Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Never under estimate kids screwing up plans.

      When you are making plans be it for a trip to the lake or for the end of the world assume one or more of your kids will screw it up.The way that they can do it are endless.Never under estimate them if they can find a way they will.A lot of parents try to be friends with their kids my wife fits that profile,Me I take the I AM THE KING, approach.To some this may sound unkind but it isn't its my job!No group can survive living by committee.Yes other input is important but in the end someone has to make a decision and enforces it.
      This little rant was caused by planning a 5 day trip to the lake going with our sister in law and was going to have 3 of the kids and 2 grand kids spend the weekend up there.My wife's youngest daughter is in jail on a failure to appear for 30 days everyone thinks us going to the lake should be canceled .I didn't get picked up she did the others shouldn't suffer I am going our plans or camping at the beach wont change.My job is to make these plans for everyone to have fun.I am sorry she is not going to go but as a FATHER i have to think of the rest of the family.This is just 2 trips that i have had to provide for.If this was a matter of life and death i would still side with what is best for the rest.Now to be fair if it wasn't this child it would have been my son.These two seem to do this every time we plan or are on a trip.We even plan on it and wonder what it will be.

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  1. I agree! Not your fault. Kids need to own up to their own mistakes.