Thursday, May 30, 2013

The bank of Daddy

    Between me and the wife we have 7 adult age children and as all kids sometimes they need small loans.Now one thing me and the wife have had words on is the kids and money.This is normal but she hands them 20 or 40 to help and they never pay her back.Her kids and my kids alike do this.Well my wife quit work last month and has not had the extra to hand over ,we realy only have 3 that "borrow" but they now have to ask me.Dad can i borrow 20 bucks till payday?Sure no problem here you go.Pay day comes dad is forgotten.The next monday dad can i borrow 20 bucks?Sure that 20 you owe me just use that and pay me friday!!!Oh ok yea i will do that.My wife says i have no heart.Friday i get my 20 back.Now i have done this to all 3 and i get paid back.Oh they still borrow but i get paid back.
       My wife says I shouldnt make them pay small stuff back but i do and will.Now if they get sick or have something hit them out of the blue i have funds to HELP them.The bank of Daddy will pay a power bill, have a car fixed, help with rent or mortgage,buy groceries if needed. No interest or repayment required. The Bank of Daddy is to help his kids not spoil them and must not have funds piddled out for ciggerrets and  micky Ds.Any way since i am the bank president i get to make the rules. Now the wife hands me the phone when they call for money

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Job costing like your boss costs his work

        A few years back i got out of a convenience store gas station that i owned .Any one that owns a business will tell you the 2 best days  are the day you open one and the day you get out of it.
      After i got that monkey off my back i started running though my savings.It took about a year to trim expenses to the bone but i did it.I could live off a full time job but i have fallen in love with my free time and i was never a good employee but i did good work.As a born again loafer i use this to justify no having a real job.Now as you read check my math and tell me if I'm wrong.
      I am 50 haven't worked for anyone since i was 35 so i am basically starting from scratch.Entry level pay here is 7.50 to 10.00 good pay is 15.00 to 18.00 an hour.Let use 15.00 for example even though for me starting it wont happen.

       15 x 40 = 600 gross pay
       600- 28% in taxes leaves 432
      25 miles each way to work is 250 miles for work a week
      250 miles x .50 a mile =125$ leaving you with 307$
     lunch and drinks for anyone is 10 $ a day or 50 a week you now have 257$ left
     work shirts pants shoes and misc lets say 27$ a week balance is now 230$ out of 600$
       you only get about a 1/3 of your gross for your benefit
      230$ not bad for a week BUT it took an hour to get there
      an hour back home and an hour for lunch.
     The good job netted you 230$ but took 55 hour of you life.
     Your life was only worth  4.18 $ an hour even good pay isnt so great is it?
      Now a lot of people say i look at it wrong but i have been the boss and an owner .This is  apart of making a product or providing a service bid its simple costing.Have you cost ed your job?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Have a safe and fun memorial day weekend!

 As we get ready to kick off the summer with this holiday weekend let not forget it is to Honor all the brave soldiers and military for their service.For me i constantly have the thought our soldiers are there to defend us.Even tho i disagree with a lot of whats going on right now its not the militarys fault and definantly not a soldiers.
     We have to remember they go where our ELECTED goverment orders them.I do not fear terrorist as much as i do our elected officials.As Mark Twain said the public is safest when congress is not in session.This weekend if you see a sodier past or present shake his hand and thank him for what he has done.If you see an elected official    HIDE YOUR WALLET COVER YOUR ASS AND DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A holiday weekend is no time to travel

    Most people that work love 3 day weekends its when they can get to a park or lake and enjoy a long weekend with the family.Some go to the beach or go see family.For me i stay home all the places i like to go are packed the week before and the week after a holiday.Now  i am not anti social but holiday crowds is not my thing anymore.
     This weekend will be a BBQ marathon for me i have pre orders and a lot of folks have called to check when i would have my butts and ribs ready this weekend.I never camp on friday saturday or sunday but i feel robed of options this week and next week.I feel for wage slaves that have limited travel windows and im willing to bow out of their way.
     Friday will be something to see i set up on a state hiway on the way to two large lakes and i think the road will be packed.I already see a lot of boats and campers  going to the lakes.For me i will stay home and cook for those that are headed out to play.
    My stepson plans on going camping this weekend him and his wife have called 4 campgrounds and had no luck finding a site.If they find a spot its way down the list of choices.Four years ago when we started camping i would say camping aint crowded.I cant say that anymore.People that would have never have stayed in a cheap motel are setting up a tent and ruffing it just to be away.Let me tell you you can tell a lot about strangers watching them set up a campsite!!!! But that a few post in itself.
     I wish everyone a happy and safe memorial day weekend !!
My plan is to do BBQ and stay home i am getting all my supplies and running around done today and tommorow so i wont have to go anywhere till next tuesday.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

What the term TEOTWAWKI realy mean to you vs your kids

    We have all read this term and in our mind an image appears.Its different to everyone.Some think of no electricity no gas for cars nothing that we use without thinking everyday.Now i got to thinking for my kids it would take just returning to the 70s for them to think the world had ended.Lets just look at the changes to everyday life in 40 years.
    1. A 19 in B&W TV  vs 55 in 1080dpi  plasma
    2  3 channels on a good day   vs  280 channels on cable
    3  2 dials to change channels    vs a remote control {do we miss the butt crack of the channel changer]
    4  pong video game was the bomb  vs Xbox PlayStation's
    5 the commode 64 and tandy1000  vs the laptop or net book
     6 5in floppies  vs  flash drives
      7 rotary phone vs cellphone
      8 notes on the fridge  vs texts
      9 110 cameras vs 10 mpix camera function
     10 going to the library vs the Internet.
     11 writing a paper letter   vs an e mail
     12 cash  vs a card
     13 a paper map  vs map quest or GPS
     14  a record or 8 track vs i tune or mp3
     15 using the stove oven  vs a microwave
  OK writers block is setting in but the list is verrry long between anyone 45 and up and our kids under 30.Give it some thought to us going back to the 70s would be easy sure we would miss what was gone but it wouldn't be mind altering.Think of our kids it would seem like they were in a totally  different  world.To anyone a change back to 40 years before they were born is TEOTWAWKI. It may be that the only ones that can adjust are  those that feel they were born in the wrong century.Me personally i love history and reading how they did things in the 1800s and i also read what people in 3rd world countries find benefit's them the most as far as modern tecknowledge.To survive after a TEOTWAWKI event the bottom rung in the world may be the ones that do best.The best we can hope for is that MAD MAX is short lived.
     Stop and think where in time your TEOTWAWKI is.Mine is around 1930 .

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My grand parents told me about TEOTWAWKI and the good old days!

      A lot of my posts have been about camping and my teardrop trailer.I have a prepper mind set so camping is part of that mindset but lets face the facts.Camping is nothing like a TEOTWAWKI. A weekend at a park or in the woods is a nice break from everyday life but we know it will end and we can return to our home and all our modern convienaces.Now there is nothing wrong with this but most people cant seem to comprehend a permenent loss of modern convienaces.
Camping with power and water.

living without power water and little else

       My grand mother was born in1910 and she told me many times if i heard someone wish for the "good old days" they had never lived them!!!She did, her dad was a coal miner and had a small company house and 2 acres for a garden.There was 8 of them and she told me the girls gatherd eggs and milked the cow before school the boys had to hoe and pick squash to feed the animals.She told me they raise about 3 pigs and had a calf for a family of 8 it didnt go far.What she said was the worst was the out house on winter mornings and a coal oven to cook on{the mine gave every worker a ton of coal every fall}and for heat.She was 12 before her first car ride and their house didnt get electricity till she was 19 and her brothers had to pay the bill. Grandpaw said his dad threatend to have the power shut off when the first bill was 1.85 but great granny asked him how he liked his own cooking if he did.
      Now my grand parents did Not have a modern house by anyones standards. My grand father was born and died in the same house. The place was a 4 room with a dogtrot hall down the middle it had 12 ft ceilings a kitchen was cut out of one room and a closet between the bed rooms became the bathroom.The house only had one space heater in the living room and quilts piled 4 thick was a winter normal. As bare bones as it was to me it was a modern home to them. To me looking back i dont know how they lived in it but my grand parents said it beat the "good old days".They had no washer dryer no running hot water and only a 30 amp fuse box for power.
       This was life as they knew it.To them it was a blessing what they had when i was a child.If TEOTWAWKI happened it could look like "the good old days" again for those that survive.Every time i see the phase "THE GOOD OLD DAYS" or TEOTWAWKI i think of my grand parents.They survived it but would not want to relive it!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A description of a basic teardrop build.

       Over the last 3 years i have been asked a lot of questions about how a teardrop is built.Our trailer is not a true classic teardrop in shape it is a semi tear tiny trailer.

our teardrop

     The frount top is the only radius {it is a 55 gallon drum lid traced on the side wood}I wish i had also radiused the bottom of the frount{I would have used a 5 gallon bucket lid for a pattern}.To get a sloped affect i made a cut from the top of the radius to the back hatch that fell 5 inches over  the length of the trailer to the hatch.

     The hatch was cut at a slope BIG MISTAKE in hindsight.The slope has cut storage space and allowed a small drip leak that i have never been able to stop.If i had made the back hatch straight and allowed a small drip lip on the roof i would have added 4 cubic feet of storage in the rear and had no drip problem.For  looks i would have used the 5 gallon radius on the lower back there also.

it is our style

    The best thing about a home built teardrop or tiny camper is YOU get to deside what pleasing to you and will work for what you need.ME and the wife have loved camping in ours and it has allowed us to go a lot more than if we had not had it.
    This web site is the holy grail for building a tiny trailer or teardrop with out going here for ideas i would hate to think what i would have hammerd out.   
   On a finale thought most pople that have done a build start with 1 sheet of plywood. DRAW WHAT SHAPE YOU THINK YOU WANT ON THIS SHEET. Stare at it ,ask the wife her in put, change it, imagine how it will pull. This is your template it all starts from what is on this sheet.It is a 20 dollar draft page. When it pleases you cut it out and you have a tempate for your trailer.
         A 4x8 is the easiest to build and cheapest.Also a 4x8 isbig enuff for a couple to sleep comfortable in.
       A word of advice on teardroping NO BEANS ALLOWED!!!
a fart at nite is deadly!!!


Friday, May 10, 2013

A farm homestead {the bud ogle place]

      A few pictures of a mountain farm. They raised 10 kids farming on land the Tax assessor deemed unfit for crops or cattle.
the mt where this farm is

    The farm is about 2 miles above and to the right of the building.The town is a mile below this picture.

from the porch of house up to barn
the corn crib

the hogs and chickens house

                                                                   These pictures and what little has survived a 140 years only give a  hint of what life was like in the 1870s.A lot of people call themselves survivalists but these people didn't just survive they thrived and left us a rich and vast knowledge base.I guess thats why i love history.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A few pictures mountain wildlife

a black bear

strutting turkey

he insisted on a picture

skinny deer

an old goat and his woman
    Some cute and some not so cute animals in the mountains.It was 80 with lots of sun but the day before we arrived it had poured and the mountain streams were fast and waterfalls were everywhere.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My view and the wifes view of nessesities

what my wife would live in

what i would live in

          Isnt it amazing what level of comfort a man and woman think is needed.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Having fun is also educational

          While the trip for us was a get away from daily life we had the chance to see how people lived in the 1880 till the 1930,s.Cades Cove was a farming area in the mountains.As we rode around the loop we saw deer turkey and squirrels that have taken he area back over.In the days that people lived there game was deep in the mountains the valley was fields and the lower rocky slopes was for livestock.Anyone that preps or thinks that we may one day be forced to return to homestead style farming should take time to go see this area and read what life was like.The thing that i think i found most interesting was how little a family had to start a homestead.Most started with just a plow,ax saw and a few house hold items and clothes.The trails were so rough wagons had to be heavy duties and were few and far between most used draft sleds and oxen were common to new settlers for the cattle started their herd.
       The cabins started small and were added to as needed.
This cabin was in good shape there was a pen for hogs a chicken coop,corn crib and barn across the road.

a farm house from circa 1900

Friday, May 3, 2013

The way to the smokey mountains.

        Ok got a good nites rest last nite was tired we had 4 very full days in the mountains.Nothing like your own bed after a trip.Later today i will unpack and repack the teardrop so it will be ready to go again.We left Monday morning at 4 am and arrived at Cades Cove campgrounds about 10 am.We could have made it sooner but we stoped and had breakfast at a waffle house{bad idea}and went though the Tellico area{good idea}.I made a few wrong turns that made the trip  longer but getting lost isn't always a bad thing.You get to see some things that aren't on a map.We found the Tellico cafe and bakery that has been on TV for its artisan bread,saw how to get on the skyway in chilowee.We didn't stop as we wanted to get to the campgrounds but now we know what we will do next time we are in the mountains.Off the main roads is where the flavor of an area really is. Chain stores and restaurants move in and you have to look for where the locals go.
       When we got to the camp grounds it took us less than 30 minutes to set camp put up the canopy ,chairs and stove.This trip we had a new ad larger 12x12 canopy.I think i will be going back to my old 10x10 canopy its easier to handle and the wind isn't as bad on catching it.After we fixed lunch it was time to ride in the Cove.It was sunny and about 75 perfect for a drive with the roof down.Will load some pictures tonite and post.

Thursday, May 2, 2013