Thursday, September 29, 2016

I found a H&R 12ga. Back ground check delay?

       Today I went into a pawn shop and found a nice used H&R single shot 12ga . It is  Topper model and was 100$, a bit high but seems to be the norm around here. The first firearm I ever bought was a 20ga H&R Topper. I still have it. I was 13 or 14 and gave another kid 20$ (his father knew) for it . I have looked at a few others, 2 had broke firing pin springs. My 20ga  has a broke firing pin spring must be common. I just ordered me a new firing pin and 2 spring's from Brownnell it was 15$ or so.

   I tried to get the pawn shop down to 80$ he wouldn't budge . So I filled out the form because I don't have a CCP. I carry but have never asked permission . I GOT FLAGED/DELAY so I didn't get it.  In the morning my son said he will go get it for me he has a carry permit and no form is required for a long arms purchase .
    Being delayed got me thinking I have zero registered guns this was the first time I have ever filled out these forms. Lucky it was delayed my streak holds :).

      Squeezing a 100$ out of the budget has been a bit of a stretch but I had it stuck back from selling some items. Next will be getting the Short Lane inserts . First will be The stack and pack then a 38 cal. and 9mm adaptor's.

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