Friday, September 9, 2016

Scared money. Election year or recession?

     We all know that election year's make people nervous and scared of who/what is to come. This election from my pocket book is shaping up to be bad . BBQ is an impulse buy and easy dinner choice for a family, it also is how I make a living. Last week was collage footballs opening week it was also Labor day weekend.

    Last weekend I worked 4 days doing BBQ and sales were off by almost a 1/3 verses last year. People stayed home money wasn't moving . My net income was about 1/2 of what I expected . The 5 weekends before that about the same . Tonight I sold 60$ a normal Friday is 200 to 280$  Tomorrow is a 230 kickoff for Alabama which normally would net me 200 in sales before it starts I bet I do 100 max !!!!! When the tide kicks off EVERYTHING else dies .

     Now I have talked to many people and can tell you this election is unlike any I have seen as far as peoples attitude. Now to be fair in these parts Hillary supporters are as rare as a Muslim at my pig stop. People are holding on to their money.
     I deal with 3 butchers and this week found I am not alone in this . All told me sales are off, 2 have seen negative profit on sales because of advertised loss leaders being the only thing selling.  My main supplier let me get 10 butts but told me no more he was at -3% profit on his sales .

   I have to wonder is another recession starting or is it just scared money due to the election ?

Update    I did 82$ didn't even come close to 100$


  1. read a report that banks and industries are sitting on trillions, scared to invest in anything. we're the same. no new car, no retreat land, just preps stacking ten feet tall. no new construction in my area at all. nobody is spending. we're saving all we can, selling extra stuff. shipping, train car usage, all in the pits. its gonna get worse. buckle up.