Thursday, March 28, 2019

Computer is not working right.

    The keyboard on my laptop is dead. Now all I can do is use the on screen keyboard. It's not that easy. Had a good time in Gatlinburg. 

Post more soon.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Going to Gatlinburg !!

      Over the last 2 weeks I have made it a point to do more. walking at home the grocery store and Wal mart . While I do have a bit of dizziness its slowly going away. I spent January and February doing very little except reading . It feels good to be able to go to 2 stores and not have to use the old folks benches or power buggy's. I have in the past so I mean no disrespect. 

     The wife has been wanting to go to the mountains  in the camper but that isn't happening . So today I jumped online punched in a Sunday - Thursday stay in a motel in Gatlinburg. I was shocked at the prices. I scrolled thru till I came to one I knew 1 block off the main drag 5 nights for 226$ tax included. I saw cheaper ones but none I would stay at . Well I booked us a week.  If I know my wife I will be dragged to every open shop at least once in the week. Most of our time will be spent driving in the park and seeing the animals. 

that all I got .

Thursday, February 28, 2019

No I will never be able again.

          Our rental trailer had a tree fall it was healthy but the roots weren't deep enough .When It fell it crush an old Nissan truck and pinned our renters Jeep sport. I went up to help Jason cut it off his jeep. I took 3 large branches(1 1/2 ft around) off to reduce weight on his jeep. Once those were off we cut the 2 branches pinning the Jeep as they had no pressure now and backed the jeep out clear of danger. By then I was staggering Jason forced me to take a break and my son showed up and they finished without my help. I got to sit and point so they didn't have the trunk roll and pin them. Jason's jeep has 1 dent in the roof and I can press that out next weekend with a 2x4 and screw jack. The Nissan was going to be sold as a parts car so no loss in it.

     The work I did do showed me I need to take a slower approach to getting work done . Last night we had a pipe bust going through the wall to the shower. I went out with a crescent wrench to turn the water off at the meter. I couldn't budge it so my wife called her son the plumber. He came over and turned it off and  at lunch he spliced the break in 10 minutes and was off running to do 4 more jobs.  He is so hyper his boss has to tell him to slow down people get mad when they see him take 20 minutes to do a job (he does great work) and hand them a 380$ bill. I had a T cut  off in the toolbox that got stole on the truck ;( . I could have fixed the busted pipe but T J did it in a 10th the time.


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Couped up and bored!!!!

      I have been couped  up for 2 months  its been raining or freezing . Now I have been getting dizzy when I stand and it all from lack of exercise .  Tomorrow I plan on going to Sam's  ,Wal mart and Aldi's . I don't need anything I can think of but I am sick of feeling trapped in the house. This trip to the stores is more about exercise and my sanity. 

       Smile !!!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Gun give away.

      We have all had relative's die and watched the free fall fighting over what was the deceased left behind. I could make a list and hope my wife got everything to who I want to get it. But I have choose to give my guns out before I pass away.  This way there is no hurt feeling ,confusion or mistakes made.

      The first gun I gave to my nephew was an H and R pardoner 20 ga.  for his son when he got older . I gave my brother my Belgium made Browning16ga he broke down in tears when he opened the case and saw it. I have a single shot 22 Glenfield 10  I am putting a red dot sight on for 2 of the grandkids to learn with. Plus a model 25 ,7 shot is getting the same sight for another grandson. I still have a good many more to give to the kids . What I m trying to do is have the gun in good shape and ammo for it when I give it to them. 

    The first of the week Harry at Self Sufficient Mountain Living. had a link for 8mm in striper clips from AIM. I ordered 5 boxes of them (they look like new) but are date 11/53 .  I doubt I could shoot my 8 mm Mauser in the shape I'm in  it would break my shoulder . Wal mart is 39.95 plus tax for a box of 20 I got 75 in stripers for 45.17 tax shipping and all. Just to give away!

     I have other things besides my guns I am finding homes for. The more I get done the less the wife will have to worry with.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Depression sucks.

       Sorry I haven't posted for awhile again but I've been in a funk. Just have gotten squared away on the tube feeding. The doctors want me to be hooked up to food and water  24 /7 but I will not do it. A nurse at the hospital had showed me how to reprogram the food pump. Mine was delivered  pre programed for a 24 hour feed of 2250 calories of formula. I reprogramed it so I get 1875 calorie in a 13 hour period. This means I am un-tethered during the day

    My mother has been down visiting this week . I have tried to take her out for a nice lunch or dinner but she has turned down every day . Today I ordered Mexican take out for her and Cathy for lunch . They enjoyed it . 

       Have a great week thanks for checking on me !!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

No snow !!!!!

      All the news people made a huge brewhha  about us getting 3 inches of snow. My daughter asked me when she should go to work she has to be at work at 6 am . My prediction of the weather was a cold rain go to work like normal. I was right.

     I got a huge surprise today we got a call on my feeding tube. I have to be at UAB at 8 in the morning.  I will have to spend the night after its put in so I am packed and ready.
     My energy level has crashed this week. I have been so dizzy I almost fell this morning . I spent today before the call trying to get down a yogurt and slice of cheese cake did it to .It took 2 hours but I did it !!! Well that all I got I will be out of touch till Friday .