Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Do we need Trumps Wall ????

       The MSM has been tearing in to our president because of this shut down. Maybe it is their job. Maybe they just hate him and want him to fail regardless of consequence's to our country.

       This is Trumps equivalent to Bush seniors "read my lips no new taxes" If he backs down his presidency is toast!!

      Yes people that are affect are mad I understand, but why at Trump.  Sending a spending bill he will sign is congresses job. I see all this as a negligent congress . Its become a dick measuring contest,  who has the biggest Balls .  So far Nancy Pelosi is determined to win .

         Mr. President Do Not Compromise !    That is their game don't play it . They will have to cave by February regardless because of SNAP. Food stamps have funds for this month . Effective in February those card don't reload. Imagine what happens when 42 million people go  APE SHIT CRAZY !

    I saw this and want to say My president is standing up for me.

P.S. Me and the girlfriend get 84$ in SNAP a month . We will pass on the ape shit crazy stuff.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Merry Christmas !!!!

          The next few days I think will be busy for everyone. I wish a safe and enjoyable holiday to everyone. It seems we are going to host Christmas this year which is fine with me. I am glad to be here for it and hope to make at least next years . May God bless you and your family with health and prosperity over the next year.

    Why the blonde  ?  I am sick but not dead !!!     



Wednesday, December 12, 2018

My Truck got stole.

       Well I spent a  good bit of time, money and effort into getting my dodge in good shape for my wife to be able to camp after I die. Well last Wednesday it was stolen out of my driveway but I have to accept the blame I left the key under the seat like I have for 30 years I have lived here.

        Luckily it was recovered early on Saturday morning. The wrecker service that had it is only open Monday - Friday  from 8to5 . That added 50$ to our bill in storage  plus the 150$ tow charge. They told us on the phone it wasn't wrecked it had run out of gas. The driver had the sheriffs called because he was tweaking out going house to house asking for gas or gas money. The dumb Ass had 4 bags of meth on the seat. 

         When the driver showed us where it was stored I asked where? He said that one ? I had to do a triple take the grill was missing the silver on the lower panel down the side had been painted black. Any white had been painted my sticker from Phil had been removed . There was bolt cutters in the bed and my Tool Box was gone . The tow truck man said that the boy was blacking it out to do break ins at night he had seen it before. I had a 5 gallon can of gas with me so I put about 2 gallons in the truck because it was on a slope. After a little grinding the engine caught and I moved it to the flat parking lot and put in some more gas to get me to a station (I hate vent less gas cans). 

      The drive home was ok, the truck ran good but one tire seemed a bit odd I'm going to have to check it and tie rods. As unfortunate as having it stole was I am lucky to have it back in drivable condition.


Sunday, December 2, 2018

Immigrants vs Migrants

        When a supporter of stricter punishment for illegals aliens speaks some liberal points out correctly we all descend from immigrants !!  They just omit the truth of what is in the meme below.  Why the Redhead with freckles .Your kidding its a Redhead with freckles!!!!!!!

     both pics stolen from the Feral Irishman here    Irish

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Just went on my first Cruise !!!!!!!

       Me and the wife took a last minute cruise to the Bahamas . I wish I had give in and done it years ago.  Now I have always been a little on the cheap side But a cruise is a bargain for what it includes. I did snag a deal  at 753$  we had a blast on the ship. The ports were just trying to pry as much money from us in as short a time as possible. 4 Nights and  28 meals (plus all the ice cream you can hold) ,while I couldn't eat much my wife had Hungarian short ribs one night, lamb shanks with roasted veggies and gravy the next. To start with she was humoring me but the shank she had 2 . She opened up and tried some curried chicken "a fail" but found hot Naan bread with butter and honey to be great. 

       Not everything was good my wife likes to be in crowds and the pool deck had that and music . So she spent most the trip up there , I stayed with her as much as I could but the nerve ear pain would start So I would hide in the salon deck better music "jazz" and adults sitting around.   The noise level was much better. Had to go back up top for coffee refills but I didn't mind.
        If you have ever thought about a cruise  my cheap ass thinks "Do It "!!!  It has something for everyone. All told my wife had 8 mixed drinks and we bought 100 in gifts  the daily tips was 112  plus I gave our cabin Stewart  30 cash as we left. I wanted to be sure he got it not a communal split like the other.  The trip was 1056$ and a value.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Friday, November 2, 2018

Truck transmission problem cheap fix

         My mechanic stopped by to tell me he found why my truck's transmission was acting up  occasionally. It turns out it was  check valve in the line from the radiator to transmission was clogging with gunk. The magnet in the pan and the filter was fairly clean no metal shavings found. That was my big concern it would have meant I would sell the damn thing. Now I am having a trans cooler installed he feels this will solve my towing problems.  I want my wife and her sister to be able to camp after I am gone and a dependable tow vehicle is a Must.

       My mechanic David has a trans cooler out of a junker for 10$ The filter and gasket was 26$ but I need 6-8 quarts of ATF 4 . I offered him 80$ for to help cover parts but he said it would be Monday before mine got finished he had to fix his first but if I could do 130$ that would cover parts and labor. I think he needed the money to fix their truck his wife has always been hard on vehicles. I am happy our quickie oil place gets 89$ for a trans filter and fluid change and I think only the manager could spell CAR.