Saturday, May 18, 2013

What the term TEOTWAWKI realy mean to you vs your kids

    We have all read this term and in our mind an image appears.Its different to everyone.Some think of no electricity no gas for cars nothing that we use without thinking everyday.Now i got to thinking for my kids it would take just returning to the 70s for them to think the world had ended.Lets just look at the changes to everyday life in 40 years.
    1. A 19 in B&W TV  vs 55 in 1080dpi  plasma
    2  3 channels on a good day   vs  280 channels on cable
    3  2 dials to change channels    vs a remote control {do we miss the butt crack of the channel changer]
    4  pong video game was the bomb  vs Xbox PlayStation's
    5 the commode 64 and tandy1000  vs the laptop or net book
     6 5in floppies  vs  flash drives
      7 rotary phone vs cellphone
      8 notes on the fridge  vs texts
      9 110 cameras vs 10 mpix camera function
     10 going to the library vs the Internet.
     11 writing a paper letter   vs an e mail
     12 cash  vs a card
     13 a paper map  vs map quest or GPS
     14  a record or 8 track vs i tune or mp3
     15 using the stove oven  vs a microwave
  OK writers block is setting in but the list is verrry long between anyone 45 and up and our kids under 30.Give it some thought to us going back to the 70s would be easy sure we would miss what was gone but it wouldn't be mind altering.Think of our kids it would seem like they were in a totally  different  world.To anyone a change back to 40 years before they were born is TEOTWAWKI. It may be that the only ones that can adjust are  those that feel they were born in the wrong century.Me personally i love history and reading how they did things in the 1800s and i also read what people in 3rd world countries find benefit's them the most as far as modern tecknowledge.To survive after a TEOTWAWKI event the bottom rung in the world may be the ones that do best.The best we can hope for is that MAD MAX is short lived.
     Stop and think where in time your TEOTWAWKI is.Mine is around 1930 .

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