Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The bombing of Boise city OK.

      Yesterday while reading  the western  Marshall Law it had a reference to this event . So I looked it up  here it is 


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Been reading a lot

       Over the last few weeks I have been reading more than normal. A lot of my recent reading has been westerns. Right now I am in the middle of a Modern western  I highly recommend  its even free right now.

  It is a post apocalyptic  western of sort 

      I have also been reading a few by C.J. Petit  his are westerns but  didn't notice  while a top rated western writer his books are also tops in the romance categories but then looking back at my favorite westerns the good guy always did get the girl.  Romance or western I like his writing style and story lines.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

a lite weight cast iron pot ?

           I love my cast iron skillets and pots but they are heavy. Since my surgery I have had trouble with my left wrist because of the skin graft and nerves that they removed . Some cast iron demands 2 hands to handle. I have mostly Lodge  but a few Griswold and Wagner pieces . I  always keep a 12 inch lodge skillet on the stove .     Remove It and DIE !!!!!    Why, because it hurts my wrist to dig it out of the cabinet. I use it Everyday its my tater and egg skillet .  I also have a lodge 3.2 quart fryer with a skillet lid combo that I rarely use now . My son asked if he could "borrow it"
You know kid code for if you say yes kiss ever  seeing it again  goodbye.  Lodge 
                                                           I was willing to get him his own pot and skillet and found this  at Wal-Mart  In there Ozark trail line .Ozark trail 3.2 combo


    It is only a 1/3 as heavy as the lodge but it looks well made and was only 11 $ . So far I have just cooked bacon in the skillet  I think I like it. Time will tell how it holds up and cakes up a good seasoning layer. I may get these down the road . cast iron is a true multi generational item. 

                               2 quart
12 inch

8 inch

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The old old school kind of Rap

      Rap is nothing new its just a way to tell a story you want someone to remember. 

  A lot of modern Rap songs are controversial because they glorifies Vises and Immoral  acts. 


    Some Rap sheds light on the mysteries of life 

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Were home But our camper is still camping.

     We left last Sunday early to go camping I planed on staying 8 to 10 days. When we go to the gulf we stop at Atmore Al. there is an Indian  Casino we play at for a few hours each trip. I normaly set aside 200$ for us to play on 100 for her and 100 for me. Me and the wife have the normal split, I cover all loses and she pocket all winnings. This trip we lost 40$ and enjoyed 4 hours of gambling . While gambling over the years between me and her we are at even or maybe slightly ahead. Its just entertainment now my days of earning a living off gambling are past. 

      The trip to this point had gone smooth but the last 10 miles to Atmore I thought I felt a slight slip in the transmission. When we left the casino I defiantly could tell it was over revving before shifting gears. So the last 90 miles I babied it to the campground . 
         Once at the campground I tried to get a site for 8 nites so we could leave Monday the 7th . Nope nothing available we got one site till Wednesday and I snagged another site for one more night, but the weekend was booked solid. This is shoulder season and the campground was packed. I expect this in June and July and maybe the first week of august not April ,May. Other campers there was playing switch every day because they did like me and just popped in. We could have moved to gulf state park on the Alabama side for the weekend but this trip seemed doomed from the start.

          I let my wife stock the pantry before we left. while I was sick we had striped the camper of food.  I assumed she put in what we normally ate . I put a few cans of stuff I like in a bag, Hash, tamales, chicken and dumplings, beef stew.  After we set camp we went to Public's grocery they have good fried chicken . Well I asked if we needed anything to round out the steaks and chops and Burgers I had in the fridge. NO lets go ! My wife has been impatient a lot lately and rushing when we got nothing to rush to. This pissed me off when we got back to the camper I wanted creamed potatoes . No instant  ok   no milk  ok what had she brought veg all cream corn and can potatoes and nothing else. 

      Now I was realy pissed all she wanted to do was get back and scroll face book . I  spent the next 4 days being a quiet polite asshole determined to make the trip as miserable as I could because all she wanted was to scroll face book pages and play games. 

      Tuesday I found a mini storage lot that had a spot for the camper . 43$ a month, I think I will leave it for the summer and look at my truck situation . The Dodge did great ,returning home without the trailer but if it cant haul its just a BIG 2 seater car.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

To the beach

    In about 6 hours we will pull out to go to the beach . I like to leave between 3 and 4 in the morning . I hate traffic , on the way down I plan on a few hours at the casino . Wish me luck I know the odds are against me but its fun to try.

     I going to have fun  seeing if I can still get into trouble . 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

A year makes a huge difference .

   Yesterday I turned 55 all the kids called texted or came by. Me and the wife went out and had  good lunch of steak fajita's. She drank a couple of top shelf margaritas and got a little frisky on my ass. I liked my present . I am a year older not dead ! 
   Now last year I was in a hospital bed with 2 I V,s in me. I had a drain tube hanging out my gut wondering  if I was going to be around Mothers day (which I spent in the ICU unit). My dear wife asked if I wanted my birthday present and I had to pass last year . Now I am not being vulgar its just  me . I give her the same answer every time she asks me "what do you want for " dinner ,lunch, birthday, Christmas, you name it has become a running joke with us. She said she knew I was scared and sick last year when she didn't get my normal reply. 

      We have the camper ready to head out this weekend down to the coast. I plan on getting in 10 days down there then come home . My wife,s sister has breast cancer and is having a double Mastectomy to eliminate any chance of it returning. She's the one that normally camps with us. My wife plans on helping her during her recovery. Soon as sister in law is able we will take her to the Smokey's and stay a week.

     I haven't posted much because my mother  has been visiting but she went home yesterday .