Monday, November 5, 2018

Friday, November 2, 2018

Truck transmission problem cheap fix

         My mechanic stopped by to tell me he found why my truck's transmission was acting up  occasionally. It turns out it was  check valve in the line from the radiator to transmission was clogging with gunk. The magnet in the pan and the filter was fairly clean no metal shavings found. That was my big concern it would have meant I would sell the damn thing. Now I am having a trans cooler installed he feels this will solve my towing problems.  I want my wife and her sister to be able to camp after I am gone and a dependable tow vehicle is a Must.

       My mechanic David has a trans cooler out of a junker for 10$ The filter and gasket was 26$ but I need 6-8 quarts of ATF 4 . I offered him 80$ for to help cover parts but he said it would be Monday before mine got finished he had to fix his first but if I could do 130$ that would cover parts and labor. I think he needed the money to fix their truck his wife has always been hard on vehicles. I am happy our quickie oil place gets 89$ for a trans filter and fluid change and I think only the manager could spell CAR.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Jeep liberty.

      I have wrote about getting our 2005 Jeep Liberty in previous posts and the rear end wiggle it had. Did you notice the word "had" yep I finally put it in the shop to be fixed. I had the lower and upper rear end bushing and arms replaced . I went by the shop 2 more bolts and the entire rear end would have come out . All the bushing showed excessive wear but the lower ones were shot. Parts were 130$ on amazon and David charged 150$ labor because the upper bushing were a bitch to get out.  I have known David 19 years. His wife worked for me once upon a time . I had to fire her. But me and him always got along ok . He was a biker, well still is but he had a ruff time he lost a leg 12 years ago in a wreck. Drugs and depression  made him a shell of his old self till about 4 years ago he snapped out of it and opened a home repair shop for bike's and some cars and trucks.
       When I came to pick it up he said Megan their daughter had been talking about  wanted a liberty or Renegade jeep for a few years . Mine was the first one he had drove he said he loved the handling now that it was fixed and understood why she wanted one. Now I need 4 new tires on it and its set for years as the wife's back-up. He has my truck now fixing a transmission leak changing the fluid and filter and if it looks strong putting on a cooler for it.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Canned ham and beef any one?

        Since my ability to eat is diminished my nutritional needs remain. So I have had to find foods that can be pureed to a thin paste so it will go down. Now peas potatoes carrots and beans puree and still taste like what they are. The real problem has been protein . Hamburger and Pork are difficult to  get fine enouph from raw.
         Well my daughter brought in a can of Underwood  Deviled ham. I haven't eaten a can since my grandmother was alive she liked it with egg salad as a sandwich. Now Underwood ham is a bit pricey . I had a canned ham here from Aldi's  the last of 20 that I had 3 years ago. We like them sliced  for sandwiches and flacked  with scrambled eggs  when camping. Most of the hams went to idiot son when he had no power before he found couch surfing. I have been putting a chunk of ham through a  mini food chopper with Mayo and it has made a paste I have been eating a ton of with crackers. 

       I tried corned beef the same way and found I like the taste  better than the ham. I have been eating pintos as refried beans after running them through the mini chopper . then I mixed the corned beef and beans together  when I cooked the beans they were so good the wife even loved them (she hates corned beef from a can) and saved her some before I made mush .  I may be down to pureed foods but the old fall back of canned storage meats is what is getting me trough this food crisis.
          Did you know the USDA even grades meat down to a canning only grade. I never knew they had so many grades and can only was the lowest for human consumption. Who would dream the only meat I can eat are prime steak fat and canned meat at potted meat grind . LOL.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Sheltered wife

       I never noticed but it seems I have taken care of my household pretty damn good . Me and the wife sat down to discuss the bills . It appears that my wife has no idea how to pay the bills ,what bills we have ,when there due or anything. I get all bills by E mail and pay them online except our water and gas. Those 2 company's are stuck in 1974. I mail them checks every 2 or 3 months . I showed the wife how to log on to pay the cable bill she did good the 23 rd time she tried. next will be the power I expect it to take longer as its 2 bills in one to be payed. Any way she should be able to do it by her self if she try's hard come April or May. I also showed her how the real food is bought every2 weeks that has to be cooked . NOT from dollar general.

        I have the Jeep being worked on now she plans to keep it as a back up for her car. I want the cars and truck in as good a shape as possible for her . Plus I will have good tires put on the Jeep and truck. Her son would help after I am gone but last set of tires he got he spent 1400 for the best . I plan on 700 for 2 good new sets. I spent the weekend doing work on the rental trailer . Jason our renter is like one of the kids but we like him .  I have it in good shape hopefully nothing major will need to be done for a few years up there.
      Last Thursday I booked us a cruise on a last minute deal to the Bahamas on Royal Caribbean . 5 nights for 2 was only 750$ ocean view rooms. I am even thinking of a 3 day trip to the Smokey's next week as a surprise . I am checking room rates now to get a good deal if possible. It would be great if it flurried in the Mts then 5 days later we where sweating in Freeport. If you can't
 tell I feel fine but have hit hyper mode.

      I plan on taking care of a few more things ahead of time so it spares the wife doing it . Part is I love her ,part is she would be took and spend way to much . I have started a notebook for her all she has said " I am not stupid" but when asked what she would do or handle something she says  I will be ok . Then she went back to a Facebook  trance.


Thursday, October 18, 2018

I got the long face and bad news

        I just want to say thank you to everyone I have talked to here on line and Read blogging. The Doctor gave me the bad news last Thursday . I have 12 months give or take a few. I knew before I went the doctor I was to see immediately after him had a added specialty of palliative care. That's a doctor that over see,s hospice and knocks you out when the end is near. She reminded me of a sweet Aunt I named my youngest after. 

           Being told your dying is a bitch, its worst because I feel GOOD . I mean I am having trouble swallowing again but I am managing to get down enough food . I had prepared my wife so she was my rock . Telling the kids went as expected  but when I had to go up and tell my  MOM  and brother  I lost it. I am ok now but I have a lot to get done. Next week is a lawyer to do a will. I have a note book I am listing items the wife is to give to friends and  relative's once I pass (damn writing and speaking "once I pass" feels weird ). I have a lot to sell because the wife would be lost getting rid of MY STUFF.

        I had to send a letter to my cousin and uncle they have been trying to sell some property I'm half owner in. WE don't get along ,I demanded 60% low retail of my share  to deed it to him . It will burn his ass to have to pay me himself but if he doesn't he has to contend with my wife and 3 kids to make a sale. My kids make what resterraunt for a birthday into a cluster fuck and he knows it. I gave him 60 days or no deal.

        Yea im rambling so I will end this post just wanted to put it out here .

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

I am still around.

      Sorry for not posting for so long . I haven't been feeling great still don't . I have been having a lot of sharp pain  in my throat to my ear. Its a ghost pain caused by nerves according to the doctor like when someone loses a leg and it itches. Mine is caused by swelling of the nerve bundle . Friday I go in to have my throat stretched and biopsies  took . My eating should improve and decrease the pain. It has been 359 days since they removed the cancer so I need to let them poke around and check it out.