Sunday, September 4, 2016

Blueberry bushes for BBQ

     This Friday one of my customers had a dozen or so blueberry and fig bushes in the back of his truck. He does landscaping for a large nursery in the area. Mac's boss had a bunch of these he needed to clear out of the green house so Mac loaded his truck bed .
     Now I have known Mac for over 10 years and his yard isn't big so I asked where you going to plant all these? He said he was going to use about 8 of them, did I want the rest ? Hell Yea so I got 4 blue berry's and 2 figs. I asked him what I owed him ? 2 BBQ sandwiches fair trade? Sure, that means its pizza night for the kids huh ? Yep  its Friday.

     Well today I got them planted in the side yard I think one will die but the others should make it . I will be keeping them watered for a couple weeks I  want them to take hold before frost.
 All in all a good deal for us both . The only down side was I found out my shovel , pick and set of posthole diggers handles were dry rotted glad I got spare's. Now I got to go to Mt. Top for handles.


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    1. Phil Deb it was a deal. When I met Mac originally he was running a hot dog cart and I did BBQ part time.