Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A description of a basic teardrop build.

       Over the last 3 years i have been asked a lot of questions about how a teardrop is built.Our trailer is not a true classic teardrop in shape it is a semi tear tiny trailer.

our teardrop

     The frount top is the only radius {it is a 55 gallon drum lid traced on the side wood}I wish i had also radiused the bottom of the frount{I would have used a 5 gallon bucket lid for a pattern}.To get a sloped affect i made a cut from the top of the radius to the back hatch that fell 5 inches over  the length of the trailer to the hatch.

     The hatch was cut at a slope BIG MISTAKE in hindsight.The slope has cut storage space and allowed a small drip leak that i have never been able to stop.If i had made the back hatch straight and allowed a small drip lip on the roof i would have added 4 cubic feet of storage in the rear and had no drip problem.For  looks i would have used the 5 gallon radius on the lower back there also.

it is our style

    The best thing about a home built teardrop or tiny camper is YOU get to deside what pleasing to you and will work for what you need.ME and the wife have loved camping in ours and it has allowed us to go a lot more than if we had not had it.
    This web site is the holy grail for building a tiny trailer or teardrop with out going here for ideas i would hate to think what i would have hammerd out.      http://www.tnttt.com/   
   On a finale thought most pople that have done a build start with 1 sheet of plywood. DRAW WHAT SHAPE YOU THINK YOU WANT ON THIS SHEET. Stare at it ,ask the wife her in put, change it, imagine how it will pull. This is your template it all starts from what is on this sheet.It is a 20 dollar draft page. When it pleases you cut it out and you have a tempate for your trailer.
         A 4x8 is the easiest to build and cheapest.Also a 4x8 isbig enuff for a couple to sleep comfortable in.
       A word of advice on teardroping NO BEANS ALLOWED!!!
a fart at nite is deadly!!!



  1. Hi Gary,
    I'd like to get a better idea of the size. Can you tell me what's the length and width and height of the trailer?

  2. Mike it is 4ft wide 8ft long and 4ft high from the trailer.