Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring time is a lot of work!

      Is it just me or is geting caught up on the yard and house and other what not alot of work?Cutting the grass planting flowers tilling a garden(a friends not me this year)hauling garbage fixing the cars.When the weather is in the 70s it seems like work to be done is everywhere.Stop and think about what you have had to do.Ok now just be thanful you didnt have to milk cows or goats gather eggs plant 20 acres make sure the animals were bred.Sharpen tools cleaned a barn hauled manure(OK did that for the wifes flowers).Thinking about what i have to do verses what my greatgrand parents had to do in the spring.My life is a walk in the park. So take a few and compare your spring see how you rate :).

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