Friday, April 11, 2014

Price of pork a sign of whats comming!!!

       What does the price of pork have to do with the future.Huge and rapid price increases!! On March 19th I bought pork butts for 1.32 $ a pound by the case a week later it was 1.48 then it jumped in one week to 1.98 now its 2.08 a pound case price.
     Beef has climbed .60 $ to 1.00 a pound and a lot of other items have increased.Processed meats will be following.Gas has gone up 40 cents a gallon in a month .
     If you still have food storage shortages you better act soon.Some of the prices are because of low inventory cattle herd is at 1952 levels  Hogs remember China owns Smithfield the largest pork producer in the nation.Even chicken is up 15 cents a pound and we all can say Tyson.
     We have all read about hyper inflation remember it starts slow then becomes a water fall.This may or may not be the start but why chance it. Stop and think what do you use or eat that has gone up this year more than 10% ,Then try to think what has decreased or stayed the same that you use.


  1. Hyper inflation is just around the corner and we can see it clearly coming with just the items you have posted. Let's not forget ever increasing taxes. Also super sized companies that are so big they set the price point for all the items they sell such as Banks Tyson, Smith and Wal-Mart to name just a few. We will soon have to grow and raise our own food or do without it.

  2. Mike next will be utilitys and gas increases.Alabama has 4% utility tax included on a bill .I look for gas tax to increase on a gallon to.