Tuesday, October 14, 2014

new computer's take time to set up.

     Sorry for not posting but I got an early Christmas present.My daughter bought me a new laptop.My old one was an 06 model.It  was on its last leg ,missing keys and a ton of other issues.I have had to hand type in my favorites to the new one but kindle did transfer its files to this one now I have to do family pics and movies by hand.the old one will still be used but I am getting to like this one.
    I may one day faraday cage the old one but for a while I will use it for something.This new HP has wireless so mabe I can use it when camping.Windows 8 takes some getting use to but will learn.


  1. Well that's a nice present! Hope your transition to Windows 8 goes well.

    I have Windows 8 and coming from Windows XP has been a struggle. XP was a fast, do everything well, user friendly operating system. 8 has no improvement over XP PLUS most all of my software including Office and AutoCAD does not work on 8 so I literally have had to throw out thousands of dollars of perfectly good software. Plus I can not tell you how many OS upgrades I have had to do since 7. They clearly were not ready to launch 7 or 8 but did and I'm thinking they wanted to public to tell them what is wrong with it. Because of the 7 and 8 OS's the wife an I have agreed when it's time for new laptops we will spend the money and be going to MAC and Gates can kiss my butt.

    1. HELL NO compared to XP windows 8 is a dog.I am on hughs net and it sucks down my download limits. I use to leave my computer on now I have to shut down as soon as I am done.