Sunday, March 18, 2018

Man meal the wife likes to.

      Today I decided to make a pot of large butter beans with  big piece's of hog jowl. Now all I got to do is make a pan of cornbread and a chunk of onion I will be set. My wife has been sampling all afternoon . when dinner time came I asked her how big a bowl did she want she responded she wasn't hungry.  I looked I bet she had sampled 2 large bowls already.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The New Death Wish movie.

    The New death wish movie is worth the time and money to go see IF you liked the original one . Bruce Willis made for a decent Paul Kersey . Surprisingly they kept pretty true to the original script. The liberties they did take worked . My daughter has a movie pass membership that gets her a free ticket a day if she wants . She got my ticket and I picked it up at the office of the theater .


Saturday, March 10, 2018

Things that make me SMILE !!

   I saw 

   My mind thought of this.

 To stay calm  and start smiling I looked at these.

          Smile  life is what you make of it !!!!!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Three things that dont taste the same.

    Since my illness a lot of things don't taste the same but I still eat or drink them hoping my taste returns. # 1 is COFFEE


  Ice cream 

 Just the sight of these 3 foods makes my mouth water.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Free Kindle books

  This link is for journey to the center of the earth but in  the "what others bought " is a 100 more classic novels and more for free.

Free kindle classics

the long ride home an EMP story  she isn't the best writer but a decent short read .

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Dividing projects

      I am no longer physically able to do big projects from start to finish like I want to. So I am looking around at stuff I want to get done before summer camping season gets here.  1 st up is clean out my old vending trailer and get it listed for sale. My son left it a pig sty even left peanuts in a 5 gallon pot and BBQ in the half pan in the oven. I spent today getting the bulk filth cleaned out . This project has been divided into 6 to 8 sections for easier  work . It will take me a week or more at 2 to 3 hours a day. It's hard not getting in there and slamming it out in a day or 2.

     It was a hard decision to sell the vending trailer but I have to be realistic I will never be able to go back to selling like I was . I will reset it for funnel cake or fried chicken with a shallow fryer I have in storage . The trailer will get a fresh coat of paint outside and be ready to go I plan on asking 6900 and taking any cash offer 5500 or better. I have 2 other trailers , One will be set up as a shaved Ice and hot dog unit and sold later . The last one is that 52 Yellowstone I bought last year. I may keep it incase I get a wild hair and decide to piddle with food vending later on.   These are what the trailers look like now. It is embarrassing that my son let the first one that made me a good living degrade to this. I gave him a chance !

       this is what it looked like when I let him have it. 

       This is what I have now and the inside is worst.
   This one will be painted and set up for shave ice and hot dogs            
 This is the one I plan on keeping. I will expand the back window for serving. Clean and polish the aluminum shell and do a little exterior fixing I think the retro look will make it a great vendor !!!  I am thinking  a Chili bowl with grilled cheese, a good hotdog or beef slider combo.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Over doing it.

      This Sunday we had a nice warm sunny day . I decided to try and get our mobile home's roof  rebuilt . Jason our renter helped me but he is scared of ladders/ heights, his shadow and Yelling . We did good, he climbed on the ladder and I didn't holler at him to much. It took about 5 hours to replace the busted rafters and metal roofing that was busted by the tree. The sheet metal we were able to get fairly straight and reused it. Jason has always tried to help around his place and at our house. While he does rent our trailer he is more like one of our kids. The main difference is we like him .But all the twisting and bending took its toll on my neck and shoulders. I broke down and took a pain pill before bed Sunday and Aleve 3 times Monday.

       My days of big projects are over  ! I may be able to do big project's but they will have to be broken into many smaller parts done over much longer time frames. Some things are just not within my ability any longer. It rained over an inch last nite and Jason said he had no leaks so it seems it was worth the pain . Now to fix the buckling in the wall . 

       All I did today was go pay my sons property taxes. He swore he had paid them before Christmas. The certified letter delivered Monday said he lied. 42$ is a small price to insure he don't have to move back here!!  If I had known it was due before jan1 it was just 17$. OK I better stop here I have a rant on  my Son going back to his worthless ways but don't want to type it .