Monday, April 28, 2014

Just back from Orlando .

     Me and the wife took a short trip last week to Orlando Fl. We had bought a trip last Christmas at Bass Pro shop.It was 199$ for 2 nites at the Point at universal studios ,75$ in bass pro gift cards and a 5 day cruise gift certificate.Now we did have to sit through a sales presentation for Blue Green vacation group.That took 2 hours but what the heck.We did stay an extra day at the hotel it was nice.We was in a 1 bedroom condo had a jetted tub full kitchen and a balcony. The pool was heated had a hot tub and poolside bar.:).The nite we paid for was 115$ we could have found cheaper but not much and not as nice.This was alone time for me and the wife,No we didn't go to universal sea world or Disney,.We just relaxed played slap and tickle snuggled by the pool and had a few Margarita's.OK i did soak in the hot tub with some collage girls,boy that made me feel old.The wife said i looked like a white headed Grandfather LOL i am!
       I did go to cape Canaveral and coco beach I have never been to the Atlantic ocean in my life.I have been a gulf baby since birth now next year i will see the pacific ocean it has been a goal to stand on both coast once before i die. We will take that cruise some time next year out of port Canaveral.My wife isn't to high on going on a ship so we went to the port and was lucky a ship was just in.She said it was huge and mite not be to bad.Plus we stopped at the port bazaar and they told her it wasn't like on a boat it was more like a hotel, spa, buffet in one that happened to float.

    This trip was very different for us one it wasn't camping.2 it was more for our rest than anything. Every once and a while every couple needs to take a few days of ALONE TIME daily life makes us forget that we need us time. Take a few and remember why you fell in love.

Friday, April 18, 2014

A few recomendations

          First up me and the wife just watched the movie Goodbye World.It is an end of the world movie that had a lot to offer to anyone that thinks life as we know it could end.It is not a zombie blood and guts,guns blazing story.The story is about a group of friends that are visiting at ones moutain home when things fall apart .I will quit now,Just try to see it well made and good story.

   Next up if you havent read the archdruid this week it is a must.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hunting a mans view and a womans view

     As a man who has been married twice I have learned somethings have very differant meanings depending on gender.
      Even    a single word like     HUNTING.
              Here is a mans view

      Here is a womans idea of the same word.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Price of pork a sign of whats comming!!!

       What does the price of pork have to do with the future.Huge and rapid price increases!! On March 19th I bought pork butts for 1.32 $ a pound by the case a week later it was 1.48 then it jumped in one week to 1.98 now its 2.08 a pound case price.
     Beef has climbed .60 $ to 1.00 a pound and a lot of other items have increased.Processed meats will be following.Gas has gone up 40 cents a gallon in a month .
     If you still have food storage shortages you better act soon.Some of the prices are because of low inventory cattle herd is at 1952 levels  Hogs remember China owns Smithfield the largest pork producer in the nation.Even chicken is up 15 cents a pound and we all can say Tyson.
     We have all read about hyper inflation remember it starts slow then becomes a water fall.This may or may not be the start but why chance it. Stop and think what do you use or eat that has gone up this year more than 10% ,Then try to think what has decreased or stayed the same that you use.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

They are gone !!!!!!

       Our granddaughter and her husband went and bought a station wagon .As soon as they had wheels they were off and running.Me and the wife are tickled they are gone.We had her 2 weeks and all they wanted was to burn the road and when the borrowed car broke she drove us crazy.Now they are living in the wagon maybe not as bad as a car but not a van by any means.To make it worst the station wagon is a SAAB it looks good and seems to be running OK but the first repair will be as much as they gave for the car 1000$.It makes no since to have such an expensive car to repair when your broke.
      My youngest daughter is getting ready to move out by the end of the month.I am building a fence for her to take the dogs with her.Today i got the posts so Sunday i will put it up and her last excuse will be history.I wish her and her fiance the best of luck,happiness (poor guy).MAYBE me and the wife will have an empty nest for a while.I know it sounds petty but i want to be able to fix coffee in my underwear walk from the shower to the bedroom naked,play slap and tickle with the wife and not have to do a location check to see how long we have.The wife says don't get my hopes up some one will take her place we are not meant to ever have the house to ourselves.I hope she is wrong but with 7 kids and 5 grand kids odds are against us.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Homeless Relitives are getting old!!!!!

        For the last 2 and a 1/2 weeks my wife's oldest granddaughter has been staying with us.This girl is 29 and has been homeless and crashed on more couches than she can count.Her and her new husband lost their apartment last month lived in their car for 2 weeks before he got back into tile work.The car blew the heads he borrowed his moms car for now,The new job was to work out of state for 3 weeks so we got Brandy.After I threw my son out i swore i was done with house guests but i gave in and agreed to give her a chance.She has not been a problem but her lifestyle and spending habits are at the root of her problem.This girl burned the roads up for a week till the ball joints broke on the car.I had it towed to my mechanics shop my buddy is fixing it for 200 anyway her other bad habit is small spending 5 here 10 there it was adding up.
     After a few days of staying at Granny's she was antsy to GO and called a friend ,no problem shes 29 .Friday before she went to work(part time as a waitress) I asked her how much had Chuck sent her in the last 2 weeks.The sum was 300$ OK what do you have to show for it? Your sleeping here eating here and we take you to work now i know you gave us 40 for gas but what else did you have for the rest?She looked at me and said nothing it just went The cost to tow and fix your car almost right.Yea i think i see your point.
      OK chuck has to have his mom,s car fixed and back in a week so I have a friend that has a long wheel base van that runs its a old work van but for 1000$ and a little fixing up inside it will get them a place to sleep and a way to work.Chuck her husband will be back in town in the morning I will pitch the van idea.Otherwise i am hauling them and the teardrop to a campground and wishing them luck.2 week loan of my camper is all i will do.A van fixed up for under 1400 or homelessness.Am i being to hard?