Monday, April 28, 2014

Just back from Orlando .

     Me and the wife took a short trip last week to Orlando Fl. We had bought a trip last Christmas at Bass Pro shop.It was 199$ for 2 nites at the Point at universal studios ,75$ in bass pro gift cards and a 5 day cruise gift certificate.Now we did have to sit through a sales presentation for Blue Green vacation group.That took 2 hours but what the heck.We did stay an extra day at the hotel it was nice.We was in a 1 bedroom condo had a jetted tub full kitchen and a balcony. The pool was heated had a hot tub and poolside bar.:).The nite we paid for was 115$ we could have found cheaper but not much and not as nice.This was alone time for me and the wife,No we didn't go to universal sea world or Disney,.We just relaxed played slap and tickle snuggled by the pool and had a few Margarita's.OK i did soak in the hot tub with some collage girls,boy that made me feel old.The wife said i looked like a white headed Grandfather LOL i am!
       I did go to cape Canaveral and coco beach I have never been to the Atlantic ocean in my life.I have been a gulf baby since birth now next year i will see the pacific ocean it has been a goal to stand on both coast once before i die. We will take that cruise some time next year out of port Canaveral.My wife isn't to high on going on a ship so we went to the port and was lucky a ship was just in.She said it was huge and mite not be to bad.Plus we stopped at the port bazaar and they told her it wasn't like on a boat it was more like a hotel, spa, buffet in one that happened to float.

    This trip was very different for us one it wasn't camping.2 it was more for our rest than anything. Every once and a while every couple needs to take a few days of ALONE TIME daily life makes us forget that we need us time. Take a few and remember why you fell in love.


  1. Glad to hear you survived the hyper high pressure salesmen trying to hustle you into a purchase you have no need for..
    Tell your wife the best way to vacation is on a cruise ship. They are stable as if you are on land, all the people on board are great to be around, the clean air and sea breezes are indescribable. Go for a cruise but not during hurricane season!

    1. thanks mike. yea they have those pitches and guilt trip for taking a free nite down pat.We are looking at next january for our cruise window.