Saturday, September 10, 2016

If you plan on a container Now may be the time.

    The shipping company Hanjin has filed for bankruptcy and sent the shipping world into a panic over non-payment.

   Now if they can't pay to off load I don't think they will be paying for empty's to be returned to port.  I believe these ships will be off loaded at customer's expense . But how may empty's will be scattered nation wide and abandoned? If you have dreamed of a container but its price has been out of reach the price may be dropping.
   Container's are versatile in use from a tiny home ,hunting shelter, a buried bunker or just storage. It may be time to check price and availability shortly.


  1. No way I could get one up here on the mountain top, but I have often thought how handy those would be. They were called "Conex Boxes" back in the days I was in the Marines, and just about every battalion had some that were modified as offices, sleeping quarters, you name it. They are very versatile, as you point out.

  2. It wasn't that many years ago Conex boxes could be got for just above scrap. Then they got popular !!! Today its 2500 and up plus delivery.

  3. excellent thought!
    wish i had land and money.