Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy new year.

   I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.At this time of year people are always making resolutions about losing weight , drinking ,smoking, and other things in their life that they want to change. That fine I have made them, some I have even kept till January the 6th.

    This year I will  be skipping RESOLUTIONS ! In place I will have Goals. I know its kind of the same thing but a goal is a place one want to be at  some point in the new year. With oil crashing and gas along with it .The stock market going up. Gold and silver falling, Inflation up ,only 6 out of 10 people working. I feel time is short before Something Big and Bad will happen .No not next week but in the next 12 to 24 months .

   1 find and fill holes in long term food storage !
   2 increase fuel storage gas and propane
   3 learn more on food storage cooking
   4 finish home repairs and yard work
   5 add to ammo before it disappears again.
   These are just a start . oh yea #6 is lose weight and eat healthier. Its an annually lie I had to add it in. Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas .

      A Very Merry Christmas To All. May every one have a safe and happy holiday.

        Santa is a prepper too. He makes lists and checks them Twice!

     Wearing camo doesn't  mean you are fearless or brave.

 No you can't have her instead of an AR15. Remember your wife has a 12 gauge and knows how to use it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A good time to get gear cheap !

     I know this time of year most people are shopping online or in big box stores looking for gifts. Now if your like me we men tend to wander off at some point to the automotive, Sporting goods and Hardware. Last weekend I skipped out to the pawn shop next door to a store my wife was in .Usually the prices at most pawn shops are high but last week I got a couple of good tools cheap and a lot of the prices were a bargain . The ladies at the register said sales were low during Christmas but pawns were high so they had to clear some room and generate cash. I bought a electric chainsaw a Homelite43120 with new chain and bar for 20.00  and a Milwaukee skill saw with a high end blade for 10.00. They both are in great shape . Most the electronics were still high but tools camping gear and out door items were cheap. Now a lot of people feel giving someone a used gift is wrong but if someone needs something and you can find a bargain  at a pawn shop or thrift store now may be your chance. 

P.S. The chainsaw and skill saw are going to be gifts to me from my wife. We have a deal where I buy the gift she gives me and she buys the gift I give her :) it works.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gun porn

   She may be a prepper but she still wants her gun and hummer to match. Camo isn't her thing.

Monday, December 8, 2014

A few things to do before retirement .

    My last to 2 post have been kind of dark about retirement but retirement should be a happy enjoy able time. What brought on the bad mood is its tax time (property) insurance (cars and house), the holidays and a slow time for projects and BBQ . It has got me thinking about things I need to do so I don't wake up in 10 years and have an Oh Shit moment realizing I am retirement age and in trouble. While I wrote the other post I thought of a lady I once worked with that lives near here.
     Flo was 58 at the time she told me about this. I had just bought my house that's what started our conversation. Flo told me she was getting ready to retire at 62 so she was remodeling her house. A roof new appliances (I bought her used washer and dryer),painted inside and out. She got her a new car, had medical checks and dental took care of. She had a tree removed and her yard had beds removed so it was a flat straight mow job. She spent money as she got paid financed the car and the roof so it was paid off when she quit.
 She had a plan, NO payments and everything almost new to last her trough her retirement. She got to travel and last time I saw her she was mowing her yard. That car she had got was even in the drive .

    I have 10 years till I am of age to retire I guess I have already from real work . The house needs a lot of repairs we need a new truck the yard is a nightmare. The bad part is I am in the same boat as most that wake up and realize retirement has arrived and they didn't have a plan or income they need to get it done.Fortunantly I have 10 years to get things in shape Make a plan and get set to live on a Questionable income.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Imagine life on minimum S.S.

     My last post I wrote how Fixed income would now be subject to reduction. But I didn't touch on the rise in medical cost (now Mandatory) Inflation and the general increases in what is spent to be able to function as we age. At present S.S.says inflation was 1.6 present . Ahh how much has insurance gone up?8% 12% power gas phone water sewer ? If the government can cap increases in pay at 1.6% for S.S. and lie that that keeps up with inflation shouldn't it make it illegal for company's that provide senior services to go up more ?

    Now just for fun lets look at a person receiving the S.S.age62 minimum check.
    S.S. 726$
     Standard utility allowance for 1 is 355$ a month per household.
     Food cost per USDA for 1 is 189$ a month
     Medicaid part B is 104$ per month.
     The total for these 3 things  is 648$ out of 726$ now that leaves the staggering sum of  78$ for rent, car, gasoline, cloths, phone and medicine .

    Of the above expenses lets say a person only spends 240$ on utility's. They may be able to eat for 120$ a month. You can forget having part B coverage that leaves you with 366$ for rent and other stuff. GOLDEN YEARS MY ASS.

    The 726$ mark is not arbitrary it is well thought out by the government. It puts you above income for food stamps, most public housing, utility assistance, and a lot of other services.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Old age survival plans may be changing.

     We all have Plans on retiring and a ruff idea of what our income will be.For some it is social security only for others it is a pension savings and SS .The days of set in stone payouts are ending. Social security has said by 2030 it may have to reduce payout to 85 to 90 % now Congress is going to allow pension plans to reduce payouts to maintain solvency.   Now I do not have a pension plan but I do believe that 80% of a retirement is better than nothing. This affects private plans but government plans will soon be included.

   In the city of Pritchard Al. they haven't payed a penny in retirement since 2009.Can we say Detroit once the flood gate open you will see this at all levels nation wide. The days of fixed income retirements may be ending.
     In the title I used the term survival rather than retirement for a reason . In the past people worked to 65 and then quit to enjoy the benefits that they had earned in their working life. Now those benefits can be changed at a whim. Will you have the flexibility to adapt to the change. Do you have a worst case plan to fall back on?

   Retirement should be planed for like a survival situation. If it isn't as bad as you planed you are sitting pretty if it goes to crap you were prepared for it.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Even the U.N. has questions militerizing of police.

     Normally I would be jumping up and down at the idea of the UNITED  NATIONS butting into our business . In the below article a U.N. committee raises a lot of good point about use of force, torture, and other issues . Most of these points have been raised before within our own government but never addressed . My problem with a lot of this is its broad use and abuse. Isolated abuse has a way of becoming the norm left unchecked .  

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Remember its a holiday and your related

      First let me wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving. Slow down and try to enjoy the time off have a good time catching up with the family that you never see except at holidays. Eat a little of everything on the table and double up on the desserts. Please spend a little extra time and not rush off to the next gathering one or two relatives' may not still be here for next year. Remember this is your family. You didn't get to pick them you got them through genetics it is never as much fun as being with friends (we get to choose them).

    OK enough of the traditional platitudes. We all have to endure at least 2 days of this a year. We have 52 weekends to hang out with people of our own choosing we call them friends sure some we disagree with on some things but we still like them enough to enjoy their company. On Thursday stick to the traditional attitudes. NEVER EVER SPEAK THE know what I am talking about here is the list.
    Jenny dumped a box of sage in the dressing!
    Linda cooked the heat and serve ham for 6 hours.
    Bill fried a Turkey till the drumsticks were gone
    Great aunt Ruby should have gave up cooking 5 years ago WHAT THE HELL WAS IT SPOSE TO BE????
    Uncle Fred was drunk when he showed up .
    Uncle Larry is looking at your sister in law like( we don't want to know.)
    You have to hold your tongue when 8 kids are running through the house like Indians and you cant remember who belongs to who
    All this while cousin Ed and Jeff are telling you why your team shouldn't be #1 in football (DAMN AUBURN FANS!!!!)
  Relax and enjoy time with the family. You have 363 days you can be with friends.



Monday, November 17, 2014

Have you checked your cars get home bag?

     Last week when I was helping my son get his place ready for winter I got into my trucks get home bag for something to eat. Now what I had was in date but had been in the tool box for over a year. I am glad it wasn't a life or death situation .Right  now as winter sets in everyone should check what is in their bag make sure the batteries are fresh , food is good , and spare cloth are dry and suitable for the season .
     Ok I gave my son the older batteries and replaced what I had in the truck.
     The food that was in the truck had not handled the heat it was highly questionable . Soup had turned, the canned tuna salad was greenish , the crackers were stale (the lances peanut butter crackers were fine). Water was flat but drinkable. I have replaced everything and packed it in a old six-pack cooler.
     Oh just for the record the only thing edible after a year in the truck tool box was Good Old  vieners ,potted meat and the immortal sardines. Showed me why my grandpa always had them in his truck.
     Just for the heck of it I changed out the clothes and added a few items (extra space blanket and Cliff bars).I still need hand warmers , toboggans and gloves for winter in there.

     Never again will I go a year without changing out my trucks get home gear .I will be doing it seasonally in the future. I had felt safer knowing it was in there but it wouldn't have helped much if I had needed it. Better to swap it out and it be fresh and open the old at the house .

      With cold weather here check your car kit and replace your perishables. YOUR LIFE COULD DEPEND ON IT !!!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The cold weather and winter blues struck early.

     Well the artic blast has roared into town . Right now we have a steady rain that will be followed by low 20 and high teens . Thankfully the ground is still warm so I don't foresee any ice , but its still system shock . I am glad I took the time to clean up the yard and get things put away before last weeks cold came in.
     One thing I forgot to do was check the anti freeze in the cars and trucks so this morning I went car to truck and added enough to hold down to zero in all of them . I can only remember it being below zero for more than a few hours twice so I think im ok . My wife had picked up anti freeze for the camper last week and had supervised me putting it in.
      Can you imagine not having a daily weather forecast (I know they get it wrong a LOT)and having to make plans . I am sure most of us check the 10 day forecast when we sign online . Normally winter catches me with little done this year I was ahead of the curve.

     Now I am not sure if I had the winter blues the last 2 weeks or just 2 bad weeks. First our washer craped out then my son came to the house for a week and my jeeps water pump goes bad . The washer had me worried October was a bad income month . Then my wife remembered we had a washer in the back junk room . Yea my back junk room is that bad , under about 20 boxes stacked in the corner was my old washer . We had been using her washer and I forgot I had stored mine 12 years ago.
     As for my son showing up he hasn't changed . With winter almost here his camper was just like the last time he hadn't done anything to it . He has been living with friends till they run him off .So last week I clear a 1/4 acre of brush move the camper make a shallow septic tank fix the roof , fix the stove buy a battery and hook up a solar panel . As soon as the weather forecast is 30s and 40s his butt is going to stay there . Yea I will get him back for the holidays but he needs to suffer a little discomfort so he will be motivated to improve his living arrangement.
     The jeep was an easy fix 85$ in parts ,pump hoses and new belts 50$ for my mechanic to put them on . Yes I could have but was worth every penny to not have to. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Living within my means must make me odd.

     Is living within ones  income a thing of the past, an oddity in todays world?Between me and the wife we have 7 kids of the 7 only 2 seem to live within their income level.I have a daughter that bearly scraps by and a stepson that is doing ok.All the others lurch from crisis to crisis and are always broke and borrowing payday to payday.I do not help like I have in the past I don't  have it but for some reason the kids ( the 5 idiots) think we do.My wife is the more tender hearted and would hand them what they were crying they need.
     I have looked at some spending habits of the kids and myself and have found its the small stuff that makes the biggest difference in having money.
     When I leave to do anything I take a cooler with water and can drinks sandwiches crackers . If someone is with me I pack for them to . Maybe cost 3.50 for both
      The kids stop at gas stations get 20oz sodas ,junk food , then they leave go to Mc D for a big Mc Meal . For 2 they will spend 20$ or more plus gas.
     Ok this may seem trivial but they do this 5 days a week its around a 100$ for a week difference.
     The 5 kids all have car payments me and the other 2 kids drive used and payed for cars and only carry liability . The difference is 350 to 400 a month.
      Now I am not cheap we love to camp we like to eat out(got to love Logan;s 2 for 14.99) once a week . Here is another big difference  they eat out 3 to 4 times or more a week 30 to40 a meal.

     Now just what I have listed can make 800 to 1000$ a month difference in budget.It blows my mind when they are talking about how broke they are .
      If I am broke we skip camping we eat at home and eat cheaper at the house , If something breaks we tighten our spending (washer craped out Monday).The cars stay parked unless its a have to .There is an old saying "Watch the pennies The dollars will take care of themselves". 

     I once lived beyond my income level and can tell anyone the stress is unbelievable. I had to have 2 full time jobs at one point now I prefer having less and more time.  

Friday, October 31, 2014

Season is done .

     The fall festival season is winding down .Once cold weather moves in people tend to stay indoors around here all it takes is it to be in the low 50s upper 40s.I did the haunted house and this weekend am at a bike rally.Made a little on the haunted house but the rally is shaping up as a loss. Even a small business needs to reevaluate its business model from time to time.Over this winter I will be giving some real thought to what kinda events I will be working in the future.
     I have dabbled in many different types of food and setups in the last few years the only one that has been consistent is BBQ. The BBQ has done good as a free standing stand and generates its own traffic.The funnel cakes and shaved ice has worked well at family events with moderate crowds.Most other items have been a Bust and lost money.At least in the off season I have time to plan next year.To be successful you Must have a plan!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Been busy with family and work.

     I know I haven't posted in a while but have been working a little more. Have been doing the haunted house this month glad I took it to do have made a little extra.Not much but it has helped,first 2 weekends I made very little but last weekend made 200 and hope this weekend is better.
It is a kid friendly venue that has a lot of families and teens coming
though but a lot of the younger ones tend to stay outside and wait.I know 200 may sound kinda low but at 3.00 or less a item it takes a lot to get there.Doing this has given me a chance to get back into the swing of doing funnel cakes and shaved ices again.

   Have had to deal with family issues all month.My son seems to always have a meltdown of some sort in October so he has been at the daughter had her car stole 2 weeks ago, my mom came down for a week.My stepdaughter is due in a week due on the 30th.And I have to get ready for a bike rally that starts the 30th .So as soon as November gets here im going to drag the wife into the teardrop for 3 days some where for conjugal relations because with a packed house and other folks issues we NEED some us time.Sorry for ranting,thats what blogger is for isn't it venting commenting what you think.OK got it off my chest im good.

I hope everyone has a fun Halloween just remember thanksgiving is a month away.But the good news I have CANCELED CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

new computer's take time to set up.

     Sorry for not posting but I got an early Christmas present.My daughter bought me a new laptop.My old one was an 06 model.It  was on its last leg ,missing keys and a ton of other issues.I have had to hand type in my favorites to the new one but kindle did transfer its files to this one now I have to do family pics and movies by hand.the old one will still be used but I am getting to like this one.
    I may one day faraday cage the old one but for a while I will use it for something.This new HP has wireless so mabe I can use it when camping.Windows 8 takes some getting use to but will learn.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Do you have a grab and go bucket?

     Yesterday I posted about the shelf life of kruesteaz pancake mix. Because i had found an old one in a grab and go bucket.I have 4 grab and go buckets to go with our bug out bags.In these buckets i have packed calories for 2 weeks plus each.The idea behind them is if you have to bug out and abandon your supplies what is the best bang for the weight and risk.I use blue Wal Mart buckets for most prep's but the grab and go's are orange home depot buckets.In packing a bucket I don't duplicate what is in our bags and concentrate on food.

1. 10lb kruesteaz pancake mix
2  4lb sugar
3  3 lb rice
4  2  1 lb can hams
5  small bag of bullion cubes
6  3 cans tuna
7  3 to 4 lb pintos used as packing peanuts
8  small jar peanut butter 
Believe it or not if you pack tight you will have room beyond this for other items.Always look for compact calories maybe raisins dried fruit candy nutella.This bucket is to get you to where you are going not a forever plan.Remember what you have cached what is at your destination and plan accordingly.

P.S. Some people have a problem with using pintos loose as filler.
I normally would but in this case i have a bigger problem with wasted space.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A cheap prepp that has great shelf life.

     OK we all know about beans and rice,whole wheat,sugar.All these are great long term storage items.Alone they aren't very appetising so you need other items to benefit from them.One item every prepper should have in my opinion is Krusteaz pancake mix.I get a 10lb bag at Sam's for 6.98 It makes 200 or so pancakes that can be eaten plain or with butter and syrup.
    I have eaten a bag that was 4 years out of date and could not tell it from new.No it wasn't froze it was in a 5 gallon bucket in the basement.Now it had not been opened was just stored in what i call a grab and go bucket.Usually they are stamped with a use by date 18 months to 2 years out.I have no fear of this product 3 to 5 years or more past the use by date.A 10 lb bag has 16,000 calories add in a little sugar syrup(1 quart hot water 4 lb sugar tbs vanilla).For under 10$ you get over 24,000 calories.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

An easy money saving tip

     Ok we have all seen commercials for products to clean and renew car headlights.They are pricey and the 2 I had tried didn't work very good .My daughters boyfriend has been using her spare car and he saw a thing posted on face book on how to clean her headlights(hers were BAD).It was to use mosquito spray with 40% DEETs.Just spray rub repeat then wash and wipe.I had an old can of OFF tried it and was amazed.It took 15 minutes to do 3 cars.
     I drove my jeep last nite and could see the road great.Last month i had put new bulbs in because i couldn't see at nite driving now i see fine.I love this cheap fix . To replace my jeep headlight lens would have cost 100+ dollars.The Off spray i had.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Great weather for getting ready for winter.

     It has been great sleeping weather around here.Lows at night 60 the days have been low 80s and no rain.Would be nice to just enjoy and relax but winter is coming.The flower beds have been cleaned the grass got its final cut (i like it a little tall for winter) took 2 loads to the scrap yard(made 64$ most went to buy hamburger that's on sale)burnt a bunch of dead branches.Have had to play catch up on a lot of chores and maintenance and still have a lot to do.MY wife said i don't need to do everything at once.I am 51 i know better than to speak without thinking but I did.
 "If not now WHEN ? If not me WHO ? What'ca watching after the price is right?"
    Yep my DUMB AZZ had to through that last line in there.The rest of the day it felt like Winter was here at my house.So i am glad i have got a lot done and have a lot more to finish. I don't think I'm going to be getting something for at least a week or more.
     We are suppose to go to the lake Monday and camp but who knows.If she starts loading it Sunday its on if not we stay here.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Gun porn filler post.

Great News.

     Well got a call Thursday to do the haunted house. It will be the first 3 weekend's Friday and Saturday nights in October and was asked back for the November bike rally.Will be doing shaved ice and funnel cakes,burritos and tacos at the haunted house for the teens and tweens.It should do good and also going to have sodas and red bull and monster energy drinks.
     Have decided for the bike rally To do shaved ice but use flavors geared to adults.Have ordered Bahama Momma ,Rum runner,Hurricane,Margarita and others will have some shine to add for those that want it.If i cant do BBQ I will do tacos also at the rally but for something different i will try a BLT taco and a spicy pork wrap with seracha sauce.The food is still up in the air a lot will have to do with if its cold at nite.
     Getting back into this feels good.I have been in kinda isolation from people the last 3 years.Sure i have camped and done my BBQ but this is  different.Perhaps I am getting old and have been in a rut but now i must learn what people want to buy again.What will sell and how to retain them in the future.What i do this fall is basically preparing for the spring festivals and getting a breakfast and lunch stand up and going.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bike rallys are differant in every way

     Well I did it,I went and had a learning experience.I was so out of my element I had never attended a bike rally and if you have never been it is a world in its self.Now i am no prude but i saw a side of people i never expected.The term   PARTY NAKED  and PARTY TILL YOU DROP have taken on new meaning to me.
     Here i was with a limited menu selling funnel cakes and corn dogs and BBQ sandwiches  surrounded by 1500 people  drinking thinking about getting naked or 100 already drunk and naked .Some looked real GOOD but most should have stayed dressed.Just for the record I STAYED DRESSED deep frying and nudity is a bad idea OK at my age and weight cloths are mandatory.
     Back to business I had the wrong product for the crowd the main goal was to get drunk and get L^&*D.Food was just so they could keep drinking and not fall out. Th pizza and hogie stand was booming and so was the guy selling cheese fries big burgers and PO boys. I broke even.Now i could have made a profit but at midnight i was beat the other vender's had help and worked 24 hours for 4 days I worked 10 hours but skipped Saturday nite due to dehydration. It was a educational experience and nothing like a festival or any event i have worked in the past.
     Now i did get the stand inspected and meet the health department lady that i will be dealing with in the future.It passed and she said it would pass a permanent inspection.
     Was this weekend profitable? That depends on how you look at it.
1. passed first inspection
2 got to meet the inspector
3 made 2 contacts for company catering
4 may have a haunted house to be sole vender at
5 gave the stand a working test
6 Saw more naked women in 3 days than in my life combined(i am51) and broke even for the event.
     Yes this weekend was profitable!
     Yes I would do it again but i would have a menu to match the crowd. fry ed starch and salty. I was an outsider but felt welcome these vender's work this circuit full time and the crowd knows them by name.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I am at a bike rally so a gun porn post.

Back to work.Sorta

     I have been busy the last 2 weeks getting my vending trailer cleaned up and reset.I have decided to go legal as a food truck and to do that i had to deep clean my trailer repair some pluming and electrical issues.Me and my wife have talked at length about what to serve and if we wanted to just do festivals or set up around the city.
     This weekend I am going to be working a biker rally that should have 1500 to 2000 people.Since this is my first non BBQ set up in a while and i will be health department inspected i will be doing Funnel Cakes.

     Yes I know its standard fair food but I wanted to keep it simple because it my first time in 6 years of doing an event.I will be doing corn dogs and silver Dollar pancakes also.The Rally is a 4 day event but it is less than 20 minutes from home so i will be able to sleep at home (if you call leaving at 1 and being back at 6 sleep).
     This is the first step in getting into a fully licensed and permitted food operation.The real start date will be October 1st that when i will get my annual license and permanent health permit this is a special event permit but the lady that will inspect my set up is the same one that will issue the permanent licensee.The event may be a gold mine and it may be a bust but it is a start.

      The Family that puts on the rally also does a haunted house on weekend nit es all October and have asked me if i wanted to set up as a food snack stand outside.It has between 3 to 9 hundred teens on Saturday and Sunday niter.Between the rally and haunted house i should be on good ground opening up.
      Will post first of the week and let you know how it went.

Monday, September 1, 2014

a link and a few pic

      I found this E Bay store with a good selection of flags hats and shirts.Here is a few of my favorite ones.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Kids and guns my view!

     This week we all have heard about the 9 year old girl that shot her instructor by accident with an Uzi.Such a tragedy for both the families.
    Now my own kids all started shooting around 6 with a bolt action marlin 10 single shot. then a glen field 60 tube fed semi.I took them my father in law took them target shooting.In the south it is normal.
    My in laws were 20 year Army.My first wife an Army brat.Guns are part of life but I would not allow a toy gun in the house.When my mother in law gave my oldest a cap pistol i told her NO TOY GUNS !!! Boy did she lite in to me i was a #$@%^$#& all kids had toy guns.While she was calling me every name in the book my father in law come in to see what the hollering was about.
   I told them they could get a laser pistol a star trek phazer a Nerf blaster any weird toy gun but if it looked like a REAL gun NO. My father in law was old school army calmly asked why.I told him they would learn to shoot a real gun when they were older but i wanted them to know guns where not toys.He turned to his wife and my wife told them he agreed with me shut the hell up.I had guns in the house and never saw my kids touch them.My kids will tell you they will not let a toy gun be give to their kids when they have them.
    I wouldn't let a 9 year old use a chainsaw or an Uzi.
Common sense isn't so common any more

Monday, August 25, 2014

Why we love to camp!

While i was home doing BBQ my wife took these pics from the camper. That's my sister in law feeding the doe by hand.When i got back the camp site was full with family had my brother in law and his wife my step son his wife step daughter her husband and our grandson.Plus we had 9 to 15 deer feeding within 100 ft. of us.
   Normally when we camp we follow the rules because these places are fr everyone to enjoy.This trip we broke the no feeding the animal rules just a little (OK 50 lb of deer corn) but we had fun.Lake Guntersville state park is know for its fishing but we went for the deer.

P.S. The fawn in pic 1 was born Thursday and we got that pic Sunday morning.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Been at the lake.

     I came in from the lake to sell BBQ this weekend.So far i should have stayed at the lake maybe it will be better Saturday.OK this trip is with my wife and sister in law it was amazing how long it took to back the campers in to their satisfaction.Have you Ever had your wife guide you in backing up ? if you have you know what i am talking about.If you refuse their help your in for a looong trip.
    OK i will not vent ,the trip was to a nice state park(gunterville)and the lot is secluded so it has been nice.My sister in law is a wildlife nut so this place was perfect for her we have had 7 to 15 deer less than 25 ft. every nite from our campers.I'm going back tomorrow nite and will be back home Tuesday.Perfect weather but hot so it will be a lot of swimming and sitting in the shade.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Are you a collector?

     Around here a lot of folks collect stuff muscle cars,old tractors are in barns and yards.Some i know have toy trains,guns, crystal,china depression wear glass.I have nothing against it but if it means little to your family at some point you have to get rid of it.
     Yesterday i listed part of what i plan on getting rid of.I have a friend that has over 60 rifles and shotguns.Now like any man I love Old guns but we were talking I asked him if you die will your wife know what to ask when selling your guns?Long story short he called me a lot of names told me even thinking about him dying and his guns being sold was wrong.I asked him if he was going to live forever or did i scare the hell out of him thinking about how little she would take?The later one.About a month latter he said he had asked his wife what she would do.Her reply was he needed to decide what he would will to the kids,what  5 or 6 he had to have was worth and what she needed to get on them and start selling the rest for top dollar!Now he was guilty on guns but she has a room full of depression glass in all colors that she has to sell.Both of them are about 65 and are SLOWLY selling off their collections for top dollar.We are talking a lot of crying here folks but they both know what their items are worth and will admit its better than the kids selling it for pennies.
       We all have hobbies and jobs and have good items we have hung on to isn't better that we get top dollar for the stuff.Think of all the time saved from cleaning and dusting it.Yes the cash is nice but not having to take care of it and store it is worth more. 

P.S. I had no idea depression glass in red was worth almost what a browning pump in good shape was.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Do you have useful junk to.

     At some point in every one's life we need to inventory what we have in our home and what purpose it serves.Anyone that is over 40 probably has a lot of stuff that has accumulated and no this isn't a post on having a yard sale.I have a packed house and 3 sheds.The sheds are my domain and the house is my wife's.I was thinking about building a new shed because the 3 were over flowing but i have changed my approach.USE OR GET RID OF THE CRAP!!!! If i haven't used it in 5 years it needs to go.Yard sale Craig's list E bay or dump.Now the part that kills me is I paid good money for some of the crap that is just sitting.The first thing i did was clean out an area in one building for stuff that i will need for my vending trailers.This was the inventory part.

     I do BBQ for a living but i have 4 trailers not counting 3 campers.3 of the trailers need to be set up for something.When i was going through the sheds i found I had a ton of equipment not in use.
 stoleing ice cream machine
 funnel cake cooker
 shaved ice maker/snowball
 a 50 count hot dog/sausage cooker
 cotton candy maker
 nacho cheese and chip station
 pizza oven commercial set up
 full size propane stove/oven
 2 box smokers capable of 400lb cooking
 3 high output 2 burner stove tops
 40lb 2 basket fryer
 20lb 4 basket counter fryer
  This list is'nt bragging it is STUPID that i have all this stored and not in use or sold.I closed down my store 3 years ago sure some of it was from it but most of this crap i just got for a steal.BUT what good is it doing in my shed.Between now and the first of the year I plan on setting up 4 trailers.My trailer is already in demolition stage and will be built by November(I told you in an earlier post i was building a LARGE multi use one)but i will have 3 trailers to set with 
   1. funnel cake and ice cream
   2  shaved ice ,cotton candy, nachos
   3  pizza hot dog/smoked sausage,Sub/hogies
  This will clear out my sheds of a lot of large item's and my yard of vending trailers.First i will see if any of the kids or grand kids may be interested in using them.If that fails it is time to sell them.I am 1man i can't use 2 at once let alone 4.I hope the kids will try it my worst weekend in 3 year i made 180$ for 8 hours work and my best i made 1600$ in 10 hour of work.The kids think it is a waste of their time to even try.I love it, it isn't work its fun, smiling people make it worth doing.Its paid for equipment it needs to be put to use.I do not need to store stuff i want to clear out and not have the up keep.
    What have you stuck back and got that needs to be used or got rid of ? I bet it is more than you think.For me it was an eye opener.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014

Never take a gun swiming !

    I do not think they understand water and guns are not friends. As a gentleman I would offer to dry them off! The guns yea the guns :).

Friday, July 25, 2014

Never judge a book till you read the END.

     Ok the other day i said the book Bunkers seemed like a good read.It was very well thought out on points about group dynamics and human nature. I enjoyed it till the last 2 chapters.The ending to me blew chunks.Hats off to the writer for his time and effort and it is his right to end his story as he wanted but I would have choose a differant one for a book of this gerne.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ole busted knucles posted this

     Here is a link to Phil,s blog
Some of his posts are not for everyone but most are spot on.

Psalm 109:8 ~
"Let his days be few and brief;
And let others step forward to replace him."

About sums it up!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hobbies can be more than fun.

     I have a few hobbies that occupy my time.Some are just fun .Others are educational . And a few hobbies are profitable.I think most people have interest that fit into these classes.
    A lot small businesses start out as hobbies my BBQ started that way.I know several local breweries started as hobbies.Stop and think do you have a hobby that you could turn a profit?If your a prepper is your hobby useful after a collapse.give it some thought.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I survived the 4th.

     Sorry i haven't posted but the week before the 4th was busy.Had a lot of cooking and serving to plan.I had as good a 4th as memorial weekend was.The main problem was everyone wanted to pick up between 10 and 12 o'clock last Friday.It was difficult to have 36 racks of ribs and 48 butts done and ready to go in such a rush.
      In the spare seconds i had to chop make sandwiches fix plates.I am sure some things were not as hot as i like them the doors on the smoker was being opened and closed to much.Will fix some of my troubles this fall by building a new BBQ Trailer .
     I have been planning on building a nice all in one trailer for a few years i have all the kitchen equipment and plumbing.I have had an old 1968 GEM camper 23 ft that I paid 200 for and have used as a storage shed.It was gutted but water tight.Now it will become a log cabin BBQ on wheels.This year has been hell on my legs and back the in out and up down of my present set up is taking a toll.This will be built for looks and easy of use. I plan on doing this for a long time so i better build it so i can operate it despite father times affects.I hope it will resemble this but with smokers on both ends .

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Back from the gulf

     Me and the wife took a quick trip back to Big Lagoon this weekend.We only stayed 3 days.The main reason we went was to set up a camp ite for my brother.He has one of those jobs that shuts down 2 weeks at the 4th and 2 weeks at Christmas.If he gets a vacation its then.So he is spending 10 days camping.We got every ting set and he came down the last day.I hope he enjoys his stay we left menus and pamphlets of stuff we like to do and the Blue Angles were practicing this week.
      Before we left me and the wife went into a little restaurant under the Baars bridge called Fisherman's Corner.It was old and weathered on the outside and had a big burger sign.When we walked in it had table cloths silverware and glasses on the table.Turned out it was a New Orleans style casual fine food restaurant.
     Now this is not our usual type of lunch but we sat down got a drink and looked at the menu.The food was a little pricey but not bad (by our lunch standards)salads and burgers started at 7$ to a 12oz fillet of Angus for 29$ the menu was large on surf and turf choices.My wife had been wanting fish so she got fried grouper for 17$ and i got a combo of shrimp and oysters for 19$ we both got onion rings she got fries i got Cajun mac and cheese.The waiter asked if it was our first visit it was.We were told every order was cooked to order from fish and vegetables caught and picked the day before and was worth the wait.It took 15 minutes was served perfectly cooked you could taste the freshness was one of the best meals we have had in years.When we go back i will have that Mac and cheese again.

Monday, June 16, 2014

A cache that holds a 1/2 ton and is livable.

     Most of us would love to have a shipping container buried somewhere as a fall back.A concrete bunker is a dream for the average prepper.Even if we have a house and a nice lot we cant put in anything this big without drawing attention.We need to think outside the box.Or in this case inside a box literally.
     OK if you have read my posts you know i love teardrop campers.Most teardrops are outfitted to be comfortable to sleep in and provide storage for camping gear.If you do a web search for homemade teardrops you will find a lot of plans for a 4x8 teardrop.Now what is the connection between a cache and a teardrop ?

     Imagine a 4ft wide 4ft high and 8 ft long box.This is how a teardrop starts then we add curves and a hatch make it aerodynamic to tow.Forget the curves and hatch think 4x4x8 storage crate.For what we need it takes 5 sheets plywood 10 2x4s 5 tubes silicon 2 gallons paint and a roll of 6mil plastic.Around here the cost will be 150$.I think most of us can build a crate to this size.Use the 2x4s as bands on the outside on both ends and the middle run 2 on the inside in the corners that will be the roof for strength.Caulk all seams inside and out paint  inside a light color use the rest in multi coats on the outside.Cut a hatch door in roof or side depending on how it will be buried.
      OK lets assume you built this 4x4x8 ugly thing.Dig a hole 5x5x9 a person can dig this hole by hand in 2 or 3 days easy (OK not easy but cheaply) get someone you TRUST to help you lower it in.Line the hole with plastic taping seams and carefully not to rip it.Once in the hole cut a 4inch hole for an air tube .Back fill the hole make a lip for the door.

     Now you have a grave with an air hole and door right?Had to get that in before comments were made.What it can be is a place that is 128 cubic feet of storage.In one end load a row of 5 gallon buckets they will go 4 wide 3 high make another row that's 24 buckets of food.Now make a shelf 14 inces off the floor add 8 buckets on top of it.OK you have 32 buckets put guns solar panel fishing rods on top I hope you stuffed the gaps between the buckets with items.You will still have 6 foot of floor space to sleep on so add a foam mat some led tap lights pillows a CD player a jump pack for a little power.

     This isn't a perfect answer but it is doable at a low price.It give you a second place for preps it is warmer and cooler than a tent it is a place to hide till trouble passes.I will not bug out to the woods but i will not fight to the death for a house.This gives me an option to hide and reclaim whats mine later and still have my supplies.Mine will be under a mower shed .

      I wrote this to make people think.Even when bugging out isn't possible plan on a fall back.We all want to thrive but never forget first we must survive.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What is a cache?

     A cache is a place to hide and position items of use and value for future needs.But is that all it needs to be?Can it be a shelter can it be a safe place hidden to?
      I think we have all thought about a survival retreat in the woods.Usually our mind goes to a cabin with a wood stove a well right out of a Danial Boone book.Now in today's world if we had this it would be broke into looted used as a meth lab or a dozen other things if we didn't live there.

     Now we have all read about PVC caches Bucket cache and others.I have several of these myself but due to size they are limited in what can be stored and provide little shelter.The PVC cache is usually for 3 or 4 days food some ammo and a few other items. A Bucket cache will hold a weeks food for 2,ammo other items to help for a short period.Here are a few pics of typical tube and bucket caches
   These are useful but are limited in scope.The good thing about them is they are away from our houses and hidden.As preppers most of what we have is in our homes and at risk if SHTF happens.
      Most preppers will refuse to leave their homes the idea of "bugging out" isn't an option.For some it due to age others its health.For most its "This is my castle" i have all my prep's in the basement,garage,shed.I feel the same way but if the  Feds or a zombie hoard comes you will die.At best you will flee and lose most of your supplies.Then you are down to what you hid in buckets and PVC caches.
     I want something safer with more options.I want it for the house or on other property.I don't want to have it found and robbed to crackheads or government flunkies (little difference both are parasites).I want capacity to have a chance.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Been think about a survival cache.

     Last weekend when I was doing BBQ a friend stopped and we got to talking.Tony is a little different but OK type he was telling m about his new storm shelter.Last year tornado's came real close to both of us.He had one of those round fiberglass ball shelters installed behind his mobile home.

     Tony was talking about using leds and adding some food to as he put it his doomsday bunker.I told him sounded like a good idea to me and made a few suggestions.Now me and him are not close enough that he has any idea that I preps.I kept my comments general but i did encourage him to move some thing in his bunker "just in case".His storm shelter cost over 7000$ but because he was in a stricken area( I wasn't) he got almost 5000$ back from state and federal sources.
     Now for 2000$ in out of pocket he got a great deal but for a survival cache bunker I would hate to know the state and feds had a record of it.His will seat 8 but it isn't set up for long term habitation It's ROUND.It did get me thinking and looking for cheaper self made choices. Here is an 8x12 on E how         Not bad but not practical for me.I cant dig a  10x15 ft hole 10 ft deep by hand.Tomorrow i will tell you what i have been thinking about that any one can build its cheap and holds a Literal ton of supplies

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A look at Big Red my baby.

     OK I have been doing BBQ for 10 years on and off.For the last 3 years it has been all i have done.When I started it was a whim i had a convince store 5 miles from any restaurants so on Friday and Saturday i sold BBQ at the store.Me and my son used drum smokers mounted on an old pop up camper trailer.Back then i was a busy man had a lot of irons in the fire.BBQ became my sons he was making good money for a 14 year old kid then he hit that "that's good enough "stage.Basically he ran it into the ground twice.
      That is a back ground of our start.About 6 years a go i was playing on Ebay just looking and i ran across a Big Red smoker it was in Andalusia AL about 160 miles away.Starting bid was 400$ so i bid a max bid of 450$ Long story short i got it for 405$.It was a 6 hour round trip.The man that i got it from said it cost him 1200$ in 2005.The company that built it is really a fab shop for construction steel they build smokers and trailers when work is slow so they keep their welders and layout men busy
     This is what it looked like when i got it it was a 200 gallon propane tank upright smoker with 3 racks and room to smoke 16 boston butts.Three rounds of wood will last 8 hours when smoking but i needed it to do more for holidays and i wanted to do ribs so i got a second 200 gallon tank and it now looks like this.
    This is BIG RED the front grill can hold 24 pork butts and 12 slabs of ribs.The upright will do 12 butts and 4 racks of ribs.Now i smoke everything in the upright because it gives a deeper smoke the front holds it at temp and adds light smoke.
    Now to cook great Q takes time I cook for 10 hour with gas then smoke it 4 to 6 hours.Anyone can make good smoked meat all it takes is time and a box to hold smoke.I started with barrel smoker made out of a barrel with expanded metal rack on old tent pole rods.A wooden box will work. GOT MEAT START SMOKING!!!!
    The original BBQ trailer has morphed with time it now looks like this.If my son straightens up i may give him a 4th chance

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

He was down to rice but alive.

     Left to go find my son early this morning.Now i admit i don't use GPS i had directions from my son in law.Not to bad he just had one right that should have been a left i figuired it out.When i pulled into the clearing where the old travel trailer was my son stepped out with a pot in his hands shocked to see me.He ate a few bites of rice and said it was all he had left to cook for the last 3 days.We walked around HIS place down to the creek and around the overgrown property.He was kinda proud that it was his but it needs a lot of clearing and leveling.As we talked he told me of an incident last week a man came and told him he was on the wrong lot.My son didn't know where the property lines really where.A BIG mistake in my book.I gave him some in put on a few things to help him out (his cat hole was to close to his trailer) and make life easier with so little.We loaded up for a run to town for groceries and a few other items i knew he needed.
      One thing my son wanted was more buckets.He said those things come in handy.We also picked up screw lid large canisters for sugar flour and other food he says never underestimate piss ants they get into everything.I took him to pizza huts lunch buffet so he could eat his fill and we could talk.Solitude seems to have mellowed him a bit,he acts like he may straighten up time will tell. Regardless its time for me to help and give him the tools to make a go of it.
     Before we went back to his place we went to the county courthouse and got a Plat map that showed his lot the property lines and road and creek.Once back i paced off and found he was right and well on his own property.We selected where his camper will go and what we will need to do to make this place livable.I think 2 days with a chain saw and my tractor will do 80% of t and he can do the rest.He has the time i have the tools.If he stays on track I will dad up and help get him set.

Monday, June 2, 2014

My son is in homestead prison.

     Sorry for the gaps in posting been putting out fires with our kids.I have to go find my youngest in the morning no one has heard from him in 10 days.He is living in the woods in a junk trailer on property he got for taxes.No power water or gas and cell phones don't work unless he walks a mile down the road.I have never been there since he got it 3 months ago.
    Now don't go thinking my son is homesteader he isn't.He can break a steel ball with a rubber hammer.The property is a flood plan for a creek and is labeled no build,no utilities permitted.He got this 3/4 acre for 180$ in back taxes and former owner said he will not reclaim.I will probable wind up with it.But i need to go up add money to his phone make sure he is alive take him to the store for supplies.Will set him up with solar charger for a light and radio.His ass will stay in the woods.Stranded there he hasn't been in any trouble its where he needs to be.If he would try it could be the best thing that has ever happened to him.To him its like jail but if he leave and comes back to town he will wind up in a real jail.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Never under estimate kids screwing up plans.

      When you are making plans be it for a trip to the lake or for the end of the world assume one or more of your kids will screw it up.The way that they can do it are endless.Never under estimate them if they can find a way they will.A lot of parents try to be friends with their kids my wife fits that profile,Me I take the I AM THE KING, approach.To some this may sound unkind but it isn't its my job!No group can survive living by committee.Yes other input is important but in the end someone has to make a decision and enforces it.
      This little rant was caused by planning a 5 day trip to the lake going with our sister in law and was going to have 3 of the kids and 2 grand kids spend the weekend up there.My wife's youngest daughter is in jail on a failure to appear for 30 days everyone thinks us going to the lake should be canceled .I didn't get picked up she did the others shouldn't suffer I am going our plans or camping at the beach wont change.My job is to make these plans for everyone to have fun.I am sorry she is not going to go but as a FATHER i have to think of the rest of the family.This is just 2 trips that i have had to provide for.If this was a matter of life and death i would still side with what is best for the rest.Now to be fair if it wasn't this child it would have been my son.These two seem to do this every time we plan or are on a trip.We even plan on it and wonder what it will be.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekend Done!

     This weekend kicked my butt.I cooked and sold 44 Butts and 32 slabs .I am a greasy sweaty smoked mess.Made good money but I worked for it.Had a lot of people making 2 trips because it went fast when served.Had one man that has never baught from me even though i have known him for years buy a slab for his wife come back because she wouldnt share.I love seeing people smile when they pick up an order.
my baby

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Been missing at the beach.

      Miss me i have been camping.The wife and I went down to gulf shore for a week of alone time.We got 3 days alone before family trickled in.We knew her sister was coming down for the weekend but my wife's oldest daughter came down to.I drove back and left them to have fun.I had to BBQ glad i did was a good weekend .They spent the weekend swimming and at the bar me and the wife found.As a man i am sure there was a  lot of man bashing going on.
      OK if you go to the perdido bay area you have to find a place called   HUB STACEY,S its a bar,sandwich.Burger ,chicken wing,relaxed place.Its not fancy its like a friends deck with table service.I saw workers stopping in for lunch women with kids enjoying the food and margaritas husbands meeting the family for a bite,and the usual barfly's saying hello to everyone as they came in.It was like cheers with a deck on the water.The food was cheap the beer ice cold and service quick and friendly for an indoor and outdoor setting verry clean.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mothers day! make it her day.

     Our kids are mad at us Sunday is mothers day but we are not going to be here.We are going to go to Gulf Shores.This is what my wife wants its her day not the kids so we are going to go camping.My Mom is still alive so i will call her from there,I told the kids to call and wish her a happy mothers day.Our house is grand central station most days so us being gone wont be to bad.
    Yesterday we had 4 out of 7 come over 2 grand kids and 6 calls from the others.This is a normal day for us.So the wife can have a day of rest we are going camping.I will get her a bottle of Margaretta and we will grill steaks and listen to her favorite Cd's its her day.We are going to meet up with her sister on Wednesday when she comes down.I hope he weather is nice but if it rains we will pile up in the camper for a movie feast.
     I don't know if we will be able to go to the coast after schools out.I searched dates and campgrounds on line and most are filling fast .A lot more families are camping now than a few years ago.That's a good thing in my opinion.If we do manage another trip to the coast it looks like it will have to be 2 days on one lot then shift to another.Lots of 3 and 4 day stays are being booked with 2 day windows on the campsites left.
      Oh just for the record I am calling my MOM but her Mothers day gift is going to be a week camping at a lake her and my step father went to every summer before he passed.She dropped a few hints she would like to go back.I just wonder if she will be able to enjoy it now that hes gone.I have to spend more time with her shes 71.I  do what i do so I wont have so many' I SHOULD HAVE" later

Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring time is a lot of work!

      Is it just me or is geting caught up on the yard and house and other what not alot of work?Cutting the grass planting flowers tilling a garden(a friends not me this year)hauling garbage fixing the cars.When the weather is in the 70s it seems like work to be done is everywhere.Stop and think about what you have had to do.Ok now just be thanful you didnt have to milk cows or goats gather eggs plant 20 acres make sure the animals were bred.Sharpen tools cleaned a barn hauled manure(OK did that for the wifes flowers).Thinking about what i have to do verses what my greatgrand parents had to do in the spring.My life is a walk in the park. So take a few and compare your spring see how you rate :).

Monday, April 28, 2014

Just back from Orlando .

     Me and the wife took a short trip last week to Orlando Fl. We had bought a trip last Christmas at Bass Pro shop.It was 199$ for 2 nites at the Point at universal studios ,75$ in bass pro gift cards and a 5 day cruise gift certificate.Now we did have to sit through a sales presentation for Blue Green vacation group.That took 2 hours but what the heck.We did stay an extra day at the hotel it was nice.We was in a 1 bedroom condo had a jetted tub full kitchen and a balcony. The pool was heated had a hot tub and poolside bar.:).The nite we paid for was 115$ we could have found cheaper but not much and not as nice.This was alone time for me and the wife,No we didn't go to universal sea world or Disney,.We just relaxed played slap and tickle snuggled by the pool and had a few Margarita's.OK i did soak in the hot tub with some collage girls,boy that made me feel old.The wife said i looked like a white headed Grandfather LOL i am!
       I did go to cape Canaveral and coco beach I have never been to the Atlantic ocean in my life.I have been a gulf baby since birth now next year i will see the pacific ocean it has been a goal to stand on both coast once before i die. We will take that cruise some time next year out of port Canaveral.My wife isn't to high on going on a ship so we went to the port and was lucky a ship was just in.She said it was huge and mite not be to bad.Plus we stopped at the port bazaar and they told her it wasn't like on a boat it was more like a hotel, spa, buffet in one that happened to float.

    This trip was very different for us one it wasn't camping.2 it was more for our rest than anything. Every once and a while every couple needs to take a few days of ALONE TIME daily life makes us forget that we need us time. Take a few and remember why you fell in love.

Friday, April 18, 2014

A few recomendations

          First up me and the wife just watched the movie Goodbye World.It is an end of the world movie that had a lot to offer to anyone that thinks life as we know it could end.It is not a zombie blood and guts,guns blazing story.The story is about a group of friends that are visiting at ones moutain home when things fall apart .I will quit now,Just try to see it well made and good story.

   Next up if you havent read the archdruid this week it is a must.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hunting a mans view and a womans view

     As a man who has been married twice I have learned somethings have very differant meanings depending on gender.
      Even    a single word like     HUNTING.
              Here is a mans view

      Here is a womans idea of the same word.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Price of pork a sign of whats comming!!!

       What does the price of pork have to do with the future.Huge and rapid price increases!! On March 19th I bought pork butts for 1.32 $ a pound by the case a week later it was 1.48 then it jumped in one week to 1.98 now its 2.08 a pound case price.
     Beef has climbed .60 $ to 1.00 a pound and a lot of other items have increased.Processed meats will be following.Gas has gone up 40 cents a gallon in a month .
     If you still have food storage shortages you better act soon.Some of the prices are because of low inventory cattle herd is at 1952 levels  Hogs remember China owns Smithfield the largest pork producer in the nation.Even chicken is up 15 cents a pound and we all can say Tyson.
     We have all read about hyper inflation remember it starts slow then becomes a water fall.This may or may not be the start but why chance it. Stop and think what do you use or eat that has gone up this year more than 10% ,Then try to think what has decreased or stayed the same that you use.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

They are gone !!!!!!

       Our granddaughter and her husband went and bought a station wagon .As soon as they had wheels they were off and running.Me and the wife are tickled they are gone.We had her 2 weeks and all they wanted was to burn the road and when the borrowed car broke she drove us crazy.Now they are living in the wagon maybe not as bad as a car but not a van by any means.To make it worst the station wagon is a SAAB it looks good and seems to be running OK but the first repair will be as much as they gave for the car 1000$.It makes no since to have such an expensive car to repair when your broke.
      My youngest daughter is getting ready to move out by the end of the month.I am building a fence for her to take the dogs with her.Today i got the posts so Sunday i will put it up and her last excuse will be history.I wish her and her fiance the best of luck,happiness (poor guy).MAYBE me and the wife will have an empty nest for a while.I know it sounds petty but i want to be able to fix coffee in my underwear walk from the shower to the bedroom naked,play slap and tickle with the wife and not have to do a location check to see how long we have.The wife says don't get my hopes up some one will take her place we are not meant to ever have the house to ourselves.I hope she is wrong but with 7 kids and 5 grand kids odds are against us.