Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Job costing like your boss costs his work

        A few years back i got out of a convenience store gas station that i owned .Any one that owns a business will tell you the 2 best days  are the day you open one and the day you get out of it.
      After i got that monkey off my back i started running though my savings.It took about a year to trim expenses to the bone but i did it.I could live off a full time job but i have fallen in love with my free time and i was never a good employee but i did good work.As a born again loafer i use this to justify no having a real job.Now as you read check my math and tell me if I'm wrong.
      I am 50 haven't worked for anyone since i was 35 so i am basically starting from scratch.Entry level pay here is 7.50 to 10.00 good pay is 15.00 to 18.00 an hour.Let use 15.00 for example even though for me starting it wont happen.

       15 x 40 = 600 gross pay
       600- 28% in taxes leaves 432
      25 miles each way to work is 250 miles for work a week
      250 miles x .50 a mile =125$ leaving you with 307$
     lunch and drinks for anyone is 10 $ a day or 50 a week you now have 257$ left
     work shirts pants shoes and misc lets say 27$ a week balance is now 230$ out of 600$
       you only get about a 1/3 of your gross for your benefit
      230$ not bad for a week BUT it took an hour to get there
      an hour back home and an hour for lunch.
     The good job netted you 230$ but took 55 hour of you life.
     Your life was only worth  4.18 $ an hour even good pay isnt so great is it?
      Now a lot of people say i look at it wrong but i have been the boss and an owner .This is  apart of making a product or providing a service bid its simple costing.Have you cost ed your job?

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