Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mothers day! make it her day.

     Our kids are mad at us Sunday is mothers day but we are not going to be here.We are going to go to Gulf Shores.This is what my wife wants its her day not the kids so we are going to go camping.My Mom is still alive so i will call her from there,I told the kids to call and wish her a happy mothers day.Our house is grand central station most days so us being gone wont be to bad.
    Yesterday we had 4 out of 7 come over 2 grand kids and 6 calls from the others.This is a normal day for us.So the wife can have a day of rest we are going camping.I will get her a bottle of Margaretta and we will grill steaks and listen to her favorite Cd's its her day.We are going to meet up with her sister on Wednesday when she comes down.I hope he weather is nice but if it rains we will pile up in the camper for a movie feast.
     I don't know if we will be able to go to the coast after schools out.I searched dates and campgrounds on line and most are filling fast .A lot more families are camping now than a few years ago.That's a good thing in my opinion.If we do manage another trip to the coast it looks like it will have to be 2 days on one lot then shift to another.Lots of 3 and 4 day stays are being booked with 2 day windows on the campsites left.
      Oh just for the record I am calling my MOM but her Mothers day gift is going to be a week camping at a lake her and my step father went to every summer before he passed.She dropped a few hints she would like to go back.I just wonder if she will be able to enjoy it now that hes gone.I have to spend more time with her shes 71.I  do what i do so I wont have so many' I SHOULD HAVE" later

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