Thursday, May 30, 2013

The bank of Daddy

    Between me and the wife we have 7 adult age children and as all kids sometimes they need small loans.Now one thing me and the wife have had words on is the kids and money.This is normal but she hands them 20 or 40 to help and they never pay her back.Her kids and my kids alike do this.Well my wife quit work last month and has not had the extra to hand over ,we realy only have 3 that "borrow" but they now have to ask me.Dad can i borrow 20 bucks till payday?Sure no problem here you go.Pay day comes dad is forgotten.The next monday dad can i borrow 20 bucks?Sure that 20 you owe me just use that and pay me friday!!!Oh ok yea i will do that.My wife says i have no heart.Friday i get my 20 back.Now i have done this to all 3 and i get paid back.Oh they still borrow but i get paid back.
       My wife says I shouldnt make them pay small stuff back but i do and will.Now if they get sick or have something hit them out of the blue i have funds to HELP them.The bank of Daddy will pay a power bill, have a car fixed, help with rent or mortgage,buy groceries if needed. No interest or repayment required. The Bank of Daddy is to help his kids not spoil them and must not have funds piddled out for ciggerrets and  micky Ds.Any way since i am the bank president i get to make the rules. Now the wife hands me the phone when they call for money

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