Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Been missing at the beach.

      Miss me i have been camping.The wife and I went down to gulf shore for a week of alone time.We got 3 days alone before family trickled in.We knew her sister was coming down for the weekend but my wife's oldest daughter came down to.I drove back and left them to have fun.I had to BBQ glad i did was a good weekend .They spent the weekend swimming and at the bar me and the wife found.As a man i am sure there was a  lot of man bashing going on.
      OK if you go to the perdido bay area you have to find a place called   HUB STACEY,S its a bar,sandwich.Burger ,chicken wing,relaxed place.Its not fancy its like a friends deck with table service.I saw workers stopping in for lunch women with kids enjoying the food and margaritas husbands meeting the family for a bite,and the usual barfly's saying hello to everyone as they came in.It was like cheers with a deck on the water.The food was cheap the beer ice cold and service quick and friendly for an indoor and outdoor setting verry clean.


  1. Gary,

    What are you pulling that camper with?


    1. Moe i used my 1500 chevy truck.I didnt get to have my repairman tune and check it out before we left.It rn ruff after 50 miles and only got 8 miles to the gallon.I poped the hood at the camp site and had 2 sparkplug wires dangling We made the trip with 6 out of 8 cylnders only.I put new wires on it there got 12 mpg coming back.The truck going to the shop tuesday.Hoping it will get 14 to 16 once tuned

  2. Gary,
    Can you give us some info and pictures of your propane tank smoker or what is it?? Looks very interesting.