Saturday, October 4, 2014

Do you have a grab and go bucket?

     Yesterday I posted about the shelf life of kruesteaz pancake mix. Because i had found an old one in a grab and go bucket.I have 4 grab and go buckets to go with our bug out bags.In these buckets i have packed calories for 2 weeks plus each.The idea behind them is if you have to bug out and abandon your supplies what is the best bang for the weight and risk.I use blue Wal Mart buckets for most prep's but the grab and go's are orange home depot buckets.In packing a bucket I don't duplicate what is in our bags and concentrate on food.

1. 10lb kruesteaz pancake mix
2  4lb sugar
3  3 lb rice
4  2  1 lb can hams
5  small bag of bullion cubes
6  3 cans tuna
7  3 to 4 lb pintos used as packing peanuts
8  small jar peanut butter 
Believe it or not if you pack tight you will have room beyond this for other items.Always look for compact calories maybe raisins dried fruit candy nutella.This bucket is to get you to where you are going not a forever plan.Remember what you have cached what is at your destination and plan accordingly.

P.S. Some people have a problem with using pintos loose as filler.
I normally would but in this case i have a bigger problem with wasted space.

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