Monday, September 17, 2018

My son is stupid and home.

        Yep took less than a week for my son to screw up and get tossed out on his ear. It took 5 days of his whining before the owner of the driving school told him he had 4 hours to leave the school and have his S@#$% out of the hotel. I was afraid this would be what would happen his mouth overloaded his ass with folks that could care less . Friday I had to make the 140 mile round trip to haul him back. On Saturday I found out he went to the school because the friends he had been staying with most the time told him to take his Mooching Ass elsewhere they where tired of him . Now he is with another friend till he does the same thing. 

       Did I mention my Kids take after My Ex. They look like me but act like her. I cant denied them as being mine but Damn they got to change!!!!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Saw my son off to school.

         Friday both my daughters informed me that my son was going to leave for Truck Driving school Sunday. He has talked about going for the last 5 years. Well I just waved goodbye as they left to make it for next  3weeks of classes that start in the morning. I was baffled by him having to be there on Sunday but he said it was today at 4 or in the morning at 7. I wish him luck and hope he gets his CDL .

        Ok I didn't finish this post yesterday because when my son arrived at the driving school it was a cluster @#$% . I had my doubts about it but he swore he had researched them. They did a bait and switch on him . He was told his sponsor/truck line  was evergreen but when he got there they had no record of it but they had a sponsor in PAM trucking available.  PAM,s pay and mileage sucks they have a record of firing short of 12 months and demanding tuition reimbursement. I told him go for it once he has the CDL he will have options . Back in the 90s I worked in Trucking as a dock Forman and Dispatcher for a Major carrier . 
        As a single man my son has an opportunity to make some major money If he is willing to roll. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Long weekend

      With last weekend being Labor Day I did BBQ again . I had 6 butts pre sold  and wound up cooking and selling 20 . I think it may have been my last time . I made a nice profit for the time and money but it wasn't Fun . I always enjoyed doing it before but this time it felt like I was just going through the motions. I will have to see how I feel about it in the future.

     I had planned on going out west this month but my wife isn't willing unless I make a hard time line and reservations for the whole trip. If I left by my self we all know how that would end.  So I have agreed to sit on the couch with her till death it seems.

      On a brighter note I did fix the tractor that had a missing freeze plug.  The old one tapped right back into place simple as can be.  It also had a split hose I cut down and reclamped . With Fall almost here its time to get anti freeze and add to all the vehicle's . You know when you have 8 radiators to treat it gets expensive quick.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Well the car is running good.

          My son put the new starter on yesterday evening . Took about an Hour he was going to replace the valve cover gaskets but turned out the bolts had just worked loose . When I say loose I mean bad. I don't see how oil wasn't pouring every where.  On this car if the battery is disconnected it resets the computer. You don't have to go to a dealer like with some of the newer ones but you have to baby it for 10 miles or so till it relearns and resets .  We treated the fabric roof with water repellant,  changed the oil and filter . Aired the tires up now just  need to add anti-freeze and it is set for a while.

       The roof on the convertible is shot it needs to be replaced. Now the cars book value is 2900$ a new roof is 1300 $ . I have a problem spending that much on a 14 y/o 130,000 mile car . If it makes it with no issues till next summer I may fork it out.
       The Wife may decide she wants to let it go and take THE  jeep.
With her age and my health our next car  needs to be a careful choice . It may be the one that needs to out last us .     

 Patched but ugly we will see how it holds up.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A prepping book worth reading.

       A lot of free books are not worth reading. I just finished this one and it is a good one. No longer Free


If you like Jim Dakin at  Bison Prepper you will like this book.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Car repairs and mowers

   I posted awhile back that my wife's car needed a starter. Well last week my son "volunteered" to do the job. I had belts for the mower come in from Amazon so he came over today to do both for me. The mower took less than an hour to replace a drive belt, deck belt and blades . 40 $ in parts and 40$ in labor now it's  running and cutting like a new one. Its a 2006 MTD I gave 100$ for 2 years ago. I helped on the mower but on the car I was a supervisor :).

         Now I knew the starter was going to be difficult as its a Chrysler 3.0 engine. I found a good YouTube video on replacing it . I had my son watch it . He informed me he had watched one and it was nothing like the one I showed him. Ok hard head this is your job . We got the car up on stands and he looks at the engine. Dad lets go watch that video you had again. This don't look like the motor on the one I watched. He was so hard headed I had to make him stop 4 times to re watch the video when he got stuck on a "how do I" points. It took 2 hours to remove, if he had FOLLOWED the video steps it would have took 30 minutes max.

      I pulled the part up on Auto zone 146$  Advance and o riley was the same  at 148$ all had it in stock. Amazon had it 49.95 free shipping be here Tuesday. So it was get it done Tuesday cheap or today for 100$ more. My son said he would come back Tuesday and put the starter and valve cover gaskets on if he could have the 100$ difference in part cost. Deal !!!!! Boy was he happy said putting the 2 part on wouldn't take 2 hours .

      What I didn't tell him was I planned on paying him 100$ for the work any way.  I don't feel bad he isn't doing any thing and we fed him fried porkchops taters pintos cornbread and corn .  I will feed him good Tuesday and I have paid his insurance for a year + on his/my jeep. If he wasn't so stubborn he might become a decent wrench turner. I was at one time always hated it. If I had been paid by the cuss word I would have retired at 30.

      I had priced the starter repair for this area averaged  349 . the valve covers was 120. Even paying my son  the savings is over 300.
A Leaking valve cover let oil short out the starter  that's what started all this.      

Wednesday, August 22, 2018