Friday, May 3, 2013

The way to the smokey mountains.

        Ok got a good nites rest last nite was tired we had 4 very full days in the mountains.Nothing like your own bed after a trip.Later today i will unpack and repack the teardrop so it will be ready to go again.We left Monday morning at 4 am and arrived at Cades Cove campgrounds about 10 am.We could have made it sooner but we stoped and had breakfast at a waffle house{bad idea}and went though the Tellico area{good idea}.I made a few wrong turns that made the trip  longer but getting lost isn't always a bad thing.You get to see some things that aren't on a map.We found the Tellico cafe and bakery that has been on TV for its artisan bread,saw how to get on the skyway in chilowee.We didn't stop as we wanted to get to the campgrounds but now we know what we will do next time we are in the mountains.Off the main roads is where the flavor of an area really is. Chain stores and restaurants move in and you have to look for where the locals go.
       When we got to the camp grounds it took us less than 30 minutes to set camp put up the canopy ,chairs and stove.This trip we had a new ad larger 12x12 canopy.I think i will be going back to my old 10x10 canopy its easier to handle and the wind isn't as bad on catching it.After we fixed lunch it was time to ride in the Cove.It was sunny and about 75 perfect for a drive with the roof down.Will load some pictures tonite and post.

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  1. Sounds like a great trip.

    We're still waiting to leave the staging area...