Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Having fun is also educational

          While the trip for us was a get away from daily life we had the chance to see how people lived in the 1880 till the 1930,s.Cades Cove was a farming area in the mountains.As we rode around the loop we saw deer turkey and squirrels that have taken he area back over.In the days that people lived there game was deep in the mountains the valley was fields and the lower rocky slopes was for livestock.Anyone that preps or thinks that we may one day be forced to return to homestead style farming should take time to go see this area and read what life was like.The thing that i think i found most interesting was how little a family had to start a homestead.Most started with just a plow,ax saw and a few house hold items and clothes.The trails were so rough wagons had to be heavy duties and were few and far between most used draft sleds and oxen were common to new settlers for the cattle started their herd.
       The cabins started small and were added to as needed.
This cabin was in good shape there was a pen for hogs a chicken coop,corn crib and barn across the road.

a farm house from circa 1900

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