may be dropping.
   Container's are versatile in use from a tiny home ,hunting shelter, a buried bunker or just storage. It may be time to check price and availability shortly.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Scared money. Election year or recession?

     We all know that election year's make people nervous and scared of who/what is to come. This election from my pocket book is shaping up to be bad . BBQ is an impulse buy and easy dinner choice for a family, it also is how I make a living. Last week was collage footballs opening week it was also Labor day weekend.

    Last weekend I worked 4 days doing BBQ and sales were off by almost a 1/3 verses last year. People stayed home money wasn't moving . My net income was about 1/2 of what I expected . The 5 weekends before that about the same . Tonight I sold 60$ a normal Friday is 200 to 280$  Tomorrow is a 230 kickoff for Alabama which normally would net me 200 in sales before it starts I bet I do 100 max !!!!! When the tide kicks off EVERYTHING else dies .

     Now I have talked to many people and can tell you this election is unlike any I have seen as far as peoples attitude. Now to be fair in these parts Hillary supporters are as rare as a Muslim at my pig stop. People are holding on to their money.
     I deal with 3 butchers and this week found I am not alone in this . All told me sales are off, 2 have seen negative profit on sales because of advertised loss leaders being the only thing selling.  My main supplier let me get 10 butts but told me no more he was at -3% profit on his sales .

   I have to wonder is another recession starting or is it just scared money due to the election ?

Update    I did 82$ didn't even come close to 100$

Monday, September 5, 2016

A joke i am proud to steal.

     Donald and Hillary Go Into A Bakery on the Campaign Trail

         As soon as they enter the bakery, Hillary steals three pastries and puts them in her pocket.

         She says to Donald, "See how clever I am? The owner didn't see anything and I don't even need to lie.” I will definitely win the election.

         The Donald says to Hillary, "That's the typical dishonesty you have displayed throughout your entire life, trickery and deceit.  I am going to show you an honest way to get the same result."

         Donald goes to the owner of the bakery and says, "Give me a pastry and I will show you a magic trick." Intrigued, the owner accepts and gives him a pastry. Trump swallows it and asks for another one. The owner gives him another one. Then Donald asks for a third pastry and  eats that,  too.

         The owner is starting to wonder where the magic trick is and  asks, "What did you do with the pastries?" Trump replies, "Look in Hillary's pocket".

         Who are you going to vote for now???

  Blatantly stolen from

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Blueberry bushes for BBQ

     This Friday one of my customers had a dozen or so blueberry and fig bushes in the back of his truck. He does landscaping for a large nursery in the area. Mac's boss had a bunch of these he needed to clear out of the green house so Mac loaded his truck bed .
     Now I have known Mac for over 10 years and his yard isn't big so I asked where you going to plant all these? He said he was going to use about 8 of them, did I want the rest ? Hell Yea so I got 4 blue berry's and 2 figs. I asked him what I owed him ? 2 BBQ sandwiches fair trade? Sure, that means its pizza night for the kids huh ? Yep  its Friday.

     Well today I got them planted in the side yard I think one will die but the others should make it . I will be keeping them watered for a couple weeks I  want them to take hold before frost.
 All in all a good deal for us both . The only down side was I found out my shovel , pick and set of posthole diggers handles were dry rotted glad I got spare's. Now I got to go to Mt. Top for handles.