Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The debate or was it play ground name calling?

      Last night the American public watched 2 hours of nothing.
Neither candidate said much it was all 30 seconds sound bytes we have all heard before.

  Trump wasn't no better.

  Now this man above gets it ! But he will have to join us in the Deplorable  group/basket. You read his shirt, lets take it in order!

1  Terrorist           Hillary funded and aided.
2 Rapist                she has defended and got off
3 Child molester's   The Wiener's and Bill on Lolita air ?
4 Cop killer's          I give her a pass
5 hates America     the body of her life's work.
6 screw those guy's  No evidence she ever has except Chelsey.


  Some list are good to be on.

  Next debate I hope Hillary follows the doctors orders below.
     The American public will appreciate it.

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